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Transfer Data to New SD Card

When an Android device is running out of device storage, the best solution is to employ an SD card to expand the total storage. Apart from increasing dying memory, a ....Learn more >>

Transfer Media File to SD Card

After using Android for a long time, you will find that you're running out of Android internal storage. The culprit to blame is media files including photos, videos, and music. ....Learn more >>

Rebuild iTunes Library

"I had a problem with my iTunes library, and wanted to rebuild it. All the instructions I've seen tell me to use the iTunes Library.xml file to do this, but ....Learn more >>

Transfer iTunes Media

What is iTunes Library? iTunes Library is a database of the songs and videos created by the iTunes program. Your iTunes library files track the media you add to iTunes ....Learn more >>

Export and Import Samsung Text Messages

"My phone's internal storage is running out with a flood of text messages. Due to my work, I cannot delete most of them. Is there a way to transfer texts ....Learn more >>

Transfer Music/Videos

"I've downloaded over 100 popular songs onto my computer, and I was wondering whether there is a hassle-free way to import those to my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Please share ....Learn more >>

Samsung Photo Transfer

Looking for a Samsung Photo Transfer for Windows/Mac computer? If you want to transfer photos from Android like Samsung phones to a computer running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OS X/Captain/Yosemite/Sierra. ....Learn more >>

Transfer Contacts Between Samsung and Computer

Are you looking for an Android Contacts Transfer, which can copy your contacts from Android like Samsung to your computer? Since Samsung Kies doesn't support devices later than Samsung Galaxy ....Learn more >>

Transfer Data Between PC and Samsung

When it comes to Android phones, the first brand that occurs to you must be 'Samsung'. With the delicate craftsmanship, Samsung wins the hearts of people around the world. If ....Learn more >>

Add Photos from Computer

"I want to transfer some of the photos to my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which I received and saved on my laptop running Windows 10. There are over 300 pics. ....Learn more >>

Transfer Favorite Videos Between Computer And Android

Videos are a vivid way to record memories. You might have captured or saved videos on your Android phones. If the storage of your phone is running out, you must ....Learn more >>

Add Movies to Android

With the popularity of mobile phones, people are more willing to get things done with these portable gadgets rather than a bulky computer nowadays. If you're a film lover like ....Learn more >>

Best Android Transfer Tool

Still Google for a desirable Android File Transfer software within the ocean of Google results? Got hesitated and skeptical by the so-called 'Best' ones? I'm not here to make ....Learn more >>

Transfer Favorite Music/Videos Android

Mac users have the same trouble in common. That being said, they cannot directly manage Android phones on Mac/iMac/MacBook. In fact, Mac OS is exclusive to iOS devices. To transfer ....Learn more >>

Transfer Android Photos to/from Mac

Actually, Apple is not quite friendly towards Android devices. If you have ever tried to use an Android cell phone on a Mac/iMac/MacBook, you must have found out that Mac ....Learn more >>

Import Contacts Back to Android

Phone numbers stand for the connections we build in this world so that these contacts are of importance for us. To avoid losing contacts, it's a great idea to transfer ....Learn more >>

Best Android File Transfer for Mac

Android Transfer - TunesGo stands out from the flood of so-called Android File Transfer software, which claims to be perfect with your Mac. However, most are apt to lead to ....Learn more >>

Download Music for Free

There is a great demand for downloading music for free. Nowadays, people opt to download music to their phones and listen music offline. That's truly pleasant and enjoyable, isn't it? ....Learn more >>

Choose Photos/Videos

I have several images and want to put them together to form a moving gif. I have search for it and get some methods on the Internet. However, they do ....Learn more >>

Choose Photos/Videos

Currently, I find out that it is really great to make a GIF by myself. But it can not be really simple to achieve for my own way. Can anybody ....Learn more >>

Export HTC Contacts

"I've just got a new phone and want to synchronize all my phone numbers between Live Mail and HTC 10. What do I do? Here's what happened. I searched the ....Learn more >>

Export System Apps

"I'm wondering if there is any way for me to transfer my system apps from the HTC One to a PC, so that I can install those I like onto ....Learn more >>

Export Songs On HTC

For HTC users, we have a great tool, which is named HTC Sync Manager. Though being free, it fails a lot, as is complained by many customers. And what if ....Learn more >>

Set Ringtone

Can you imagine men still doing their jobs with their own hands and legs? The time when there is no machine at all has passed. And even moving media files ....Learn more >>

Choose vCard File

You might want to import your phone numbers from your vCard files to Samsung Galaxy S7/S6, and couldn't find a way. Usually, vCard files can be open on computers. But, ....Learn more >>

Export Apps

Android phone users can get their devices connected to PC and transfer their files. But, what if we need to copy the apps? Apparently, we couldn't find the original package ....Learn more >>

Choose Files

Usually, when data on an Android phone need to be transferred, you have to connected your phone to a PC and enable MTP. This has been rather convenient, managing your ....Learn more >>

Connect the Device

It might be a rather annoying thing that every time you buy a new phone, apps need installing. And, as an Android user, your system must have failed for several ....Learn more >>

Import Windows Live Mail Contacts

So, what do you have in mind for importing Windows Live Mail contacts to your Android phone? Type them manually? It is obviously impossible. And the method Microsoft tells is ....Learn more >>

TunesGo Homepage

According to, iPhone SE reportedly gets more than 3.4 million reservations in China, suggesting that Apple has a big market share. However, this does not mean that Android is ....Learn more >>

Manage TuneGo Playlist

In the music library of your Android phone, there can be no less than 1000 songs, which come from different sources in succession. Some of them are downloaded online while ....Learn more >>

Get Audio Files on Android

In the 21st century, where Internet is easily accessible, you can get audio files, music for example, on Android phone by all kinds of means. In addition to going to ....Learn more >>

Add Music to Samsung Galaxy

Have you stored heaps of songs and albums in your computer? Or have you just got so many audio files on your computer with the help of a music player? ....Learn more >>

Backup Music

We almost emphasize the importance of backup in every post, such as your favorite artist's songs which are purchased and stored in your Android phone. But still, many are too ....Learn more >>

Transfer Songs from Android to PC

"Can I copy songs from Android to Dell PC? I have a lot of good songs on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I would like to move them to ....Learn more >>

Troubleshooting WhatsApp

"I bought a Samsung Galaxy A8 and it supports WhatsApp. Excitedly I activated it with my number. Next day, it did not work. When I try to chat on WhatsApp, ....Learn more >>

Manage WhatsApp

With WhatsApp Messenger on your Android phone, you can keep in touch with friends. But managing the app can be chaotic because you have heaps of data, including chat history, ....Learn more >>

Delete Chat History

There are some situations where you want to delete chat history on Android WhatsApp. For example, you don't want some chats displayed on the interface because they refer to some ....Learn more >>

Get WhatsApp on Android

Do you feel isolated when people around you are all chatting online via WhatsApp Messenger but you? A recently survey pointed out that most Android users are using WhatsApp Messenger ....Learn more >>

Print WhatsApp Chat History

Although we can backup and restore WhatsApp chat history easily, sometimes we still want to keep them with paper-shuffle for another backup. So when we cannot sign into our account ....Learn more >>

Add WhatsApp Contacts from Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication platform from where you can find your friends instantly by scrolling down the page and hitting the contact you want. And you can text people ....Learn more >>

Share Media Files via WhatsApp on Android

You should have some photos and videos in your Android phone, such as family albums, photos that are taken during extracurricular activities, travel photos, videos of big events, and so ....Learn more >>

Back up and Restore Android WhatsApp Chat

Since WhatsApp Messenger is a must-have tool for Android users nowadays, occurrences like wrong deletion, theft, loss and damages that cause data loss are common. To guard WhatsApp messages ....Learn more >>

Move Applications to SD Card on Android

I have met with a case that my phone internal memory is getting more and almost get full, so I tend to save storage without removing some important data on ....Learn more >>

Manage Apps on Android Mobile

When we buy a new smartphone, we will find out that there are many apps on the device, which cannot be uninstalled with the common ways. Moreover, for easing our ....Learn more >>

Download Outlook Contacts to Android

My uncle is a businessman, who has a number of contacts on his Android phone. But recently he buys a new one and wonders how to transfer contacts from Android ....Learn more >>

Transfer YouTube Videos to Android

Sometimes you just don't have the time to sit in front of the computer and watch a YouTube video, and sometimes you may want to share a video with friends ....Learn more >>

iCloud Contacts to Android

"I bought my Samsung phone yesterday and I will give my old iPhone to my cousin these days. But before that, I want to transfer my iPhone contacts to Samsung. ....Learn more >>

Upload Android Phone Numbers to Gmail

You can't be too careful with your phone data, especially your contacts. Because things happen and you never know what will happen to the numbers keeping you and your friend ....Learn more >>

Delete Preinstalled Apps

Usually, there are some applications preinstalled in the phone we newly buy. However, what annoys us is that we cannot remove the software, which we rarely or never use. What's ....Learn more >>

Remove Android Reduplicative Contacts

Are you upset with repeated contacts in your phone? And do you want to remove them all in a few seconds, instead of finding them out and deleting them one ....Learn more >>

Backup Android Files to Mac

There's something wrong with your Android and you have to send it for repair. But before that, you find that you haven't backed up all the documents of your smartphone, ....Learn more >>

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Last night, I listened to the songs in iPad which I borrowed from my sister. I love those songs so I asked my sister to send me the playlist, but ....Learn more >>

Run Android Data Recovery

As an ordinary person, we can't always remember everything we have ever seen, so pictures have appeared in this technology era. Sometimes, you just want to save image from the ....Learn more >>

Send Messages from Computer

I wonder if you have seen the Ellen Show, the funny talk show that hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. There once has such a section: Ellen gathered a good many cases ....Learn more >>

Copy Contacts from Android to Coputer

You may have faced this: Have no choice but to find different software to manage your Android data. Of course, there're many software that can help you back up and ....Learn more >>

Transfer Music from Computer to Android

Android phones are widely developed and used today. A helpful tool to transfer your music from your computer to Android is of great necessity. Compared with mobile phones of 1973, ....Learn more >>

Export Android SMS to Computer

Android SMS are transferrable from your Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for example, to your computer. Not only the messages, but also the phone number, sending time, emoticons and so ....Learn more >>

Export Photos Android

Apart from copying files directly to your computer, have you ever wondered if there is any better way to transfer your Android photos conveniently. You may get mad because of ....Learn more >>

Export Contacts from Android

No matter you use which phone brand, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and other Android device, you'd better download an Android manage tool that help you run different Android data, ....Learn more >>

Transfer Files from Android to Computer

The situations that you need to transfer data from computer to your device can be: 1. Lost data on Android which restored by recovering tool, such as Android Data Recovery, ....Learn more >>

Android Manager Homepage

Android users may have the same encounter that they should pay for different type of Android data backup tool so as to backup different Android data. It is a waste ....Learn more >>


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