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Recover an Erased Mac

"I was planning to give away my MacBook mini to my little sisters but, due to reasons, I didn't. I have used Time Machine to back up my Mac before ....Learn more >>

Restore Files from A Broken SSD on Mac

An SSD usually offers a faster and better experience than an HDD does. That's why most people often take into great consideration that whether a Mac Pro/Mac mini/MacBook/iMac comes in ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Deleted Emails on Mac

If you have quite a number of emails to handle every day, you may use an email application to make your work easy, for instance, Thunderbird. Due to reasons, you ....Learn more >>

Fixes to

"My ASUS laptop has been using for like 4 years and now it's acting up. This is an error pop-up saying that windows detected a hard disk problem with the ....Learn more >>

Recover Lost Audio Files on Mac

"Is there any way possible to get deleted voice memos from MacBook Pro? Any idea is appreciated." - Posted on Apple Community People Also Read: ● How to Recover Files from ....Learn more >>

Restore Deleted Documents on Mac

Nowadays, people barely carry any documents along like it used to be in olden days. With the advent of computers, we tend to deal with all kinds of documents on ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Videos from Mac

Sometimes, it happens that video files got lost on your Mac computer. The reasons can be varied. Some moved videos to the trash folder and emptied it without knowing that ....Learn more >>

Restore Music with Ease on Mac

Looking for a way to retrieve deleted songs from your Mac computer? Somehow files got lost after mistaken deletion, corrupted system, factory reset or others. Most of the time, it's ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Mac

"Due to my work, I have plenty of images stored on my MacBook Pro. Last weekend, I got spare time to delete unwanted photos. However, I want to send an ....Learn more >>

Restore Deleted Files on Mac

Some are in trouble with the problem that files are deleted from iMac/MacBook/Mac Pro/Mac Mini. Be it accidental or inadvertent, it makes nuisances for sure. It's easy to recover deleted ....Learn more >>

Restore Zip RAR File

Are you looking for a feasible way to recover lost/deleted Zip/RAR files from your computer running Windows or Mac? Then, here's the right place for you. Lost Zip/RAR files are ....Learn more >>

Undelete and Retrieve Files from Computer

There are times when one finally realizes a disaster that some data were mistakenly deleted from Windows PC/laptop, which were not meant to be deleted. If you're overwhelmed by such ....Learn more >>

Hard Disk Recovery

"The storage of my Lenovo laptop is being used up so I decided to remove quite a number of photos currently stored on it. However, I didn't even realize that ....Learn more >>

Recover PDF Files

"I just recently deleted a folder that I wasn't supposed to delete in Disk (E:) on my Asus computer running Win 7. There are some PDF files inside and now ....Learn more >>


If the solid state drive is damaged and you still want to recover files from it, to be honest, it's not easy but still possible to realize. One of the ....Learn more >>

Fix Hard Drive Not Detected

"I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The upgrade was very smooth except that W10 does not recognize my 2nd hard drive (no issues with W8.1). The drive is ....Learn more >>

Get Files Back

"I was wondering whether it's possible or not to retrieve some files from a formatted laptop running Win 10? If yes, please show me how to do it. Thanks." - Reddit People ....Learn more >>

Data Recovery from Broken Hard Disk Drive

"Samsung HDD is terrible. I formatted the hard disk a couple of days ago and then it acted up after I used it for days. Now, the hard disk is ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Gmails

Does it happen to you that an email is needed right after you delete it from the inbox? Or the deleted item is permanently removed after 30 days? Or the ....Learn more >>

Restore Deleted Videos on Win

"I was removing unwanted files on my laptop last night. However, I deleted a folder which contains several memorable videos from recycle bin before I realized. Is it possible to ....Learn more >>

Repair PowerPoint File

PowerPoint is probably the most genius invention to present one's idea with concise statements, straightforward images and flow charts as well as vivid movements and audio effects, which is of ....Learn more >>

Recover Excel

Excel files usually contain important and enormous statistics. Therefore, be it lost or corrupted, that must be a terrible nightmare. Is it possible to recover deleted/lost Excel files? How to ....Learn more >>

Recover Word Files

"How do I recover my Word document from my laptop running Win 7? I downloaded it to the desktop but now I can find nothing. Please help!" - Posted on Quora Word ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Documents

Looking for a feasible way to find documents back on your Windows PC/Laptop? Due to work or homework, there must be quite a number of documents stored on our computers. ....Learn more >>

Restore Lost Audio Files

With the help of computers and laptops, people are able to deal with things effectively and immaterially. For that, material files is less needed nowadays and instead increasing immaterial information ....Learn more >>

Restore Music on Computer

Music delivers magic power to whomever gets close to it. Two out of three people are used to listening to songs in spare time with the popularity and flourish of ....Learn more >>

Restore Photos from Hard Disk Drive

"I accidentally emptied the recycle bin in which there was an image of my business quotation. I recalled it after the deletion was done. Is there any way to get ....Learn more >>

Data Recovery for Mac/Win

"Hello everyone, my friend's Internal hard disk malfunctioned, and it's been replaced with a new one, but she has her life's work on the old one and no backups anywhere ....Learn more >>


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