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iTunes DFU Mode

What's DFU Mode? DFU, standing for Development Firmware Upgrade, means the forced relegation mode of iPhone firmware. More detailedly, if there have been some mistakes when you downgrade your iPhone ....Learn more >>

Regain Notes from iCloud

"Urgent! How can I recover notes from iPad?" One morning, a close friend Amy called me, asking me how to get back her memos in iPad. It seemed that ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Recover Flash from iPad

Today's Topic: Recover videos from iPad Air. Details from Eric's Explanation:"Alright so I was working on a video on the iMovie app and after I was done, I deleted some of ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Download Images from iCloud

Question from Jennifer:" Are there any easy steps to recover photos from iPad? Preferably the most economical way that works." Detailed Problem: "I thought I had transferred personal family photos ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Recover From iCloud Backup

Today, we are going to share tips and tricks on how to recover lost data from iPad. Before starting, let's look through the case. "Yesterday my young son played games ....Learn more >>

iPad Recovery
Fix Water Damaged iPhone 6s

"My question is how to recover data from water damaged iPhone."says Steve,"My iPhone 6s spent time underwater. I left it for a week to dry out and then turned it ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Restore Factory Settings

While iDevices such as iPhone SE/6s/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad air2,  and iPad Pro, rule in system optimization among the electronic market, issues still exist. Some iOS users ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover Broken iPhone Photos 6s

Trouble on how to retrieve photos from a broken iPhone 6s is a hot potato. Such thing is always led by the following situations on your iPhone: 1) Being dropped in ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover Jailbreak iPhone Files

Problem like how to Restore iPhone 6s after Jailbreak is not strange to iPhone users. Recently, many users complained that they had jailbroken their iPhone 6 for more roots to ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Photo Library Photo

"I upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 9, and found many pictures in photo library are gone. How can I retrieve the missing photos?" You heart may skip a beat and ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Stream Photo

Last week, I went to Paris to attend my cousin's wedding. I took many photos with my iPhone 6 Plus. Unfortunately, I lost my phone on the trip. When I ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Retrieve iPhone SMS

"Any ways to retrieve SMS from iPhone 6s? I was frustrated by the spam messages and was going to delete them. Other than the spam messages, I deleted something important. ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover Camera Roll Photo

"iPhone, photo lost, ways to recover deleted photos from iPhone camera roll. Searching...." Have you browsed all kinds of forums such as Apple Support Communities but futile? Are you taking a ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iOS Pictures

Question from Blog: "Could you tell me how to retrieve deleted pictures from iOS 9? PS: iPhone 6s Plus, running iOS 9. Lost all the data including some important pictures ....Learn more >>

Recover iPhone iMessages

"I recently had my iMessages randomly disappeared while charging my iPhone 6s in my car. Does anyone know how to retrieve deleted iMessagess from iOS device? I tried backing up ....Learn more >>

Restore iCloud Notes

Problem from Apple Support Communities: Cannot find previously saved notes in iPad mini 4. Want to know how to restore notes from iCloud. Familiar with the problem? Please allow me to ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Retrieve Messages from Backup

iOS users always concern about how to retrieve messages from iTunes/iCloud backup. Sometimes we may be absentminded and wrongly tap Delete button to erase messages in iPhone. Or even reset ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Recover iCloud Picture

Hi, dear readers. I have 3 questions about how to recover pictures from iCloud: 1) I lost my iPad mini 4 with a great amount of photos. I find my iPhone ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Recover iCloud Contact

"Can anyone advise please? What can I do to recover my contacts from iCloud?" Yesterday morning, when Jim piled into the crowd in a bus, he unfortunately lost his iPhone ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Extract and Restore iPhone Data

" iPad mini 4, iOS 10, extract and recover iPhone files." "Searching...." Are you looking for solutions to extract and recover iPhone 6s files on Google? Indeed, every iOS 10 user ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
iPhone Recovery Mode

I bet that you have had your iPhone 7 stuck in Recovery Mode. Things might go as this iOS user' s complaint:" After upgrading to iOS 10, my iPad Air ....Learn more >>

Recover iPhone Voice Memos

"My voice memos in my iPhone 6s Plus are gone! What can I do to recover the deleted voice memos?" --Kelly Wilkerson According to Kelly, situation happened when she cleared her iPhone ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Call History

Question from iPhone User: --"Any ways to recover call history on iPhone 7, please? My friend called me with his new number and I forgot to take it on contact. And ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Bookmarks

Aim to attain keys to recover Safari bookmarks from iPhone? Do not be spitfire. Please browse the case who may have the similar suffer with you. And answers will arise. User: Tom Device: ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Calendar

Are you a novice when it comes to this stuff as my neighbor asked me in a message? "How do I recover deleted calendar from my iPhone 7 Plus running ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iTunes Photos

"Did I download the wrong programs? Or is there another way to recover deleted photos from iTunes backup please?" asked John, an unfortunate iOS user who recently lost his pictures. ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Recover iTunes Music

Today, another key to recover music from iTunes 12 is released for you, a fanatic of music. I know the world of music bewitches you. Your iPhone 6 Plus is ....Learn more >>

iTunes & iCloud Recovery
Retrieve iPhone Voicemail

"Are there any ways to retrieve voicemail on iPhone?" Once a friend sought help from me since this is my area. After upgrading the system of iPhone 6 Plus to ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Restore iPhone WhatsApp Messages

Is it possible to restore deleted WhatsApp messages from an iPhone that has not been in use for months? We have received complaint from an iPhone user. "My iPhone 7 ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Files

What high-tech iPhone brings us is not only convenience but sometimes trouble such as to recover deleted files from iPhone. I recently changed from iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 7 ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Video

I deleted videos in my iPhone 7 Plus library to save space after videos were already converted into iMovie. But yesterday I could not find anything in iMovie. I was ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Restore iPhone Contacts

Several days ago, my iPhone 7 Plus was played by my kids. They had deleted all my contacts because they don't know how to operate. The deleted files embrace the ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Retrieve iPhone Notes

"How can I recover deleted notes from my iPhone 7 Plus? They were showing as duplicates so I deleted one of them then both the original and the duplicate were ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Photos

"Photos in my iPhone 7 Plus are lost," says Tracy,"I was trying to transfer photos from my iPhone to my desktop. After pictures were transferred, I have deleted them from ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iPhone Messages

"I am really regret deleting all the messages in my iPhone," says Tony. It seems that the accidental data lost maddens him. SMS in iOS devices such as iPhone 7, ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery
Recover iOS Data

Have you ever gone through a data lost experience like this? Walk on a crowded street. Talk with a friend about the discount skirts. A few minutes later, iPhone in ....Learn more >>

iPhone Recovery

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