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Rihanna Chris, Manchester, UK

I'm so excited that I have got a new iPhone 6 Plus to switch my old Samsung Galaxy S3. But as the old phone stores a large number of data such as contacts and text messages, I want to transfer them with an easy way. Thank god! Mobile Transfer helped me switch all data, very convenient!

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Cecilia Thorne, California, USA

I lost some text messages sent from my friend. And my sister recommended Android Data Recovery to me. To my surprise, this program really can find out my lost text messages and recover them perfectly. It is worth to have it. Next time if the same thing happens, I will not worry again!

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Ian Wright, New York, USA

Yesterday an error came to my Samsung. After it rebooted itself, I found everything there disappeared including the 200 important contacts! So I try this Samsung Data Recovery. Amazingly, it got back all of my lost information. Thank you!

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