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Backup Android Photos

There are many a moment we wish to make it everlasting, and mobile phones make the dream come true. We shoot, we share, and we store quite a bunch of ....Learn more >>

Backup Call History

Call log perhaps is the one that attracts the least attentions. Many people might not even notice when call logs come to missing out. However, in some cases, call history ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Back up Contacts

Contacts play significant role in our social connection. A contact is more than a series of number but witnesses friendship. Wouldn't it be a great pity to lose these contacts, ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Back up Text Messages

Some messages might be insignificant, but others count a lot. As a common way to communicate with co-workers, friends and loved ones, messages are carrying quite a number of important ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Pictures & Videos on Samsung S8/S8 Plus

What count the most on our cell phones are probably media files like photos and videos. Since memory cannot last for ever, an image/video helps to capture and freeze the ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Back up Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is much anticipated. Due to the setback of the sales and reputation caused by the controversial Note 7, there is no doubt that Samsung company will ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Line Import Chat

You must be very careful to make sure that your Android phone is not lost, damaged or stolen so that Line files are preserved permanently. And you must try your ....Learn more >>

WhatsApp Send Media

You can send instant pictures to your friends when chatting on WhatsApp Messenger. You may want to save your WhatsApp pictures permanently. WhatsApp allows you to do that. You can ....Learn more >>

Backup Kik

Nowadays, Android instant messenger like Kik is not only an app that supports sending text but also a platform allows its users to send vivid pictures and videos. When backing ....Learn more >>

Viber Backup Easily

Viber has introduced Backup feature in the new version 6.1, which has been available since June 6, 2016. In this new version, you can back up photos, videos and audios ....Learn more >>

Backup LINE

Android LINE is a free instant messaging app compatible for Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, Huawei P9, Xperia Z5, etc. with over 200 million users worldwide. As a LINE messenger user, you ....Learn more >>

Android WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a universal communication app which is available in Android and other smartphone. People rely on this social tool to keep in touch with their families and friends ....Learn more >>

Viber Backup

Recently, I want to change the Rom on my Android. The problem is that I have about 13,000 messages with my best friend on Viber and I really want to ....Learn more >>

Kik Icon

For those who love sending messages with Kik, one of the biggest headache is that the app has no backup feature. So once we log out and log in the ....Learn more >>

Apps and App Data Backup

Third-party apps are now playing an important role in our life. We chat with friends by WhatsApp, Line, Kiki; we kill time with games like Pokémon Go, Candy Crush Soga; ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup Apps and App Data

I am going to upgrade my Xperia Z5 to Android 7.0 Nougat. Before that, I need to back up my Sony apps and app data because I don't want to ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Back Up Data

We are able to enjoy a great number of favorable applications on our Samsung phones nowadays. Some are so cool that we can hardly stop playing them. However, it always ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Connect Device to Mobile Transfer

We sent and received plenty of text messages to and from business partners, friends or beloved ones, of which some truly mean a lot to us. Messages are not only ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Be a Developer

Huawei phone is a smartphone coming with multiple functionalities. In addition to some basic uses, you can handle with things that you could only do on the computer in the past. ....Learn more >>

Phone Transfer Home

Nowadays, it is quite popular for us to use Huawei phone as a tool for communication. We send and receive text messages with our families, friends, and more every day, ....Learn more >>

Connect to PC

When you add new contacts to your Huawei Mate 8, you will be asked to save them on your phone memory or the SIM card. However, no matter where your ....Learn more >>

Backup Your Huawei Phone

On April 7th, 2016, Huawei P9 debuts in London with dual camera lens, reinvents smartphone photography in collaboration with Leica. Till now, many have had their P9 and stored more ....Learn more >>

Choose All Apps

As we know, Microsoft had changed the name of SkyDrive into OneDrive for solving the case of trademark identical with British Sky Broadcasting in 2014. OneDrive is contributed to cloud ....Learn more >>

Backup to Cloud

Want to reach your files anywhere and never lose them? Use 4 tools to do Cloud Sync between mobile and PC. Cloud Sync keeps all kinds of files, photos, music, ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Upload Videos from Dropbox Android

Certainly you can enjoy movies on your conveniently portable and 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S6 on a bus, subway, etc, but it is of better visual experience to do that on ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Music on Box PC

As Android phones and music applications are spanking prevalent now, you are inclined to download your loved music on your smartpphone. However the thing is, when you want to use ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Automatically Sync Android Images to Box

For you guys, when you need to back up your photos to PC, it may be a headache to manually sync pictures to PC, which will erode your patience in ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Uploaded Photos on PC

Since the limited storage on Android phone and the risk of losing phone, it is better to transfer and back up the important pictures to PC. And here we are, ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Android OneDrive

Nowadays, both PC and Android smartphones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus are exceedingly ubiquitous. They can be databases where abundant data is stored. Is there anyway to ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Backup by Dropbox

To prevent deleting files unintentionally, many Android users try different ways to backup their Android phone files so that they can recover them if, unfortunately, this accident happens. Today, I ....Learn more >>

Cloud Sync
Back up LG Apps

As an Android user, you may easily find that there are many practical but excellent applications for Android phones. For me, a foreign language learner, apps like Rosetta Stone, or ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup Music from LG to PC

Many people may have such a need to backup LG pictures to your computer. Take me for example, I have a hobby - to download beautiful pictures when browsing the ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup Video from LG to PC

Why You Need to Transfer Videos on LG Most phones we use have no more than 32GB of storage. Plus, we tend to shoot videos and download TV series which take ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup LG Music to PC

Nowadays our youngsters are fond of making sound records with our phones, because whenever we want to tape sound, phone will first come to hand. Moreover, we now use smartphones ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Export LG SMS

Things may always happen: you deleted some important messages by accident or the amount of the SMS is so large that occupied the memory of your LG phone, however, practically ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Scan QR Code

"OMG, I delete the photos, those you took in your boyfriend's birthday party, by accident", my friend told me this when she tried my new LG Optimus phone. At first, ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Backup LG Contacts to PC

Almost all of us store the contacts in the address book in the LG Optimus or in the SIM card. The former one save it in the phone, because if ....Learn more >>

LG Backup
Connect Device to PC

Well, most people backup their PCs, right? That is because lots of important files are stored on it. Likewise, smartphones have now been so ubiquitous that we should do the ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Transfer Motorola Messages to PC

Wanted to find the best Motorola Device Manager alternative to save your valuable short messages? Indeed, it is necessary to backup your SMS from a Motorola phone especially when they ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Backup Moto Data

Many Motorola users have not clue how to taks records on your phone to the hard disk drive of your computer. It is beneficial when you are going to buy ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Save Moto Contacts

Anyone who owns a phone long enough might have lost their contacts for at least once. After all, there is a period of time when cloud services were not so ....Learn more >>

Motorola Backup
Save HTC Media Files to PC

It is quite convenient to have the same songs and pictures on both you HTC phone and computer. In the past, when people want to transfer their data from an ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Transfer HTC Contacts to PC

Actually, if you just want to transfer the address book to phone storage, follow these steps: 1) Open the People app. 2) Tap the "menu" button > "Manage contacts". 3) Press "Import/Export contacts" ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Perform a HTC SMS Backup

When a HTC phone is used for a long time, the SMS on the device may take up more and more space. And some day in the future, the handset ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Backup HTC Data

It is common for people to do save their data to a computer before they are ready to dump the old HTC handset or reset the phone. I believe that ....Learn more >>

HTC Backup
Save Sony Audios and Videos

If you simply want to transfer the files to your memory card, here is a guide you can follow: 1) Click "Menu" > "Organizer" > "File Manager" 2) Select the tab "In ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Export SMS to PC

"Is there any way to transfer my messages to the computer? I have a lot of bussiness messages in my phone, and it is getting slower and slower, and I ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Backup Contacts from Sony Xperia

There is no need to explain the importance of saving your phone numbers on a Sony Xperia Z5/Z3. And you may lose them in so many ways, including factory reset, ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Backup and Restore Sony Phones

To perform a backup is to make your data safer. How is it necessary? One can never predicate which day is the day when he loses his valuable files. There ....Learn more >>

Sony Backup
Backup Videos from Samsung

Do you have any important videos that have recorded the life of your family or a wonderful experience with your friend? Do you want to flash a new ROM or ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Save Samsung Music on the Computer

"I want to transfer my songs from the Samsung Galaxy phone to PC, but I can't do that with just a USB cable. So, what do I need to get ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Backup Samsung Photos

What is the point of backing up your photos on Samsung? Mobile phones now have played an important role in life. And one of the functions is taking pictures. As more ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Choose Feature to Backup

Why Do We Need to Back Up Our Samsung Contacts? Many of us tend to store the numbers in the handset or the SIM card. And seldom do we take precaution ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup
Backup Samsung Numbers

Recently, I bought a Samsung phone, Galaxy S6. As a long time Android user, I get used to do a backup file first when I have a brand new handset. ....Learn more >>

Samsung Backup

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