Android Data Recovery

Your Easiest and Fastest Way to Recover Android Files

Samsung Data Recovery

An ideal tool to recover your Samsung devices, especially Galaxy


Android/iOS file manager for Win/Mac, including Music, Photos, Contacts, more

Mobile Transfer

A professional transfer tool to transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, hotos, audio, videos

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EasePDF homepage

There are many PDF converter online nowadays. Most of them can provide you with foundamental tools like convert PDFs to Office or vice verse. But not all of them can ....Learn more >>

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Top Android Launchers

A launcher is one of the most important applications for the Android operating system which provides the interaction between a user and a device. It displays almost everything you see ....Learn more >>

FIFA 2018

This era is much more revolutionary and innovated than one can expect. There was a time when Ludo, Chess, Ono, and Monopoly were considered as indoor games, but now great ....Learn more >>

Recover an Erased Mac

"I was planning to give away my MacBook mini to my little sisters but, due to reasons, I didn't. I have used Time Machine to back up my Mac before ....Learn more >>

Restore Files from A Broken SSD on Mac

An SSD usually offers a faster and better experience than an HDD does. That's why most people often take into great consideration that whether a Mac Pro/Mac mini/MacBook/iMac comes in ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Deleted Emails on Mac

If you have quite a number of emails to handle every day, you may use an email application to make your work easy, for instance, Thunderbird. Due to reasons, you ....Learn more >>

Fixes to

"My ASUS laptop has been using for like 4 years and now it's acting up. This is an error pop-up saying that windows detected a hard disk problem with the ....Learn more >>

Recover Lost Audio Files on Mac

"Is there any way possible to get deleted voice memos from MacBook Pro? Any idea is appreciated." - Posted on Apple Community People Also Read: ● How to Recover Files from ....Learn more >>

Restore Deleted Documents on Mac

Nowadays, people barely carry any documents along like it used to be in olden days. With the advent of computers, we tend to deal with all kinds of documents on ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Videos from Mac

Sometimes, it happens that video files got lost on your Mac computer. The reasons can be varied. Some moved videos to the trash folder and emptied it without knowing that ....Learn more >>

Restore Music with Ease on Mac

Looking for a way to retrieve deleted songs from your Mac computer? Somehow files got lost after mistaken deletion, corrupted system, factory reset or others. Most of the time, it's ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Mac

"Due to my work, I have plenty of images stored on my MacBook Pro. Last weekend, I got spare time to delete unwanted photos. However, I want to send an ....Learn more >>

Restore Deleted Files on Mac

Some are in trouble with the problem that files are deleted from iMac/MacBook/Mac Pro/Mac Mini. Be it accidental or inadvertent, it makes nuisances for sure. It's easy to recover deleted ....Learn more >>

Restore Zip RAR File

Are you looking for a feasible way to recover lost/deleted Zip/RAR files from your computer running Windows or Mac? Then, here's the right place for you. Lost Zip/RAR files are ....Learn more >>

Undelete and Retrieve Files from Computer

There are times when one finally realizes a disaster that some data were mistakenly deleted from Windows PC/laptop, which were not meant to be deleted. If you're overwhelmed by such ....Learn more >>

Hard Disk Recovery

"The storage of my Lenovo laptop is being used up so I decided to remove quite a number of photos currently stored on it. However, I didn't even realize that ....Learn more >>

Recover PDF Files

"I just recently deleted a folder that I wasn't supposed to delete in Disk (E:) on my Asus computer running Win 7. There are some PDF files inside and now ....Learn more >>


If the solid state drive is damaged and you still want to recover files from it, to be honest, it's not easy but still possible to realize. One of the ....Learn more >>

Fix Hard Drive Not Detected

"I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The upgrade was very smooth except that W10 does not recognize my 2nd hard drive (no issues with W8.1). The drive is ....Learn more >>

Get Files Back

"I was wondering whether it's possible or not to retrieve some files from a formatted laptop running Win 10? If yes, please show me how to do it. Thanks." - Reddit People ....Learn more >>

Data Recovery from Broken Hard Disk Drive

"Samsung HDD is terrible. I formatted the hard disk a couple of days ago and then it acted up after I used it for days. Now, the hard disk is ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Gmails

Does it happen to you that an email is needed right after you delete it from the inbox? Or the deleted item is permanently removed after 30 days? Or the ....Learn more >>

Restore Deleted Videos on Win

"I was removing unwanted files on my laptop last night. However, I deleted a folder which contains several memorable videos from recycle bin before I realized. Is it possible to ....Learn more >>

Repair PowerPoint File

PowerPoint is probably the most genius invention to present one's idea with concise statements, straightforward images and flow charts as well as vivid movements and audio effects, which is of ....Learn more >>

Recover Excel

Excel files usually contain important and enormous statistics. Therefore, be it lost or corrupted, that must be a terrible nightmare. Is it possible to recover deleted/lost Excel files? How to ....Learn more >>

Recover Word Files

"How do I recover my Word document from my laptop running Win 7? I downloaded it to the desktop but now I can find nothing. Please help!" - Posted on Quora Word ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Documents

Looking for a feasible way to find documents back on your Windows PC/Laptop? Due to work or homework, there must be quite a number of documents stored on our computers. ....Learn more >>

Restore Lost Audio Files

With the help of computers and laptops, people are able to deal with things effectively and immaterially. For that, material files is less needed nowadays and instead increasing immaterial information ....Learn more >>

Restore Music on Computer

Music delivers magic power to whomever gets close to it. Two out of three people are used to listening to songs in spare time with the popularity and flourish of ....Learn more >>

Restore Photos from Hard Disk Drive

"I accidentally emptied the recycle bin in which there was an image of my business quotation. I recalled it after the deletion was done. Is there any way to get ....Learn more >>

Data Recovery for Mac/Win

"Hello everyone, my friend's Internal hard disk malfunctioned, and it's been replaced with a new one, but she has her life's work on the old one and no backups anywhere ....Learn more >>

Transfer Data to New SD Card

When an Android device is running out of device storage, the best solution is to employ an SD card to expand the total storage. Apart from increasing dying memory, a ....Learn more >>

Transfer Media File to SD Card

After using Android for a long time, you will find that you're running out of Android internal storage. The culprit to blame is media files including photos, videos, and music. ....Learn more >>

Rebuild iTunes Library

"I had a problem with my iTunes library, and wanted to rebuild it. All the instructions I've seen tell me to use the iTunes Library.xml file to do this, but ....Learn more >>

Transfer Songs on iPhone/iPad to Android

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." - Plato People Also ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iPhone Videos to Android

"I currently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. However, I still have some important data like videos stored on my iPhone 6s. Can I transfer my videos from iPhone ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Data from iPhone/iPad to Android

Apple has rolled out an official program to help transfer Android data to iOS devices like iPhone/iPad. That being said, it's Move to iOS. However, this is a one-way trick. ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iTunes Media

What is iTunes Library? iTunes Library is a database of the songs and videos created by the iTunes program. Your iTunes library files track the media you add to iTunes ....Learn more >>

TunesGo VS Move to iOS

To move Android photos to iOS, you can simply drag images from your Android phone to the computer with the AutoPlay Window. Then, sync those photos to iPhone/iPad. However, it's ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Transfer Contacts Between Android and iPhone

"I switch from Samsung to an iPhone 6S. I'm not quite familiar with phone stuff. I was wondering how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6s? Any idea will ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Export and Import Samsung Text Messages

"My phone's internal storage is running out with a flood of text messages. Due to my work, I cannot delete most of them. Is there a way to transfer texts ....Learn more >>

Transfer Music/Videos

"I've downloaded over 100 popular songs onto my computer, and I was wondering whether there is a hassle-free way to import those to my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Please share ....Learn more >>

Samsung Photo Transfer

Looking for a Samsung Photo Transfer for Windows/Mac computer? If you want to transfer photos from Android like Samsung phones to a computer running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OS X/Captain/Yosemite/Sierra. ....Learn more >>

Transfer Contacts Between Samsung and Computer

Are you looking for an Android Contacts Transfer, which can copy your contacts from Android like Samsung to your computer? Since Samsung Kies doesn't support devices later than Samsung Galaxy ....Learn more >>

Transfer Data Between PC and Samsung

When it comes to Android phones, the first brand that occurs to you must be 'Samsung'. With the delicate craftsmanship, Samsung wins the hearts of people around the world. If ....Learn more >>

Add Photos from Computer

"I want to transfer some of the photos to my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which I received and saved on my laptop running Windows 10. There are over 300 pics. ....Learn more >>

Transfer Favorite Videos Between Computer And Android

Videos are a vivid way to record memories. You might have captured or saved videos on your Android phones. If the storage of your phone is running out, you must ....Learn more >>

Add Movies to Android

With the popularity of mobile phones, people are more willing to get things done with these portable gadgets rather than a bulky computer nowadays. If you're a film lover like ....Learn more >>

Backup Android Photos

There are many a moment we wish to make it everlasting, and mobile phones make the dream come true. We shoot, we share, and we store quite a bunch of ....Learn more >>

Ringtone Make

Are you tired of default ringtones within your Android/iPhone? Do you want to make your personal ringtone? Sometimes, one came across a nice song and thought that it's cool to ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
TunesGo VS AnyTrans

Looking for an Android & iOS File Transfer? Then, you must have heard of TunesGo or AnyTrans. The both are well-known and professional Transfer software all over the world. Thus, ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Best Android Transfer Tool

Still Google for a desirable Android File Transfer software within the ocean of Google results? Got hesitated and skeptical by the so-called 'Best' ones? I'm not here to make ....Learn more >>

Android File Transfer

Samsung developed two nice Samsung file transfer tools for users, of which respectively are Samsung Kies and Smart Switch. Though the two are officially released, they might not be as ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
TunesGo - Best Alternative to iTunes

Whether you have such a feeling as I do that iTunes is somehow hard to use. There is no doubt that iTunes is a well-designed program but somehow overly advanced ....Learn more >>

Android File Transfer Alternatvie

"Android is connected to the Mac with USB cable, but nothing seems to show up." This situation is commonplace for Mac users who own an Android phone at the same ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Transfer Favorite Music/Videos Android

Mac users have the same trouble in common. That being said, they cannot directly manage Android phones on Mac/iMac/MacBook. In fact, Mac OS is exclusive to iOS devices. To transfer ....Learn more >>

Transfer Android Photos to/from Mac

Actually, Apple is not quite friendly towards Android devices. If you have ever tried to use an Android cell phone on a Mac/iMac/MacBook, you must have found out that Mac ....Learn more >>

Import Contacts Back to Android

Phone numbers stand for the connections we build in this world so that these contacts are of importance for us. To avoid losing contacts, it's a great idea to transfer ....Learn more >>

Best Android File Transfer for Mac

Android Transfer - TunesGo stands out from the flood of so-called Android File Transfer software, which claims to be perfect with your Mac. However, most are apt to lead to ....Learn more >>

Download Music for Free

There is a great demand for downloading music for free. Nowadays, people opt to download music to their phones and listen music offline. That's truly pleasant and enjoyable, isn't it? ....Learn more >>

Kids Mode

Afraid of your baby boy/girl being bored and unstable on occasions but worried about his accessing harmful content or making in-app purchases? Yep, it's a nerve-wracking mission being a parent ....Learn more >>

Set Up ADB

Perhaps you've seen ADB (Android Debug Bridge) quite a few times but still have no idea what it is. Then, that's not a single case. There are few guides online ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Apply Update from ADB

Stock Recovery Mode gives shortcuts for Android users to get rid of various glitches and headaches with their small gadgets. Where there is a snag, there is a way you ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Download Mode

Download Mode, also known as Odin Mode, is an exclusive function for Samsung devices. You must meet such a tech term many times if you ever tried to flash ROM/Kernel ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Safe Mode: What Is It & What Is It For?

You might have heard of such a tech term when you were googling solutions to resolve the problem with which you're in trouble. However, do you know what exactly Safe ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Private Mode & Encrypt SD Card

We're enjoying the great convenience brought by the rapidly developing technology, however, we're facing a series of problems at the same time, including the leakout of privacy. The small and ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Device Maintenance on Samsung

One of the features added to Android Nougat is 'Device maintenance', which offers an overview of the status of your device's battery, storage, memory, and device security. You can also ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Customize Your Own Always-On Display

It's estimated that the average people, consciously or unconsciously, light up the screen of their cell phones almost 150 times per day according to the research from Samsung. Mostly, we ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Identify Unsaved Numbers

Thanks to the advent of cell phones, we're getting easier than ever to keep in touch with loved ones. On the other hand, it's convenient for frauds or someone with ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Samsung S7/S8 Edge Panel

Samsung Galaxy phone is too versatile to either know all of it or make full use of each feature. There are so many functions on Samsung. If you're not a ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Improve Galaxy S8 Touch Screen Sensitivity

Problems related to the screen sensitivity of Samsung, including the latest Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, have been posted on forums. Here are two real cases on Samsung Community: "How do ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Backup Call History

Call log perhaps is the one that attracts the least attentions. Many people might not even notice when call logs come to missing out. However, in some cases, call history ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Back up Contacts

Contacts play significant role in our social connection. A contact is more than a series of number but witnesses friendship. Wouldn't it be a great pity to lose these contacts, ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Back up Text Messages

Some messages might be insignificant, but others count a lot. As a common way to communicate with co-workers, friends and loved ones, messages are carrying quite a number of important ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Pictures & Videos on Samsung S8/S8 Plus

What count the most on our cell phones are probably media files like photos and videos. Since memory cannot last for ever, an image/video helps to capture and freeze the ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Back up Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is much anticipated. Due to the setback of the sales and reputation caused by the controversial Note 7, there is no doubt that Samsung company will ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Unlock LG Optimus

LG Optimus series has enjoyed worldwide reputation with favorable price and quality. Among the family of LG Optimus, there are LG Optimus One, LG Optimus L Series, LG Optimus F ....Learn more >>

Unlock LG

"My boy resets my pattern and now I am locked out of my LG G3. How to unlock LG phone after too many pattern attempts? How do I get my ....Learn more >>

Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp enriches our social connections. If you are besotted with WhatsApp, then WhatsApp must be carrying quite a few memorable dialogues of yours. However, if you cannot touch the screen ....Learn more >>

Recover Samsung Call Logs

Phone damage comes out of expectancy. Sometimes you might ever have no time to save to contacts the one who was just talking on the phone and your Samsung phone ....Learn more >>

Restore Contacts on a Broken Samsung

A person is able to recite several phone numbers for a long period of time. However, when it comes to tens of contacts, let alone hundreds of them, most people ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Android Pictures

"I accidentally dropped my Samsung S6 on the ground and now I cannot touch the screen due to the broken display. I have lots of photos stored on it and ....Learn more >>

Restore Content from Broken Samsung

As a premium device, Samsung Galaxy phones are of great design, physically and functionally. However, it got non-responsive after accidents like physical damage or water damage. If you thus cannot ....Learn more >>

Access Broken Screen Android

"My Samsung Galaxy S6 dropped out of my pocket when I was running to my friend. The screen cracked and became unresponsive. The Power and Home buttons are still working ....Learn more >>

Transfer iPhone Photos to Samsung

"I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for myself and am giving my previously used phone - iPhone 7 to my wife. However, iPhone still stores quite a few images ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Contacts from S6/S7 to Galaxy S8

You must have known your way around Samsung Galaxy S8, if you'd have already upgraded to this brandy gadget. However, while you're having a great time with Galaxy S8, some ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Files from Android to Nokia

Nokia has been 'gone' for years and finally it surfaces with a slogan - "Nokia is back". As the first 'weapon' against the mobile world, Nokia 6 enjoys striking features. ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Migrate SMS from iPhone 7 to Galaxy S8/S8

Photos and videos freeze and keep a (period of ) valued moment alive. That's also true of text messages. Every time when we check out the SMS stored in mobile ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer WhatsApp to Samsung

As the leading phone maker in Android market, Samsung has released many anticipated devices, and now it rolls out with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, which no one wants to miss ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung

Nowadays, we can simply keep in touch with others through numbers rather than letters in the past. Accordingly, people have added average 250 new contacts per year. Thanks to the ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Data to Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are two shining stars, which tends to dismiss the bad impression caused by Samsung Note 7. So far, Samsung has done the impossible ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Check Phone’s Status

To root your HTC M9/M8 so that you can gain administrative privileges on the system, you may get your own way. But please never miss the method this article is ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Root Now

Rooting means gaining root access to your device. When you take your phone out of the box, while there are plenty of settings you can tweak, you can only alter ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Root Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia XZ Premium is rolling out in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, as an impressive surprise. As its name suggests, it also enjoys a host of "premium" ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Root Nexus 5

Nexus 5 is an amazing Android phone that have a full functionalities. That is why many Android users are fascinated with it. A rooted Nexus 5 can improve user experience ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Get APK File on PC

As we all know, when we install software on Windows systems, you can see the software would be displayed as .exe file. Similar to the Windows systems, Android gets the ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Root Samsung Phone/Tablet

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to root Samsung phone or tablet, then you should go on reading. In this post, you are going to learn ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Play Games on PC

Most of the users may be keen on playing games in their spare time. What kind of games that worth playing on Android phone and recommending to your friends? Here ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Retrieve Audio

Most Android phones come with recorders that allow users to record voice. But sometimes recorded voices can be deleted or lost because of this or that, for example: - Restoring Android ....Learn more >>

Chat via Viber on PC

When you chat with friends via Viber on your Android device, you may frequently type the wrong words or get tired with the small screen of the device. Of course ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Recover Captured Videos from Android Device

After we record the Android screen and keep the captured videos on computer or transferred to device, they sometimes would get lost, especially when the recorded videos are saved on ....Learn more >>

Start to Capture

"I had recorded the game playing screen on my Samsung S7, which showed tips and tricks of how to win high score and break records. However, the video that was ....Learn more >>

Mirror Android Screen

Want to create demonstration videos on your Android device, perhaps to show a friend or a family member that how to use a new app, or to show how an ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Cast and Record Your Android

Want to mirror your Android screen on your computer with bigger screen? Want to make tutorial for some specify settings on Android? Maybe casting and recording your Android device would ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Transfer Music from Zenfone to iPhone

It is a common case that when you swift your previous Android like Zenfone to new iPhone 7, you would want to tansfer the data including music – your favourite ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Capture Gameplay on Android

I saw lots of YouTube channels where people record the screen while playing games (not with a camera but with a screen recorder). They record very well and it does ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Recover WhatsApp Chat on ZenFone

It is no doubt that losing the WhatsApp Chat history on your ZenFone device would be a nightmare as you may have some very important data that is included. Luckily, ....Learn more >>

ZenFone Recovery
Recover Files

Is there a way to get back lost files from ASUS ZenFone 3? "Hi there, my two little kids made all my contacts, important messages and photos stored in my ....Learn more >>

ZenFone Recovery
Android SMS Recovery

Whether you've accidentally deleted one or all of your text messages from your ZenFone 3 Max/Zoom/Go or you can't get to them because your Android phone was reset or worse ....Learn more >>

ZenFone Recovery

"From past one year I started to use Viber for chatting. I sent and received media files like photos, audios and videos through this platform on my LG G5. Two ....Learn more >>

Scan Snapneed Photo

Suddenly Snapseed pictures were deleted on Samsung. Any helpful suggestion of retrieving will be appreciated. "Today all those photos that I have edited in the Snapseed app disappeared from the Samsung ....Learn more >>

Export Facebook photos

When you glance over your Facebook on your Android, you may come cross some photos which you want to save. It can be really simple to keep it on your ....Learn more >>

Scan Out Screenshot

I accidentally deleted my screenshots. Worse still, I didn't back them up or sync them anywhere, then I think they're pretty much gone. I am wondering if there are the ....Learn more >>

Scan Out Snapseed Photos

Snapseed, which is released by Google, acts as a very professional and effective photo editor for most of the users. With a very beautiful operation interface, Snapseed allows you to ....Learn more >>

Scan Your Lost Images

Have you ever met with such case: your photos are lost when you want to find them out on Gallery? As for me, I have but I have solved this ....Learn more >>

Scan Out Viber Photos

Viber data can be backed up and restored locally and Android Data Backup & Restore so you can save the chat history easily but once you forget to back it ....Learn more >>


It's that time again, where we roll through a list of best applications of the year. Here is our list of top 10 Android apps in 2016, including photo editing ....Learn more >>

AZ Screen Recorder

Recording your phone's screen can come in handy when you want to make a video of a game you're playing, show someone how to perform a task on their phone, ....Learn more >>

Erase Data

Sometimes you may want to sell your phone after you purchase a new one. However, the possibility of leaking your information on your device freaks you out. Of cause the ....Learn more >>

Erase Data
Format SD Android

I want to erase everything on my SD card and use it when I get a new phone at the end of May. How do I fully wipe my SD ....Learn more >>

Erase Data
Choose Photos/Videos

I have several images and want to put them together to form a moving gif. I have search for it and get some methods on the Internet. However, they do ....Learn more >>

Choose Photos/Videos

Currently, I find out that it is really great to make a GIF by myself. But it can not be really simple to achieve for my own way. Can anybody ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos from Android

I got a batch of GIF pictures from my friends and stored in my Samsung Galaxy S7 internal memory. For some reasons, the folder contains the GIFs is gone. I ....Learn more >>

Recover GIFs Android

GIF, for Graphics Interchange Format, is a kind of dynamic image. It can be used for small animations and low-resolution film clips. This kind of photos is able to vividly ....Learn more >>

Line Import Chat

You must be very careful to make sure that your Android phone is not lost, damaged or stolen so that Line files are preserved permanently. And you must try your ....Learn more >>

WhatsApp Send Media

You can send instant pictures to your friends when chatting on WhatsApp Messenger. You may want to save your WhatsApp pictures permanently. WhatsApp allows you to do that. You can ....Learn more >>

WeatherBug Lightning

There are many top weather apps out there, and they are all pretty simple-to-use. However, not all weather apps are the same. WeatherBug offers a variety of features and widgets ....Learn more >>

News & Travel
Backup Kik

Nowadays, Android instant messenger like Kik is not only an app that supports sending text but also a platform allows its users to send vivid pictures and videos. When backing ....Learn more >>

Viber Backup Easily

Viber has introduced Backup feature in the new version 6.1, which has been available since June 6, 2016. In this new version, you can back up photos, videos and audios ....Learn more >>

Backup LINE

Android LINE is a free instant messaging app compatible for Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, Huawei P9, Xperia Z5, etc. with over 200 million users worldwide. As a LINE messenger user, you ....Learn more >>

Android WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a universal communication app which is available in Android and other smartphone. People rely on this social tool to keep in touch with their families and friends ....Learn more >>

Viber Backup

Recently, I want to change the Rom on my Android. The problem is that I have about 13,000 messages with my best friend on Viber and I really want to ....Learn more >>

Kik Icon

For those who love sending messages with Kik, one of the biggest headache is that the app has no backup feature. So once we log out and log in the ....Learn more >>

Root Android

Rooting does give you a lot of options with what you can do with your Android device. For example, it allows you to Flash a custom ROM and Kernel, remove ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Xposed Framework

If you are around the world of Android for long enough, you should have heard the word "root". Rooting helps you completely control your Android device, which allows you to ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Use TowelRoot

Towelroot, developed by the hacker Geohot, is one of the most popular rooting Apps around Android users. Normally, if you want to root your Android phone, you need to have ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
What is Rooting

As an Android user, maybe you have heard about the word "root", or you are thinking about getting your phone rooted, or you might even have rooted your phone. Anyhow, ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Superuser Request

When you open a root app on your Android, taking Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as an example, the app may require permission for rooting. And you should receive a note as the ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Why Root Failed

KingRoot failed to root my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It just stuck at 90% and stop. I've tried several ways to troubleshoot this failure including using a different cable or ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Android Data Recovery Root Now

When you decide to root your Android phone, one of the most important things to do is to find an excellent rooting app or program. The app or program has ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Galaxy S5 Cannot Turn on

Generally, Samsung Galaxy S5 is powered on by simply pressing on its power button at the edge of its body. Nevertheless, if that button doesn't work, Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot ....Learn more >>

Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting

One of the most annoying problems that Samsung users could encounter is random reboot: for so long, the phone has been working just fine, but one day it just automatically ....Learn more >>

Network Carriers Logo

It happens when we aren't happy with our carriers (unsatisfied mobile data speed, overcharge). But sometimes we can't just switch to another carrier as we like because our phones may ....Learn more >>

SIM Lock Connect Device

SIM card lock limits your Samsung Galaxy Note 1/2/3/4/4 Edge/Note 5, Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/ S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus/S7 to the network of one carrier or one country. To unlock SIM card ....Learn more >>

SIM Lock

Generally, we seldom bother to learn about the words SIM lock, but when we do, it is usually when a SIM lock is bothering us in the following circumstances: Want ....Learn more >>

Apps and App Data Backup

Third-party apps are now playing an important role in our life. We chat with friends by WhatsApp, Line, Kiki; we kill time with games like Pokémon Go, Candy Crush Soga; ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup Apps and App Data

I am going to upgrade my Xperia Z5 to Android 7.0 Nougat. Before that, I need to back up my Sony apps and app data because I don't want to ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Back Up Data

We are able to enjoy a great number of favorable applications on our Samsung phones nowadays. Some are so cool that we can hardly stop playing them. However, it always ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Connect Device to Mobile Transfer

We sent and received plenty of text messages to and from business partners, friends or beloved ones, of which some truly mean a lot to us. Messages are not only ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Be a Developer

Huawei phone is a smartphone coming with multiple functionalities. In addition to some basic uses, you can handle with things that you could only do on the computer in the past. ....Learn more >>

Phone Transfer Home

Nowadays, it is quite popular for us to use Huawei phone as a tool for communication. We send and receive text messages with our families, friends, and more every day, ....Learn more >>

Connect to PC

When you add new contacts to your Huawei Mate 8, you will be asked to save them on your phone memory or the SIM card. However, no matter where your ....Learn more >>

Backup Your Huawei Phone

On April 7th, 2016, Huawei P9 debuts in London with dual camera lens, reinvents smartphone photography in collaboration with Leica. Till now, many have had their P9 and stored more ....Learn more >>

Export HTC Contacts

"I've just got a new phone and want to synchronize all my phone numbers between Live Mail and HTC 10. What do I do? Here's what happened. I searched the ....Learn more >>

Export System Apps

"I'm wondering if there is any way for me to transfer my system apps from the HTC One to a PC, so that I can install those I like onto ....Learn more >>

Export Songs On HTC

For HTC users, we have a great tool, which is named HTC Sync Manager. Though being free, it fails a lot, as is complained by many customers. And what if ....Learn more >>

Set Ringtone

Can you imagine men still doing their jobs with their own hands and legs? The time when there is no machine at all has passed. And even moving media files ....Learn more >>

Choose vCard File

You might want to import your phone numbers from your vCard files to Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, and couldn't find a way. Usually, vCard files can be open on computers. But, ....Learn more >>

Export Apps

Android phone users can get their devices connected to PC and transfer their files. But, what if we need to copy the apps? Apparently, we couldn't find the original package ....Learn more >>

Choose Files

Usually, when data on an Android phone need to be transferred, you have to connected your phone to a PC and enable MTP. This has been rather convenient, managing your ....Learn more >>

Connect the Device

It might be a rather annoying thing that every time you buy a new phone, apps need installing. And, as an Android user, your system must have failed for several ....Learn more >>

Import Windows Live Mail Contacts

So, what do you have in mind for importing Windows Live Mail contacts to your Android phone? Type them manually? It is obviously impossible. And the method Microsoft tells is ....Learn more >>

Forget Passcode

Parents always set lock screen pattern/PIN/signature/password on their Android phone so as to prevent kids from playing with the phone and delete some important data. However, if the lock screen ....Learn more >>

Get Lock out of Device

Passcode and pattern are used in the hope of preventing users' devices from being accessed by others. However, it happens sometimes that you're the one who got locked out of ....Learn more >>

Remove Lock

"I just put a security password on my Samsung Galaxy S7 but I decided I no longer want to have a security password on my cell. I can't find the ....Learn more >>

Remove Locked Screen on Android

We set screen lock onto the Android mobile phone so that no one can play with our Android phone without permit. The password and pattern protect our Android data from ....Learn more >>

Switch Data from Samsung to Android

Getting a new phone is exciting. But spending too much time moving all your stuffs to a new phone is extremely dull and painful. For example, when changing your old ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Copy Micromax Messages to iPhone

Announcing the release of iPhone SE, Apple is ready to offer a more affordable product to iOS fans. Many who want this cost-effective SE start pre-ordering it online. Amongst them, ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Retrieve Missing Contacts & SMS from Micromax

Undoubtedly, social networking is part and parcel for modern people. As a busy person, you keep in touch with people by relying on your Micromax phone, such as Micromax Canvas ....Learn more >>

Micromax Recovery
Photo, Video, Audio Recovery on Micromax Canvas

Micromax Canvas 5 allows you to capture life and selfies with 13+5MP camera. Besides, you can store piles of photos, videos, and audios in the 64GB expansive memory. As usage ....Learn more >>

Micromax Recovery
Get Lost Data Back to Device

With an Android phone like Micromax, you can shoot high resolution pictures, record HD video clips, listen to pop songs and east your work with a variety applications like online ....Learn more >>

Micromax Recovery
TunesGo Homepage

According to, iPhone SE reportedly gets more than 3.4 million reservations in China, suggesting that Apple has a big market share. However, this does not mean that Android is ....Learn more >>

Copy Playlist from iPhone to Android

Recently, some new Android phones are successively pushed into the market, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC M10, Sony Xperia Z6, and Moto G (4th gen). Do you want to ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Manage TuneGo Playlist

In the music library of your Android phone, there can be no less than 1000 songs, which come from different sources in succession. Some of them are downloaded online while ....Learn more >>

Play iTunes Music on Android

Is it possible to play iTunes music on Android smartphone? Since Apple and Google, the two combatants, are focusing on two different OS, respectively the closed iOS and the opened ....Learn more >>

iTunes to Android
Get Audio Files on Android

In the 21st century, where Internet is easily accessible, you can get audio files, music for example, on Android phone by all kinds of means. In addition to going to ....Learn more >>

Add Music to Samsung Galaxy

Have you stored heaps of songs and albums in your computer? Or have you just got so many audio files on your computer with the help of a music player? ....Learn more >>

Backup Music

We almost emphasize the importance of backup in every post, such as your favorite artist's songs which are purchased and stored in your Android phone. But still, many are too ....Learn more >>

Transfer Songs from Android to PC

"Can I copy songs from Android to Dell PC? I have a lot of good songs on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I would like to move them to ....Learn more >>

Android Device Manager Can & Cannot Do

Even though almost each people has a smartphone, there are still some cellphones lost due to being stolen. At this time, the owners certainly are anxious about their secret data. ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Troubleshooting WhatsApp

"I bought a Samsung Galaxy A8 and it supports WhatsApp. Excitedly I activated it with my number. Next day, it did not work. When I try to chat on WhatsApp, ....Learn more >>

Top Messaging Apps

Get confused when wandering in the messaging app market? You are not alone. As online chat is rapidly popular, the number of communication apps in the market is soaring. Developers ....Learn more >>

Manage WhatsApp

With WhatsApp Messenger on your Android phone, you can keep in touch with friends. But managing the app can be chaotic because you have heaps of data, including chat history, ....Learn more >>

Delete Chat History

There are some situations where you want to delete chat history on Android WhatsApp. For example, you don't want some chats displayed on the interface because they refer to some ....Learn more >>

Get WhatsApp on Android

Do you feel isolated when people around you are all chatting online via WhatsApp Messenger but you? A recently survey pointed out that most Android users are using WhatsApp Messenger ....Learn more >>

Print WhatsApp Chat History

Although we can backup and restore WhatsApp chat history easily, sometimes we still want to keep them with paper-shuffle for another backup. So when we cannot sign into our account ....Learn more >>

Set Up WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a wildly popular messaging service, wins some 450 million users from all over the world. And you can be one of number in the folk. And newbie, you may ....Learn more >>

Whatsapp Messages Transfer Between Galaxy

Samsung releases a model of Samsung Galaxy every year. Getting a new Galaxy phone is delightful. But, moving stuffs from the old Galaxy phone to the new one is quiet ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Get Original Subway Surfers Score on Samsung

Once you join Subway Surfers, you join the most daring chase. Subway is such a funny game that many Android users have this game in their Android phones. And some ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Apps with Photos/Videos/Audios on Galaxy S/Note/Alpha

Sharing files between Android and Galaxy S/Note/Alpha has no shortage of options, for example, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and more. But it seems that none of them are suitable for transferring ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Save Facebook Messenger Photos to Another Galaxy Phone

Facebook Messenger supports you send photos when chatting with others, for example, selfies, family photos, and more. When using Facebook Messenger on another Android phone, you should want to keep ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Migrate App Records to A New Samsung Mobile

Some apps for shopping, job searching, reading and more bring great convenience to our life. And now it is easier to operate on apps installed in the device with tapping ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Temple Run Record Keeper on a New Android

"Have a feeling that my old HTC is on its last mile and I have just purchase a Samsung A8. But I have a Temple Run installed in the phone ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Keep Top Record on Another Android Device

"I have two Android devices right now, my Samsung Galaxy S4 and S7. I would like to transfer my saved games and app data from one device to the other ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Get Viber History to New Android

Viber is an application for free messages, calls, videos and more. When you get started with Viber on a new Android phone, you may need to get Viber to new ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Kik Data between Android

Kik company says that you cannot save Kik messages without taking a screenshot. Namely, you cannot migrate Kik data between Android phones via creating backup in one phone and restoring ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer WeChat File between Android

When you sign into WeChat on a new Android, data saved in the old phone won't move to the new device automatically. If you want to keep the old WeChat ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Yahoo Mail Messages Transfer between Android

Why transfer Yahoo Messages? Living in the information age, you are surrounded by all kinds of messages every day. You rely on one or more chat apps to keep in touch ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Messenger History Between Android

Facebook Messenger is a wonderful tool to keep in touch with friends and a good source of memory for Android users. You may look up some chat history that drives ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Android App Data

"I have been searching everywhere and I can't seem to find a way to transfer app data from Android to Android. I have an old HTC, but get a replacement ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer WhatsApp Chat Between Android

WhatsApp, a social app almost everyone use for chatting, is equally important as some built-in programs in your Android phone. When updating from an old Android to a new one, ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Add WhatsApp Contacts from Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication platform from where you can find your friends instantly by scrolling down the page and hitting the contact you want. And you can text people ....Learn more >>

Share Media Files via WhatsApp on Android

You should have some photos and videos in your Android phone, such as family albums, photos that are taken during extracurricular activities, travel photos, videos of big events, and so ....Learn more >>

Back up and Restore Android WhatsApp Chat

Since WhatsApp Messenger is a must-have tool for Android users nowadays, occurrences like wrong deletion, theft, loss and damages that cause data loss are common. To guard WhatsApp messages ....Learn more >>

Manage your Xperia on PC

Sony Corporation has developed lots of products and taken up certain market portion of these products, such as camera, smartphones and earphones. For the smartphone, the Xperia X/Z series brought ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Copy iPhone Contacts to ZTE

ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand smartphone packs LTE speeds into a sleek design – and is perfect for delivering a phone call and surfing online. Users tend to refer to the contact list ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Move iOS Photos/Videos/Music to ZTE

The ZTE Axon Pro comes in two storage options, either 64GB or 32GB capacity. And the device features the 13MP dual lens camera with 4K HD video recording, and Hi-Fi ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iPhone Messages to ZTE

The consumption of ZTE Axon Pro is stimulated because of the lease-to-own payment plan, which allows customers to pay for their phone over time to make it more affordable. Amongst ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Recover Deleted ZTE Videos/Photos

"Can you recover deleted videos and photos from the ZTE ZMAX? I accidentally deleted a folder of films and images from my phone. I am frantic now." – Damon Charles "Hi, ....Learn more >>

Recover ZTE WhatsApp

ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand WhatsApp is apt for chatting. ZTE folks who always chat on WhatsApp should store chat history in their device. We all know that WhatsApp is able to automatically ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Retrieve ZTE SMS

ZTE Blade L2/S6, whose keys are touch-sensitive, is apt for texting. Nonetheless, users should have encountered the situation more or less: due to a finger slip, conversations in the Message ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
LG PC Suite

As you have used some LG G4/G3 mobile phones, you must notice that the features and the design of them are different from other devices, especially the design of power ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Recover ZTE Contacts

ZTE users store info of people's phone number, names, e-mail addresses, websites, and more in their phone. They can deliver a call to anyone in their phone via pressing the ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Recover ZTE Files

Why Recover Lost Files on ZTE Smartphone? A few months ago, ZTE announced the release of the new product line to the public, continuing to deliver affordable Android phones with the ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Switch iTunes Movies to Android Phone

Many have encountered the failure of getting videos that are purchased from iTunes store moved to Android phone. So what's the reason? It is because iTunes video copyrights are DRM ....Learn more >>

iTunes to Android
Transfer Songs from iTunes to Android

It is not exaggerating to say that Android and iOS represent the culmination of the mobile technology during 21st century. Every time a new Android or iOS device releases, folks ....Learn more >>

iTunes to Android
Transfer iTunes Backup Photos to Android

"I lost my iPhone yesterday without enabling‘Find My iPhone' functions before. That's a nightmare. Thanks god, I have backed up my iPhone data from time to time. But the thing ....Learn more >>

iTunes to Android
Use Samsung Kies to Manage your Samsung

As we have got familiar with using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer the phone data with freedom, actually lots of older Samsung users tend to use Samsung Kies to manage ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Copy SMS from iTunes to Android

Compared with phone call, SMS is the most direct way we can reach our friend without causing too much interruption. SMS accumulates as time goes. To save these text messages, ....Learn more >>

iTunes to Android
Transfer iTunes Backup Contacts to Android

"Yesterday, my iPhone 5s broke down for no reason. I can't power it on now but thankfully I recently backed up my iPhone to iTunes. I am planning to buy ....Learn more >>

iTunes to Android
Unlock Android to Recover Pictures

"Never leave your phone which has many important data stored to your kids! That's the advice I want to tell other Android users. My son was too naughty yesterday. And ....Learn more >>

Samsung Files Recovery If Cannot Enter System

"My Samsung Galaxy S5 got stuck and I forced it to reboot. However, when restarting, it was stuck again. It just flashed SAMSUNG logo. Even I tried to remove battery ....Learn more >>

Recover SMS from Pattern Locked Galaxy S/Note/Tab

Pattern lock is a secured way to well protect your privacy by preventing anyone from peeking at your Android SMS on Galaxy S/Note/Tab. With the screen locked, one will have ....Learn more >>

Recover Data If USB Debugging Fails

Typically, there must be a bridge to build connections between your cell phone and computer in order to finish many instructions such as data transfer, data recovery and so on. ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Photos on Black-Screen Phone

"That was few weeks ago, my Android phone suddenly turns black-screen for no reason. After many time of trying, I was disappointed and thought about letting it go and buy ....Learn more >>

Recover Data from Inaccessible Android

"My Android was dead for no reason. It has a black screen and has no response when I try to power it on. I assumed that maybe it just ran ....Learn more >>

Extract Device's Data

What's the horrible thing that happened to your Android phone? The worst thing of mine is that the touch screen cracks. There's no response when I touch the screen. Some ....Learn more >>

Samsung Galaxy Stuck into Blank Screen

One of the most common issues that you may face with your Android phone is the blank screen of death. The Samsung Galaxy phone is not immune to this problem. ....Learn more >>

Regain Data

Galaxy Screen is Unresponsive/Broken. Can I Recover My Photos? Case 1: My Samsung Galaxy S5 is on, but I'm unable to use it because the touch screen is not working. I ....Learn more >>

Get WhatsApp from Broke Android

What social networking you use most on your Android? Maybe Facebook, Twitter and of course, WhatsApp is popular as well. We've got many WhatsApp data such as chat history and ....Learn more >>

Restore Dead Phone Data

My Samsung Galaxy Phone is Broken There are so many ways that people can break their Android phones, from accident dropping, water damage to many other unimaginable scenarios. Even though the ....Learn more >>

Recover Lost Contacts from Locked Galaxy

I have seen many posts in various forums like this: "I set pattern lock on my Galaxy S4 to protect my litter boy from misusing my phone. It is just the ....Learn more >>

What Can HTC Sync Manager Work for You

When the HTC users search some practical approaches to manage their device data from the Internet, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, they will notice that HTC company is devoting itself ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Samsung Smart Switch

If you are considerate, you will find out that every mobile company would create certain apps on its products, especially its official apps. In managing phone data, those companies also ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Migrate Old Data to A New Moto

As we know, Motorola DROID Turbo is released in October, 2015, which is the product of Motorola and Verizon in USA. Besides its wonderful hardware equipment, the most charming feature ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Move Applications to SD Card on Android

I have met with a case that my phone internal memory is getting more and almost get full, so I tend to save storage without removing some important data on ....Learn more >>

Manage Apps on Android Mobile

When we buy a new smartphone, we will find out that there are many apps on the device, which cannot be uninstalled with the common ways. Moreover, for easing our ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Galaxy S6/5/4/3

Does the phone have to be active in order to recover the deleted WhatsApp data? Will I be able to save them to my computer? If I change the phone ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Galaxy A8/7/5

On Samsung Galaxy A9/8/7/5, WhatsApp usually takes up a large storage to keep the history. However, when the history gets more, how could you save all of them? Actually, WhatsApp ....Learn more >>

Retrieve WhatsApp Pictures and Videos from Galaxy S & Note

WhatsApp renders our lives closer and more touchable. Nowadays, we have no need traveling over hill and dale or waiting for months to hear from someone thousands of miles far ....Learn more >>

Plug Phone to PC

In the past, we would write down to mark some important items, for example, the names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. in order to keep in touch with others. However, this ....Learn more >>

Check Contacts Results

Today I borrowed my sister's Samsung Alpha, but I accidentally deleted her cell phone contacts and text messages. I do not know if she has a backup, but I knew ....Learn more >>

Check Videos and Music

Generally speaking, we usually click to watch some short videos or listen to some audios when browsing the web pages. For instance, during the time when we go through Facebook, ....Learn more >>

Recover Videos

I enjoy watching TV shows on my Samsung Galaxy S6 when I am on the bus or on the subway to a little far place. But I accidentally deleted ten ....Learn more >>

Tick Contacts

Numerous users may wonder how to sync the contacts between an account to Android device. Generally, many people tend to do a backup for their phone data with e-mail account, ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android
Use KingRoot

Rooted and will never choose to stay stock again.. The advantages are to numerous to list here but the biggest thing for me is the power to choose the OS ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Go to Transfer Videos

Is it possible to move my Lumia 630 music to my sister's LG? We are looking for quick way and practical tool to help us since her new LG has ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android
Copying Contacts

There comes a useful app to us, which is called SHAREit. That app allows us to transfer data among Windows, iOS and Android, but not all data are supported. Most ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android

Last week, my friend wanted to share numerous photos and some documents with me but we have different kinds of phones. He owns iPad Air while mine is LG G3. ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Finish Transferring Files

Recently, I gave my Galaxy Tab S2 to my cousin and he want to transfer his Lumia contents to this Tab S2, how could he do without fuss? Actually, there are ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android
Transferring Phone Numbers

There is no confusion that contact is the foremost element among all data on our smartphone. Without it, we cannot call others, message with friends or even share some interesting ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android
Transferring Photos

It is said that Lumia 950 can capture perfect pictures due to its powerful features, such as Rich Capture, a triple LED natural flash, and a 20 MP sensor. Besides, ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android
Choose All Apps

As we know, Microsoft had changed the name of SkyDrive into OneDrive for solving the case of trademark identical with British Sky Broadcasting in 2014. OneDrive is contributed to cloud ....Learn more >>

Transferring Phone Numbers

I have been trying to figure how to switch my contacts over to my Galaxy S6.. I had a Nokia Lumia 520 and I really don't want to manually put ....Learn more >>

WinPhone to Android
Undelete Images from Samsung Galaxy

At MWC 2015, the short form of Mobile World Congress, Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Besides, S6 edge plus continues to bring surprise to the ....Learn more >>

USB Debugging

With the release of Galaxy Tab S2, some users are keen on saving data on this tablet since it does not only support 32GB storage, but also supports micro SD ....Learn more >>

Recover Gallery Data

News about Samsung always spread really fast, such the release of Galaxy S7 Edge/Edge+. Actually, besides Galaxy S series, Galaxy Alpha also plays important role in the Samsung market. Galaxy ....Learn more >>

Recover Pictures

"I just accidentally deleted an album on my Galaxy Note 6. After wasting time on what I expected to be photo recovery packages to get back my deleted pictures, can ....Learn more >>

Operate Transferring Process

I should make it clear that though, in this article, Lenovo A7600-M is taken as an example, the method can actually be applied to most Android phones and tablets. That ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Plug Phones into Computer

For those who use an iPhone 6 and wants a Lenovo K3 Note as a spare phone, the first thing they need to do when getting the new device must ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Migrate SMS to Android

I kind of like the slogan "Never Settle" by OnePlus. Though it may not necessarily brings us the best technology as the OnePlus website tells us, the beautifully designed products ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Move Contacts to Lenovo

If I can ever image why an iPhone user migrate to Lenovo A7600-M, it must be the great performance this Android phone has got. All these advantages, cheap price, octa-core ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Choose Contacts to Copy

Like Xiaomi, OnePlus is offering phones much cheaper than those flagships. And one of its products, OnePlus 2 even has a great camera, an octa-core processor and metal construction. This ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Enter Settings

Generally, USB debugging is off in the normal state, so you should go to turn it on if necessary, while what USB debugging works for? We can find out that ....Learn more >>

Frama Root

When you are exposed to the situation without computers but it is urgent for you to root your device, how should you do? Do not be nervous! The app developers ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
OneClick Root

Would you want to own the right to read and write programs on Android phones so that you're allowed to edit, change, and even delete those programs on your devices? ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Root Genius

There is no doubt that Android phone users refuse to root their beloved Samsung Galaxy S6 edge partly since there are some problems coming along with rooting Android devices. The ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Tick Text Messages

I've just searched the internet and try to find some shortcuts to move my iPhone SMS. One of the methods is doing it through web service or web apps. And ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Kingo Root

Many sophisticated Android users would find different methods to make their phones more functional and gain more resources with various paths, including rooting their Android phones. There are a lot ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Super Root

"This is a common question by those who want to root their phones. How exactly do I root my Android device?" Frankly, numerous Android users may ask the same question above, ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
iCloud to iPhone Download Music

"It seems that all my songs, both those purchased through iTunes and others are on iCloud. And it takes a long time to load on my iPhone, ipad and iMac. ....Learn more >>

iCloud to iPhone
iRoot to Access Your Phone

Sometimes we can get warning from our Android phones, which says that the storage is running low or the battery icon turns red to inform us of battery lower than ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Select to Transfer Photos

Have you ever heard of Xiaomi? According to IDC, Xiaomi is now the third largest smartphone maker in the world, while Samsung remains the largest. For many consumers, the better ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Choose Photos to Move

With more free choices in Google Play, many people decide to change their old iPhone to Android. And among the many things you need to do before this, saving your ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iPhone Videos

Could not find a direct way to move the video files in your iPhone 6 to a new Xiaomi4? The fact that iPhone cannot act as an USB flash disk ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Start Copying Contacts

Recently, I have decided to try Android since my iPhone 6 has been used for a rather long time. And this one, Huawei Mate S is definitely my choice. It ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History on Lenovo

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting app for Android users which big brands such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, as well as small brands such as Lenovo, HUAWEI, ....Learn more >>

Lenovo Recovery
Recover Contacts from Lenovo

Contacts are without doubt the important data type for smartphone users. One of my friends who uses Lenovo to contact with his business partner says that he has unintentionally delete ....Learn more >>

Lenovo Recovery
Select Contacts Item

"I deleted the contacts info of some important business partners on my OnePlus One. All the contact ways are there. And I haven't backed them up yet. Does anybody know ....Learn more >>

OnePlus Recovery
Enable USB Debugging

Lenovo smartphone is famous because it not only has high resolution but also served at a reasonable price. For example, the Lenovo A7600-M and Lenovo K3 Note, two best-sale devices, ....Learn more >>

Lenovo Recovery
Restore OnePlus Photos

OnePlus 2, the smartphone running on Android 5.1, is recently released and has won some Android users' reliance. According to the survey, some Android users love it because it has ....Learn more >>

Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History

"I found many ways to restore WhatsApp messages from Android and I've tried some of them but they are fails. I have no idea whether it is too complex for ....Learn more >>

OnePlus Recovery
Get Back Deleted Videos on Redmi Note

Redmi Note has become a portable camcorder which people like using to take pictures and shoot video clips. But things always happen like that: the video of your proposal of ....Learn more >>

Recover Messages from Android

The OnePlus 2 is releasing in recent days. The smartphone has a large quantity of fans which focus on the function of the phone rather than the phone brand. Some ....Learn more >>

OnePlus Recovery
Make Fun Selfies

Deleting or losing pictures stored in Xiaomi by accident is quite frustrating. We often hear from users asking for ways to restore the missing photos. Some are used to back ....Learn more >>

Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for both Android and iOS users. It's pretty convenient for people to catch up with friends, families and workmates with WhatsApp. However, we may ....Learn more >>

HUAWEI Recovery
Recover Deleted Pictures/Videos

Huawei smartphone is created by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company. Now, it also gains a lot of popularity in Europe and America. In ....Learn more >>

Recover Lost Contacts

"My child deleted all the contacts information stored in HUAWEI P8. I haven't backed them up yet. Is there any way to retrieve them all?" We often receive e-mails like mentioned ....Learn more >>

HUAWEI Recovery
Backup to Cloud

Want to reach your files anywhere and never lose them? Use 4 tools to do Cloud Sync between mobile and PC. Cloud Sync keeps all kinds of files, photos, music, ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Upload Videos from Dropbox Android

Certainly you can enjoy movies on your conveniently portable and 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S6 on a bus, subway, etc, but it is of better visual experience to do that on ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Music on Box PC

As Android phones and music applications are spanking prevalent now, you are inclined to download your loved music on your smartpphone. However the thing is, when you want to use ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync

In childhood, everyone hopes to adopt a lovely puppy and take care of it. But due to different reasons they can't adopt a doggie or kitty, they have no room/money ....Learn more >>

Automatically Sync Android Images to Box

For you guys, when you need to back up your photos to PC, it may be a headache to manually sync pictures to PC, which will erode your patience in ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Uploaded Photos on PC

Since the limited storage on Android phone and the risk of losing phone, it is better to transfer and back up the important pictures to PC. And here we are, ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
The Fabulous

For some people, a habit is difficult to form without others motivation. So an app on your Android to help you form a good habit or quit bad habit is ....Learn more >>

Android OneDrive

Nowadays, both PC and Android smartphones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus are exceedingly ubiquitous. They can be databases where abundant data is stored. Is there anyway to ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Billabong Surf Trip

Below I will show you several Android cool apps that can help you kill time at home in such a hot summer rather than going out exposing to the ultraviolet ....Learn more >>

Sketcher FREE

People today love to paint and drawing cartoon or other stuff at their spare time. A sketcher app for Android will be a good choice, which means you don't need ....Learn more >>

Food Network

Cooking is always loved by many people, most of them are the mother and wife who enjoy cooking delicious food for their beloved ones. There's no time for them to ....Learn more >>

Learn Languages

We should keep learning to fulfill ourselves so as not to fall behind. Foreign languages learning apps are good choices. It's very practical for almost every one, international sales, students, ....Learn more >>

Study & Work

Nowadays, there are numerous of health keeping apps provided for Android users. Most of them works perfectly and can help you lose weight, burn calories and build up a perfect ....Learn more >>

Indeed Job Search

Several job searching apps are provided here to help you seek job without difficulty. You can upload your resume and filter the job title, location or salary, etc. to find ....Learn more >>

XE Currency

Today I will show you several practical apps that you may need when travelling abroad. Some of them help you know the currency exchange rate, some provide time in different ....Learn more >>

News & Travel

This article shows the excellent Android apps which have got an A+ on Android design. They are all provided here with a brief introduction. Please feel free to add these ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Google Chrome

We all need to use different apps on our Android phone/tablet. We need Facebook, Skype, Viber or Instagram to chat with our friends and see what they are up to, ....Learn more >>

Android Settings

We all have lots of files, including photos, videos, contacts, text messages, and other files generated on our smartphones, Android, for example. Thus, we need an app or something to ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Traffic Racer

In today's fast-paced life, we all need some types of exciting games to relax us especially when we are stressed out. Android racing game is a good choice. Below I ....Learn more >>

Penalty Championship

Below are several sports games provided for Android users who show great interest on football, basketball, boxing or pool, and so on. You can check the below app reviews and ....Learn more >>

Tic Tac Tac Toe

Feel bored in the weekends? Pick up your Android phone or tablets. Download some digital board games of Android we recommend. They enjoy your day. Dominoes This game supports single player and ....Learn more >>

Walk A Funghi

Adventure games are needed if you are tired of the repeated life every day. Today, we will show you several Android Adventure games so as to bring you happiness to ....Learn more >>


Card games are creative and funny form for entertainment or killing time, especially when you are siting in a bus, subway, or taxi and feeling boring. With an easy-to-carry Android ....Learn more >>

Plants VS Zombies

Strategy games are popular and are loved by most Android users. Android users especially the male users prefer this kind of game because they enjoy the process they try to ....Learn more >>

Flow Free

We might get bored when we are waiting for the bus, have to stand in line to buy some limited edition of the T-shirt or the signing meeting of your ....Learn more >>

Sticky Note

We all need a note app for Android users to add reminder, to-do-list, reminder and voicememo, and more. Today, I will show you 6 different note apps in this article, ....Learn more >>

Study & Work
Credit Karma Mobile

Life today is much easier for us thanks to the app developer. If you haven't use some app to help you pay for the bill with ease, or if you ....Learn more >>


Currently, email is more than email. It is a platform for you to communicate and entertain in daily life. Each mail tool has its own characteristic. We have collected some ....Learn more >>

Go Launcher EX

Have you been using a default theme since you purchased your Android phone? How dull! It is high time you should dress up your Android with another Android theme. For ....Learn more >>

Android Settings

To keep up with the world headlines, web news has become my priority choice although sometimes I enjoy reading newspaper. When I am on the journey, or stay in bed, ....Learn more >>

News & Travel

Still use paper maps that are not smart at all and take up the whole car windscreen? When Android maps announce their arrivals, paper maps should be out of commission. ....Learn more >>

News & Travel

Are you using a safe, fast and easy-to-use browser? The one shipped with your Android phone can not be the best. But a well-designed browser is necessary for your Android. ....Learn more >>

iCloud to iPhone Download Music

iPhone users usually back up their songs with iCloud. Some of my friends who have backed up with iCloud asked me how to download iCloud music to iPhone. They said ....Learn more >>

iCloud to iPhone
Copy Contacts from iCloud

"I am here to know how to transfer contacts from iCloud to Samsung. There is something wrong of my iPhone 6 Plus. I need to get it fixed. Now, I ....Learn more >>

iCloud to Android
Mobile Transfer Interface

Are you here to get tips and tricks to transfer iCloud contacts to Android? This is the right place since we have just solved a similar case as you. User: John Phone: ....Learn more >>

iCloud to Android
Fix Bricked Phone

"I just wanted to root my Samsung Galaxy S6 and delete some unusually used apps. However, it has been bricked since then." Familiar situation and similar problem, right? Just follow ....Learn more >>

iTunes DFU Mode

What's DFU Mode? DFU, standing for Development Firmware Upgrade, means the forced relegation mode of iPhone firmware. More detailedly, if there have been some mistakes when you downgrade your iPhone ....Learn more >>


Still bother about what to do in the weekend? Always queue and wait for a ticket in the crowd? With a smart application, everything will be simpler than ever. Browse ....Learn more >>

News & Travel
7 Minute Workout

Sitting in the office everyday, increasingly fat, and cannot keep on exercising? Come on! It is high time you should give a hoot about your health. If you are interested, ....Learn more >>

Regain Notes from iCloud

"Urgent! How can I recover notes from iPad?" One morning, a close friend Amy called me, asking me how to get back her memos in iPad. It seemed that ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Recover Flash from iPad

Today's Topic: Recover videos from iPad Air. Details from Eric's Explanation:"Alright so I was working on a video on the iMovie app and after I was done, I deleted some of ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Weather Forecast

Amongst all the applications in your portable Android, I beg weather application is one of the most practical widgets. To check real-time weather on Android anytime, anywhere, have a tour ....Learn more >>

News & Travel
Download Images from iCloud

Question from Jennifer:" Are there any easy steps to recover photos from iPad? Preferably the most economical way that works." Detailed Problem: "I thought I had transferred personal family photos ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Recover From iCloud Backup

Today, we are going to share tips and tricks on how to recover lost data from iPad. Before starting, let's look through the case. "Yesterday my young son played games ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
 Amazon Kindle

It is never too old to learn. Yes, it is no denying the reality that learning will broaden your horizon and reduce impoverishment of knowledge. Now with some study apps ....Learn more >>

Study & Work
Fix Water Damaged iPhone 6s

"My question is how to recover data from water damaged iPhone."says Steve,"My iPhone 6s spent time underwater. I left it for a week to dry out and then turned it ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Restore Factory Settings

While iDevices such as iPhone SE/6s/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad air2,  and iPad Pro, rule in system optimization among the electronic market, issues still exist. Some iOS users ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Retrica Viewer

A strongly functional Android camera is inspiring when minuting the significant moments of life, recording the sweet memories, and capturing beautiful views in a trip. You can take good shots ....Learn more >>

Recover Broken iPhone Photos 6s

Trouble on how to retrieve photos from a broken iPhone 6s is a hot potato. Such thing is always led by the following situations on your iPhone: 1) Being dropped in ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover Jailbreak iPhone Files

Problem like how to Restore iPhone 6s after Jailbreak is not strange to iPhone users. Recently, many users complained that they had jailbroken their iPhone 6 for more roots to ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Photo Library Photo

"I upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 9, and found many pictures in photo library are gone. How can I retrieve the missing photos?" You heart may skip a beat and ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Stream Photo

Last week, I went to Paris to attend my cousin's wedding. I took many photos with my iPhone 6 Plus. Unfortunately, I lost my phone on the trip. When I ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

When you turn on your Android phone, the wallpaper is at the first sight. Sometimes the defaulted wallpaper is exactly boring. Now, developers have developed all kinds of wallpaper apps ....Learn more >>

Android Settings
Retrieve iPhone SMS

"Any ways to retrieve SMS from iPhone 6s? I was frustrated by the spam messages and was going to delete them. Other than the spam messages, I deleted something important. ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover Camera Roll Photo

"iPhone, photo lost, ways to recover deleted photos from iPhone camera roll. Searching...." Have you browsed all kinds of forums such as Apple Support Communities but futile? Are you taking a ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iOS Pictures

Question from Blog: "Could you tell me how to retrieve deleted pictures from iOS 9? PS: iPhone 6s Plus, running iOS 9. Lost all the data including some important pictures ....Learn more >>

Shopping Survey

A recent survey illustrates that online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Since then, e-commerce shopping applications emerge. Surrounded by great amount of shopping applications, sometimes you may be confused. Now, ....Learn more >>

Recover iPhone iMessages

"I recently had my iMessages randomly disappeared while charging my iPhone 6s in my car. Does anyone know how to retrieve deleted iMessagess from iOS device? I tried backing up ....Learn more >>

Restore iCloud Notes

Problem from Apple Support Communities: Cannot find previously saved notes in iPad mini 4. Want to know how to restore notes from iCloud. Familiar with the problem? Please allow me to ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Retrieve Messages from Backup

iOS users always concern about how to retrieve messages from iTunes/iCloud backup. Sometimes we may be absentminded and wrongly tap Delete button to erase messages in iPhone. Or even reset ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Recover iCloud Picture

Hi, dear readers. I have 3 questions about how to recover pictures from iCloud: 1) I lost my iPad mini 4 with a great amount of photos. I find my iPhone ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery

Have no access to share your photos of your birthday presents? Still talk with friends via E-mail? Now, various social applications are released for modern people and currently in vogue. ....Learn more >>

Recover iCloud Contact

"Can anyone advise please? What can I do to recover my contacts from iCloud?" Yesterday morning, when Jim piled into the crowd in a bus, he unfortunately lost his iPhone ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Extract and Restore iPhone Data

" iPad mini 4, iOS 10, extract and recover iPhone files." "Searching...." Are you looking for solutions to extract and recover iPhone 6s files on Google? Indeed, every iOS 10 user ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
iPhone Recovery Mode

I bet that you have had your iPhone 7 stuck in Recovery Mode. Things might go as this iOS user' s complaint:" After upgrading to iOS 10, my iPad Air ....Learn more >>

Recover iPhone Voice Memos

"My voice memos in my iPhone 6s Plus are gone! What can I do to recover the deleted voice memos?" --Kelly Wilkerson According to Kelly, situation happened when she cleared her iPhone ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Call History

Question from iPhone User: --"Any ways to recover call history on iPhone 7, please? My friend called me with his new number and I forgot to take it on contact. And ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Bookmarks

Aim to attain keys to recover Safari bookmarks from iPhone? Do not be spitfire. Please browse the case who may have the similar suffer with you. And answers will arise. User: Tom Device: ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Calendar

Are you a novice when it comes to this stuff as my neighbor asked me in a message? "How do I recover deleted calendar from my iPhone 7 Plus running ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iTunes Photos

"Did I download the wrong programs? Or is there another way to recover deleted photos from iTunes backup please?" asked John, an unfortunate iOS user who recently lost his pictures. ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Recover iTunes Music

Today, another key to recover music from iTunes 12 is released for you, a fanatic of music. I know the world of music bewitches you. Your iPhone 6 Plus is ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Retrieve iPhone Voicemail

"Are there any ways to retrieve voicemail on iPhone?" Once a friend sought help from me since this is my area. After upgrading the system of iPhone 6 Plus to ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Restore iPhone WhatsApp Messages

Is it possible to restore deleted WhatsApp messages from an iPhone that has not been in use for months? We have received complaint from an iPhone user. "My iPhone 7 ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Files

What high-tech iPhone brings us is not only convenience but sometimes trouble such as to recover deleted files from iPhone. I recently changed from iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 7 ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Video

I deleted videos in my iPhone 7 Plus library to save space after videos were already converted into iMovie. But yesterday I could not find anything in iMovie. I was ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Restore iPhone Contacts

Several days ago, my iPhone 7 Plus was played by my kids. They had deleted all my contacts because they don't know how to operate. The deleted files embrace the ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Retrieve iPhone Notes

"How can I recover deleted notes from my iPhone 7 Plus? They were showing as duplicates so I deleted one of them then both the original and the duplicate were ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Photos

"Photos in my iPhone 7 Plus are lost," says Tracy,"I was trying to transfer photos from my iPhone to my desktop. After pictures were transferred, I have deleted them from ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Messages

"I am really regret deleting all the messages in my iPhone," says Tony. It seems that the accidental data lost maddens him. SMS in iOS devices such as iPhone 7, ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iOS Data

Have you ever gone through a data lost experience like this? Walk on a crowded street. Talk with a friend about the discount skirts. A few minutes later, iPhone in ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Share Your Creative Music

As the Android applications become sophisticated, plentiful users are confused by vast music programs. With so many products, it is sagacious to choose the best one for your listening hobby. ....Learn more >>

YouTube Videos

You may be always besieged with burdensome work. In working days, you spend hours on a home-to-work travel. You have no spare time to sit in the cinema and enjoy a movie. ....Learn more >>

Recover Android Data on Mac

Cell phones have become the most common and convenient tool for us to take photos, shoot videos, record audio files as entertainment. Internal memory card of our Android phone is ....Learn more >>

Restore Data from Phone to Phone

"Gosh, my Galaxy S4 shuts down automatically and accidentally, I guess it's time to change a new phone. But how can I deal with the critical information stored in the ....Learn more >>

Transfer Android Call Logs to Android

Things may happen like this: you change a new Android phone and almost all data is transferred from the old one to the new. Few days later, you need to ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Tranfer Calendar from Android to Android

For Android users, if we need to send photos or videos to friends who are also using Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia and so on, we ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Connect Your Source and Destination Phones to PC

With iPhone 5s's Calendar, you are able to keep track of your busy schedule by creating calendars separately for home, work, dating and so forth. The inspector not only lets ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Begin to Wipe Android

Deleting useless data may be the first measure you will take when your phone memory is too full, slowing down your Samsung. However, after erasure, the phone memory is still ....Learn more >>

Erase Data
Factory Data Reset

As more and more new advanced Android cell phones emerging into the market, you may also want to buy the newest one. What about your old handset? Are you going ....Learn more >>

Erase Data
Erase Android Data

If you have a sheet of paper written with information about you, you can easily cross off the words on it before your throwing, which protects your privacy. But what ....Learn more >>

Erase Data
Samsung Photo Recovery with Ease

We used to take a picture with a high-qualitied camera, but now most of us prefer taking pictures with our own phone, which is much handier but supports photos with ....Learn more >>

Regain Pictures from HTC One AT&T Phone

--Emma, what should I do? A couple days ago I went to a campus talk and took some pictures of their employment details and other information, which meant a lot ....Learn more >>

Get Back Media Files from Android

"Help. I thought I've copied all my music, recordings and videos to the computer before I deleted them. But it was my illusion and actually, I forgot to back up. ....Learn more >>

Recover Android Kitkat's Audios

"I am a bird lover. In my spare time I like going out and record some voices of birds. They are really beautiful and awesome, which I kept them on ....Learn more >>

Location of Videos on SD Card

I just recorded a video for my baby yesterday but my husband accidentally removed it from my SD card. The video is very precious to me. Could anyone give me ....Learn more >>

Get Back LG Optimus Images

"I borrowed my friend's LG Optimus a few days ago and I promised to give back to him the day after tomorrow. But the point is, I accidently deleted several ....Learn more >>

Scanning Data

"I accidently deleted the only one photo of my grandparents from SD card, who have passed away a year ago. It is the most precious memory I have. And I ....Learn more >>

Digital Images

"Urgent! We just finished our class trip and I was the one who had taken all the pictures. Now here is a problem. I don't know what I've done but ....Learn more >>

Download Outlook Contacts to Android

My uncle is a businessman, who has a number of contacts on his Android phone. But recently he buys a new one and wonders how to transfer contacts from Android ....Learn more >>

Transfer YouTube Videos to Android

Sometimes you just don't have the time to sit in front of the computer and watch a YouTube video, and sometimes you may want to share a video with friends ....Learn more >>

iCloud Contacts to Android

"I bought my Samsung phone yesterday and I will give my old iPhone to my cousin these days. But before that, I want to transfer my iPhone contacts to Samsung. ....Learn more >>

Android System Recovery Mode

The other day, some people ask me for Android Recovery Mode. They are wondering what Android Recovery Mode uses for. Are you interested in it like them? Now I will ....Learn more >>

Upload Android Phone Numbers to Gmail

You can't be too careful with your phone data, especially your contacts. Because things happen and you never know what will happen to the numbers keeping you and your friend ....Learn more >>

Delete Preinstalled Apps

Usually, there are some applications preinstalled in the phone we newly buy. However, what annoys us is that we cannot remove the software, which we rarely or never use. What's ....Learn more >>

Remove Android Reduplicative Contacts

Are you upset with repeated contacts in your phone? And do you want to remove them all in a few seconds, instead of finding them out and deleting them one ....Learn more >>

Backup Android Files to Mac

There's something wrong with your Android and you have to send it for repair. But before that, you find that you haven't backed up all the documents of your smartphone, ....Learn more >>

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Last night, I listened to the songs in iPad which I borrowed from my sister. I love those songs so I asked my sister to send me the playlist, but ....Learn more >>

Run Android Data Recovery

As an ordinary person, we can't always remember everything we have ever seen, so pictures have appeared in this technology era. Sometimes, you just want to save image from the ....Learn more >>

Send Messages from Computer

I wonder if you have seen the Ellen Show, the funny talk show that hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. There once has such a section: Ellen gathered a good many cases ....Learn more >>

Copy Contacts from Android to Coputer

You may have faced this: Have no choice but to find different software to manage your Android data. Of course, there're many software that can help you back up and ....Learn more >>

Backup by Dropbox

To prevent deleting files unintentionally, many Android users try different ways to backup their Android phone files so that they can recover them if, unfortunately, this accident happens. Today, I ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Back up LG Apps

As an Android user, you may easily find that there are many practical but excellent applications for Android phones. For me, a foreign language learner, apps like Rosetta Stone, or ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup Music from LG to PC

Many people may have such a need to backup LG pictures to your computer. Take me for example, I have a hobby - to download beautiful pictures when browsing the ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup Video from LG to PC

Why You Need to Transfer Videos on LG Most phones we use have no more than 32GB of storage. Plus, we tend to shoot videos and download TV series which take ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup LG Music to PC

Nowadays our youngsters are fond of making sound records with our phones, because whenever we want to tape sound, phone will first come to hand. Moreover, we now use smartphones ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Export LG SMS

Things may always happen: you deleted some important messages by accident or the amount of the SMS is so large that occupied the memory of your LG phone, however, practically ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Scan QR Code

"OMG, I delete the photos, those you took in your boyfriend's birthday party, by accident", my friend told me this when she tried my new LG Optimus phone. At first, ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup LG Contacts to PC

Almost all of us store the contacts in the address book in the LG Optimus or in the SIM card. The former one save it in the phone, because if ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Connect Device to PC

Well, most people backup their PCs, right? That is because lots of important files are stored on it. Likewise, smartphones have now been so ubiquitous that we should do the ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Transfer Motorola Messages to PC

Wanted to find the best Motorola Device Manager alternative to save your valuable short messages? Indeed, it is necessary to backup your SMS from a Motorola phone especially when they ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Backup Moto Data

Many Motorola users have not clue how to taks records on your phone to the hard disk drive of your computer. It is beneficial when you are going to buy ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Save Moto Contacts

Anyone who owns a phone long enough might have lost their contacts for at least once. After all, there is a period of time when cloud services were not so ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Save HTC Media Files to PC

It is quite convenient to have the same songs and pictures on both you HTC phone and computer. In the past, when people want to transfer their data from an ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Transfer HTC Contacts to PC

Actually, if you just want to transfer the address book to phone storage, follow these steps: 1) Open the People app. 2) Tap the "menu" button > "Manage contacts". 3) Press "Import/Export contacts" ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Perform a HTC SMS Backup

When a HTC phone is used for a long time, the SMS on the device may take up more and more space. And some day in the future, the handset ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Backup HTC Data

It is common for people to do save their data to a computer before they are ready to dump the old HTC handset or reset the phone. I believe that ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Recover Samsung Call Log

It happens a lot that we forget to save an old friend number after he/she calls. And later when needed, the call log may be gone for long. Well, at ....Learn more >>

Find Call Logs

As a rule, a cell phone is able to keep up-to-1000 caller numbers at a time. When the number of call history exceeds, the redundant disappears. Or, somehow it happened ....Learn more >>

Save Sony Audios and Videos

If you simply want to transfer the files to your memory card, here is a guide you can follow: 1) Click "Menu" > "Organizer" > "File Manager" 2) Select the tab "In ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Export SMS to PC

"Is there any way to transfer my messages to the computer? I have a lot of bussiness messages in my phone, and it is getting slower and slower, and I ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Backup Contacts from Sony Xperia

There is no need to explain the importance of saving your phone numbers on a Sony Xperia Z5/Z3. And you may lose them in so many ways, including factory reset, ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Backup and Restore Sony Phones

To perform a backup is to make your data safer. How is it necessary? One can never predicate which day is the day when he loses his valuable files. There ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Backup Videos from Samsung

Do you have any important videos that have recorded the life of your family or a wonderful experience with your friend? Do you want to flash a new ROM or ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Save Samsung Music on the Computer

"I want to transfer my songs from the Samsung Galaxy phone to PC, but I can't do that with just a USB cable. So, what do I need to get ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Backup Samsung Photos

What is the point of backing up your photos on Samsung? Mobile phones now have played an important role in life. And one of the functions is taking pictures. As more ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Choose Feature to Backup

Why Do We Need to Back Up Our Samsung Contacts? Many of us tend to store the numbers in the handset or the SIM card. And seldom do we take precaution ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Backup Samsung Numbers

Recently, I bought a Samsung phone, Galaxy S6. As a long time Android user, I get used to do a backup file first when I have a brand new handset. ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Scan for Deleted Files

Since you're here, allow me to make a guess. You just carelessly formatted your LG's SD card and now all the pictures on it are gone? Or maybe you accidentally ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos

Everybody has a phone nowadays. More and more people love to use their Motorola to record wonderful moments in their life. However, phone pictures are easier to lose due to ....Learn more >>

Recover Pictures from Sony

Sony Xperia win many users' favor by their high-quality cameras, which may be a good choice for people who loves taking pictures and videos by phones. As we take pictures ....Learn more >>

Transfer Data from Phone to Phone

Some people love to change their phones frequently to try different kinds of hit phones. In addition to iPhone, several Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy, Google, HTC and so on, ....Learn more >>

Recover Contacts from Sony Xperia

Some smart phone users love to sort out their contact list regularly. However, accidental deletion of the whole list happens when you do that. If you unfortunately had such experience ....Learn more >>

Sony Recovery
Transfer Android Photos to Android

Nowadays a lot of people love to take photos with their Android smart phones instead of digital cameras. One of the reason is that our phones are with us anytime, ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Export Songs

Is it possible to transfer music from one Android to another Android directly without fumbling with the export and import of songs? No matter whether you want to move songs ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Text Messages from Android to Android

If you've just got a new Android and wonder whether there is a simply way to transfer SMS from the old Android to the new one since the messages are ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Between Phones

Abandon your old iPhone and want to try Android platform? After getting a shiny brand-new Android phone, like Motorola, the first thing you have to do might be transferring contacts ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Android to Android File Transfer

At present, Android devices are becoming more and more popular since it's handy to use and its price is reasonable. Changing a new Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 or ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transferring Data Between Android

Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony are becoming more and more popular among the young and even the old. Buying a new Android with great features is of course ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Move Android Contacts to iPhone

The upgrade of smart phones is rapid nowadays and the competition is fierce on the phone market. Maybe you have just changed your Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 7/7 Plus! And ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Switch Android Video to iPhone

"Last week I have danced in our school celebration. And I want to send my performance video from Sony to my mum's iPhone 7. However, as I decide to send ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Transfer Galaxy Note data to your iPhone

Samsung has recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was very popular among phone users. They focus on some information on how to use Galaxy Note 7 better. One frequently ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Recover Messages from Motorola

SMS is now more and more popular in people's daily life for the reason that it can be sent and received in a shortest possible time. And it is preferred ....Learn more >>

Moto Recovery
Recover SMS from Sony

Most smartphone today has a touch screen which is much easier for us to do the mal-operation when our phone is not well screen-locked before we put it in our ....Learn more >>

Sony Recovery
Recover Deleted Contacs from Motorola

Are you looking for the method of recovering deleted contacts from your Motorola? Maybe all your contacts have gone by any phone accident. For example, you formatted your Motorola and ....Learn more >>

Moto Recovery
Transfer Music from Computer to Android

Android phones are widely developed and used today. A helpful tool to transfer your music from your computer to Android is of great necessity. Compared with mobile phones of 1973, ....Learn more >>

Export Android SMS to Computer

Android SMS are transferrable from your Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for example, to your computer. Not only the messages, but also the phone number, sending time, emoticons and so ....Learn more >>

Export Photos Android

Apart from copying files directly to your computer, have you ever wondered if there is any better way to transfer your Android photos conveniently. You may get mad because of ....Learn more >>

Export Contacts from Android

No matter you use which phone brand, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and other Android device, you'd better download an Android manage tool that help you run different Android data, ....Learn more >>

Transfer Files from Android to Computer

The situations that you need to transfer data from computer to your device can be: 1. Lost data on Android which restored by recovering tool, such as Android Data Recovery, ....Learn more >>

Android Manager Homepage

Android users may have the same encounter that they should pay for different type of Android data backup tool so as to backup different Android data. It is a waste ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Samsung WhatsApp

Letters are replaced by messages on gadget. Though the way we keep in touch with family and friends is like inked words fading away, the connections hold tighter and tighter. ....Learn more >>

Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History Android

These days almost every Android user has WhatsApp in his/her phone, because it is a perfect method to send and receive msg, images and videos worldwide without any cost. It ....Learn more >>

Transfer BlackBerry Text Messages to Android

A great number of people in the smart phone world have expressed their concerns that RIM might be no longer viable, and that the office executive iconic BlackBerry users may ....Learn more >>

BlackBerry to Android
Move BlackBerry Contacts to Android

Apparently, Android phone wins the absolute advantage in phone market so that people are fond of it. As people pursue more experience of different electronic product, they always switch phones ....Learn more >>

BlackBerry to Android
Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung

"I was using BlackBerry Curve handset and now I have purchased the Galaxy Note 3 dual SIM handset. I want to move all my contacts from BB handset to Samsung. ....Learn more >>

BlackBerry to Android
Move SMS from BlackBerry to iPhone

"I fed up with my BlackBerry I have used for 4 years! It always shuts down automatically. Coincidentally, I bought a new iPhone 7 Plus. But a problem comes up. ....Learn more >>

BlackBerry to iPhone
Playing Music

Many people enjoy listening to music with mobile phone while jogging, taking subways or buses. And as we all know, the two most favorite brands in the cell phone market ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Move BlackBerry Contacts to iPhone

Many business people own two phones. They usually store the phone numbers of their colleagues and the bosses in one phone and those of his acquaintances in another. A friend ....Learn more >>

BlackBerry to iPhone
Transfer Samsung SMS to Samsung

When iPhone 7/7 Plus has displayed as a powerful device, do you want to possess one? Do you prefer iPhone to Samsung? If the answer is "Yes", maybe you will ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
How to Transfer Pictures from Android to iOS

"I have just upgraded to a new iPhone 6s from my old Motorola, and the resolution of iPhone 6s is really high! All the images in iPhone are much clearer ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Move Cotacts from Motorola to iPhone

"I received an iPhone 7/7 Plus, which was recently a heat topic among iPhone fans, as a birthday gift but it is quite difficult for me to move all my ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Copy HTC Contacts to iPhone

It is a frustrating inconvenience that you can't transfer your Android data like contacts from your HTC One max to your iPhone 7/7 Plus thoroughly because you can only transfer ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
iPhone to Android Transfer

I once thought that there is no direct way to copy pictures from my iPhone 7 to my Samsung phone. So I did it in this way: I used iTunes ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Data in your phone is easily lose if you don't do backup frequently. For example, one best friend of mine said to me that he wanted to get all his ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Transfer iPhone Contacts to Sony Xperia

More and more people own two phones because of self requirement. Maybe you are fond of the amazing technology of iPhone 5s and the powerful camera function of Sony Xperia ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Samsung Contacts to Samsung

"I need help!!! What trouble me a lot is I recently broken my Samsung Galaxy S6 and I have to buy a new phone to take the place of this ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Switch Apps Between Samsung Galaxy

"I've been told you can transfer apps between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy tab, but no one's too sure on how to actually do it. Is this ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Samsung Photos to iPhone/iPad

To copy Samsung photographs to an iDevice, a way may come into your mind—login your Google account on the Galaxy phone first, and then sync the files to Gmail; again ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Copy Contacts from LG to iPhone

Get annoyed by the trouble of transferring contacts from your LG smartphone to the new iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6s Plus? Though you can extract the contacts from you LG phone and ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Transfer Music from iPhone/iPod to Samsung

When I just switched my iPhone 6 to a Galaxy S7 Edge, I had so many things to copy to the new phone. Yet, there were also so many troubles. ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Move iPhone Music to Android

You were an iPhone user and recently switched to Android phone? It is easy to change your mobile phone but what if you want to transfer the data like music files ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iPhone Messages to Samsung

It is common that iPhone users switch to Samsung Galaxy phone or any other Android phone now. The only problem that troubles people is the data transfer issue, especially personal ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Connect iPhone and Nexus to your Computer

With the recent released of Nexus 5, there's a pretty good chance that, as an iPhone user, you may be looking at switching over. As the operating systems are different, ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
transfer SMS to iPhone

A new iPhone, is coming up, guess many Android users will jump ship to iPhone 7. If you are one of them, or just have an Android phone and an ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Transfer iPhone Contacts to HTC Phone

Newly bought a HTC One? Don't know how to transfer all the contacts from your old iPhone to the new HTC phone? Many friends recently ask us for help when ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Allow Debugging on Android

"Hi Guys, I just switched from an iPhone 4 to Android (HTC One) today. HTC is nice so far, but I'm having trouble transferring data from my old iPhone to ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iPhone Data to Android

Consider switching from your iPhone to an Android smartphone so far? Surly you can. Since you have been living in the iPhone world for a long time, why not give ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Contacts between Android

Contacts are one of the most important data for us because we should contact with those who we have ever stored their phone number in our phone. So, it become ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Apps Transfer between Android

There are many interesting and practical apps designed for Android users so as to convenient their life. Weather forecast app, for example, enables them to wear suitable clothes according to ....Learn more >>

Android to Android
Transfer Galaxy Contacts to iPhone

Thinking about changing your phone from Samsung S7/Note 7 to iPhone 7/SE/6/iPhone 6 Plus? Then you must be in need of a tool to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Switch Files to iPhone

"How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? The best way I can think about is to copy them in the SIM Card and then move the data with it ....Learn more >>

Android to iPhone
Copying iPhone SMS to Android

Now, two of the most popular phone brands are iPhone and Samsung, many phone users use one or both of these two devices. For example, Jackie, a successful businessman, always ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Shift iPhone Messages to Android

"I have just got this new phone Moto G. Really cool stuff with well-shaped appearance, nice sound quality, 326 pixels per inch on a 4.5 inch screen and many other ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
iPhone Photo Transfer

Need to transfer a big amount of photos from your iPhone 7 to Android phone? Certainly you may face some challenges like files and format incompatibility. As you are switching ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer iPhone Contacts

Have you ever wanted to transfer iPhone contacts to Android? Many must think it is a tough job, since the phones are based on different OS's. Even Bluetooth is not ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Transfer Data Between Phones

How to transfer contacts from iPhone 7/6s Plus/6s/6/5s/5c/5/SE to Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S7/S6/A9/A7? Many people need to copy the valuable info to a new phone. Then they search on the ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Move Data from iPhone to Samsung

"I am currently using an iPhone 6s and about to get something new. But I am not sure how to copy all my data (songs, contacts, messages, etc.) to the ....Learn more >>

iPhone to Android
Restore the Lost File from Samsung

"I was so excited that my dad bought me the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last month! In order to download more apps I have my phone rooted. But this operation ....Learn more >>

Choose Message to Go on

As a Samsung phone user, are you accustomed to save some interesting or meaningful messages in the SMS inbox? A few days ago, one of my friends said she lost ....Learn more >>

Analyze Broken Phone

As we all know, SMS plays an important role in contacting people, and Samsung phone users have not exceptions as well. Then sending and receiving messages become two essential things ....Learn more >>

Set Up Debugging

Samsung Phones like Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other models attract people so much with its good quality and easy used operation system. Many ....Learn more >>

Restore Broken Android

Once your Android phone got broken, the most urgent thing is that it's possible to lose Contacts on your phone, so you are eager to recover deleted Contacts from it. ....Learn more >>

Connect Android To PC

Look for a better way to undelete lost SMS on Android phones? Actually, many smartphone users are facing the same problem as you. There are large amount of people who ....Learn more >>

Select Android Messages

Accidentally text messages deletion is a common problem that most Android users face. Actually it also brings unsatisfied user experience for majority people. Especially for businessman, what if you lose ....Learn more >>

Get Deleted Contacts back from Rooted Samsung

"There were too much data on my Galaxy Note. I just want to clean it up, but accidentally deleted the whole contacts list. I checked my Google account. There is ....Learn more >>

Enable Debugging on Samsung

"I store large amount of SMS in my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 because I keep texting messages with my girlfriend. But recently my phone receives tons of spam that I ....Learn more >>

Allow Request to Check Device

Are you searching for recovering lost messages from Samsung Impression like A877? Samsung Impression A877 has the least radiant quantity among more than 1000 mobile phones, according to the report ....Learn more >>

Select and Scan Data

"I was texting last night on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and I got an error that it was forced closed. When I went back into messages, my entire texts were ....Learn more >>

Print Messages in HTML

The situations that you may need to print your text messages out can be: 1. You are the one who love chatting with people by sending text messages and don't want ....Learn more >>

Find Contacts on Android

"My little brother took my phone to play games but he deleted all Contacts in my phone by mistake. How can I find my lost Contacts from Android mobile phone? ....Learn more >>

HTC Photo Recovery

When you scan in the HTC forum, you may find that many users complain that they sometimes delete Contacts from their HTC phones by mistake if they use some unfamiliar ....Learn more >>

HTC Recovery
Android SMS Recovery

Searching for ways to recover your deleted text messages from HTC? If so, you are reading the right article. Many people now save some SMS in their phones in order ....Learn more >>

HTC Recovery
Undeletd Files on LG

“I reset my LG G5 carelessly without backing anything up. It is so terrible only to find that all the materials including photos, movies, music and some audio files on ....Learn more >>

LG Recovery
Recover Photos on Rarz

Motorola Droid Razr is getting more and more popular among young Android users, as it is equipped with an 8-megapixel shooter, which can take magnificent images and pictures for you. ....Learn more >>

Images Recovery on Moto

“I foolishly deleted all my camera roll pictures when I was enjoying them one by one on my Motorola Xoom. It is a nightmare and I even don’t have a ....Learn more >>

Go to

HTC 10, HTC One M9, HTC One M8/M7 is famous for its premium shooting experience with high camera pixels, being able to take perfect pictures in all situations, even with ....Learn more >>

Lost Photo Recovery

Mistakenly deleted data like photos and videos on Android smartphone is not a surprising thing any more. Maybe you are the unlucky guy who just accidently deletes all photos, images ....Learn more >>

Connecting to PC

You have some memorable and meaningful videos recorded by your Samsung Galaxy on Graduation Day? Or a funny /sweet video with friends on your Birthday party? You never thought you ....Learn more >>

Pictures on Samsung

I assume that the ones looking at this article are searching for a way to bring your lost photos back. You may be one of the users who would ask ....Learn more >>

Restore Galaxy Contacts

For your Samsung Galaxy, videos, music, office files like PPT, PDF, etc. will occupy large memory space. Many users may delete some contents to make room for new resource. However, ....Learn more >>

Restore Data on Android

"Help! How can I recover deleted file from my Galaxy Note 4? Last night, I was in ES File manager trying to remove some of the pesky data. And I ....Learn more >>

Allow to Retrieve Data

Contacts saved in Android SIM card can be very significant for every user. However, once you forget to lock your Android phone, you might delete the phone lists by accident. ....Learn more >>

Samsung Data Recovery

Do you know that a file is not totally erased when it is deleted? In layman's terms, the place that was originally taken by this would be marked as blank ....Learn more >>

Restore Android Internal

"My Galaxy S6 just got cracked and I need to restore photos in the internal memory. Is there a software that helps recover photos from Android internal storage? Any idea?" People ....Learn more >>

Enable Debugging on Android

"I made some wrong operations which led to data lost from my Samsung Galaxy S5. My contacts and Text messages and photos are all gone. How can I get my ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos & Videos from LG Optimus

Can you imagine that you accidentally delete all your photos and videos from your favorite mobile phone? Oh, maybe you just terribly performed this on your LG Optimus. We have ....Learn more >>

Recover Pictures

Sony Xperia is now one of a few smartphones with dedicated camera button on the side of the phone, which adds weight to the decision of purchasing a Sony Xperia ....Learn more >>

Allow the Program to Get Data

Featuring with high-megapixel camera and wonderful touch screen, Nexus including HTC Nexus One, LG Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and more are quite popular among Android users. If you have ....Learn more >>

Select Photos to Recover

"Please help! How can I recover photos from Motorola Droid? Last Friday, my friend and I took tons of photos saved in my Motorola Droid when we were on a ....Learn more >>

View HTC Photo

People love to take photos or listen to music by using their phones on the way to work or during a trip. As a shutterbug, there may be tons of ....Learn more >>

Recover Contacts from Android

Losing contacts from Samsung phone memory card always makes Samsung users upset and annoyed. What makes the thing worse is, you don't have a backup before. So, the precious and ....Learn more >>

Regain Data on HTC

"I have formatted my phone and then I lost my messages and Contacts. What should I do? I haven't backup data on computer. Please help! PS: My mobile phone is ....Learn more >>

HTC Recovery
Retrieve Samsung Messages

Can you read deleted text messages on samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4? Sometimes Samsung users get despaired searching for an easy way to recover the lost SMS. They could be messages from your business ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

"How do I get back a contact that I deleted? I deleted Contacts from my Android phone by mistake, they are very important! Is there any way to get them ....Learn more >>

Contacts to Display

Contact is the basic connection in social cycle. The more sociable you are, the more contacts will be stored in your smart phone, like Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S7 edge/S8/S8 Plus. However, ....Learn more >>

Samsung Photo Recovery

Are you at pains to undelete the already-lost pictures in a Samsung phone? Many people know that the deleted files are still traceable and can be found back. So they ....Learn more >>

Restore Android Messages

"Last night I unintentionally deleted my mobile phone data, but recognized that I should've do a new backup. Wonder if there is any way for me to recover the deleted ....Learn more >>


Generally Android users store pictures, videos, music, documents and more data files on SD card to save more inner space on Android. Unfortunately, accident often occurs even if no one ....Learn more >>

Retrive Android Photo

"OMG! Any chance I can recover my photos, videos and music on Android? I was thinking about flashing a new ROM. So I did it, assuming that my files are ....Learn more >>

Recover Samsung Data

Always, there are people who lost their Samsung files and never find them back again. Why is it so? Indeed, there are many reasons: 1. Unconsciously wipe the phone as we ....Learn more >>

Recover Android Contacts

"I just forgot to back up my phone and factory reset it! What am I gonna do to regain my lost data? Those things are important for me. The photos, ....Learn more >>


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