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Android Lock Screen Removal

Android Lock Killer,the Very Password Cracking Tool You Need

Android Lock Screen Removal is, with no doubt, the one you are looking for to unlock a smartphone. Unlike other methods, it requires no knowledge of phones, so that you won’t have to learn about the Android OS and take complicated steps.

Supported OS:  Windows  Mac
Android Lock Screen Removal

Step-by-step guide


No pre-backup or sync, manually paste & copy required.


No cloud storage or backup records. No privacy issues.


Thousands of devices, based on Android, are supported.

Supported Lock Types

Widely Used in Daily Life

Android Lock Screen Removal can be applied to many cases, including but not limited to:

Passwords are forgotten when a phone has been left untouched for a long time.

Screen patterns are changed by kids when they get their hands on the phones.

Phone is locked when one has tried to figure out the right password.

A second-hand phone is locked with a fingerprint of the previous owner.

Removal Advantages

Advantages of Android Lock Screen Removal

Data in the phone will not be undermined, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Nothing the program does will break the warranty.

Multiple kinds of lock types are supported, including PIN, password, fingerprint and pattern.

Short time needed. Five minutes will be enough for most phones.

Removal Tips

Things to Notice

The feature only works for Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series. But we are working on more models.

Do not disconnect the phone while unlocking is in process.

The function of unlocking Android can be used on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

Please make sure that there are enough space on the hard drive to install the program.

Internet is necessary because the software will download a recovery package for the phone.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

You won’t have to worry about if your computer is too old for the program. The requirement is so low that it can nearly run on every workable machine. CPU should be at least 1 GHZ, RAM 256 MB and storage space 1 GB.

But, better hardware is preferred considering smoothness. And 1024 MB of RAM is recommended.

Our Promise

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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