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Recover Samsung Call Logs

Phone damage comes out of expectancy. Sometimes you might ever have no time to save to contacts the one who was just talking on the phone and your Samsung phone ....Learn more >>

Restore Contacts on a Broken Samsung

A person is able to recite several phone numbers for a long period of time. However, when it comes to tens of contacts, let alone hundreds of them, most people ....Learn more >>

Restore Content from Broken Samsung

As a premium device, Samsung Galaxy phones are of great design, physically and functionally. However, it got non-responsive after accidents like physical damage or water damage. If you thus cannot ....Learn more >>

Start to Capture

"I had recorded the game playing screen on my Samsung S7, which showed tips and tricks of how to win high score and break records. However, the video that was ....Learn more >>

Scan Snapneed Photo

Suddenly Snapseed pictures were deleted on Samsung. Any helpful suggestion of retrieving will be appreciated. "Today all those photos that I have edited in the Snapseed app disappeared from the Samsung ....Learn more >>

Scan Out Viber Photos

Viber data can be backed up and restored locally and Android Data Backup & Restore so you can save the chat history easily but once you forget to back it ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos from Android

I got a batch of GIF pictures from my friends and stored in my Samsung Galaxy S7 internal memory. For some reasons, the folder contains the GIFs is gone. I ....Learn more >>

Galaxy S5 Cannot Turn on

Generally, Samsung Galaxy S5 is powered on by simply pressing on its power button at the edge of its body. Nevertheless, if that button doesn't work, Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot ....Learn more >>

Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting

One of the most annoying problems that Samsung users could encounter is random reboot: for so long, the phone has been working just fine, but one day it just automatically ....Learn more >>

SIM Lock Connect Device

SIM card lock limits your Samsung Galaxy Note 1/2/3/4/4 Edge/Note 5, Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/ S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus/S7 to the network of one carrier or one country. To unlock SIM card ....Learn more >>

Get Lock out of Device

Passcode and pattern are used in the hope of preventing users' devices from being accessed by others. However, it happens sometimes that you're the one who got locked out of ....Learn more >>

Remove Lock

"I just put a security password on my Samsung Galaxy S7 but I decided I no longer want to have a security password on my cell. I can't find the ....Learn more >>

Samsung Files Recovery If Cannot Enter System

"My Samsung Galaxy S5 got stuck and I forced it to reboot. However, when restarting, it was stuck again. It just flashed SAMSUNG logo. Even I tried to remove battery ....Learn more >>

Recover SMS from Pattern Locked Galaxy S/Note/Tab

Pattern lock is a secured way to well protect your privacy by preventing anyone from peeking at your Android SMS on Galaxy S/Note/Tab. With the screen locked, one will have ....Learn more >>

Samsung Galaxy Stuck into Blank Screen

One of the most common issues that you may face with your Android phone is the blank screen of death. The Samsung Galaxy phone is not immune to this problem. ....Learn more >>

Regain Data

Galaxy Screen is Unresponsive/Broken. Can I Recover My Photos? Case 1: My Samsung Galaxy S5 is on, but I'm unable to use it because the touch screen is not working. I ....Learn more >>

Get WhatsApp from Broke Android

What social networking you use most on your Android? Maybe Facebook, Twitter and of course, WhatsApp is popular as well. We've got many WhatsApp data such as chat history and ....Learn more >>

Restore Dead Phone Data

My Samsung Galaxy Phone is Broken There are so many ways that people can break their Android phones, from accident dropping, water damage to many other unimaginable scenarios. Even though the ....Learn more >>

Recover Lost Contacts from Locked Galaxy

I have seen many posts in various forums like this: "I set pattern lock on my Galaxy S4 to protect my litter boy from misusing my phone. It is just the ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Galaxy S6/5/4/3

Does the phone have to be active in order to recover the deleted WhatsApp data? Will I be able to save them to my computer? If I change the phone ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Galaxy A8/7/5

On Samsung Galaxy A9/8/7/5, WhatsApp usually takes up a large storage to keep the history. However, when the history gets more, how could you save all of them? Actually, WhatsApp ....Learn more >>

Retrieve WhatsApp Pictures and Videos from Galaxy S & Note

WhatsApp renders our lives closer and more touchable. Nowadays, we have no need traveling over hill and dale or waiting for months to hear from someone thousands of miles far ....Learn more >>

Plug Phone to PC

In the past, we would write down to mark some important items, for example, the names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. in order to keep in touch with others. However, this ....Learn more >>

Check Contacts Results

Today I borrowed my sister's Samsung Alpha, but I accidentally deleted her cell phone contacts and text messages. I do not know if she has a backup, but I knew ....Learn more >>

Check Videos and Music

Generally speaking, we usually click to watch some short videos or listen to some audios when browsing the web pages. For instance, during the time when we go through Facebook, ....Learn more >>

Recover Videos

I enjoy watching TV shows on my Samsung Galaxy S6 when I am on the bus or on the subway to a little far place. But I accidentally deleted ten ....Learn more >>

Undelete Images from Samsung Galaxy

At MWC 2015, the short form of Mobile World Congress, Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Besides, S6 edge plus continues to bring surprise to the ....Learn more >>

USB Debugging

With the release of Galaxy Tab S2, some users are keen on saving data on this tablet since it does not only support 32GB storage, but also supports micro SD ....Learn more >>

Recover Gallery Data

News about Samsung always spread really fast, such the release of Galaxy S7 Edge/Edge+. Actually, besides Galaxy S series, Galaxy Alpha also plays important role in the Samsung market. Galaxy ....Learn more >>

Recover Pictures

"I just accidentally deleted an album on my Galaxy Note 6. After wasting time on what I expected to be photo recovery packages to get back my deleted pictures, can ....Learn more >>

Samsung Photo Recovery with Ease

We used to take a picture with a high-qualitied camera, but now most of us prefer taking pictures with our own phone, which is much handier but supports photos with ....Learn more >>

Recover Samsung Call Log

It happens a lot that we forget to save an old friend number after he/she calls. And later when needed, the call log may be gone for long. Well, at ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Samsung WhatsApp

Letters are replaced by messages on gadget. Though the way we keep in touch with family and friends is like inked words fading away, the connections hold tighter and tighter. ....Learn more >>

Restore the Lost File from Samsung

"I was so excited that my dad bought me the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last month! In order to download more apps I have my phone rooted. But this operation ....Learn more >>

Choose Message to Go on

As a Samsung phone user, are you accustomed to save some interesting or meaningful messages in the SMS inbox? A few days ago, one of my friends said she lost ....Learn more >>

Analyze Broken Phone

As we all know, SMS plays an important role in contacting people, and Samsung phone users have not exceptions as well. Then sending and receiving messages become two essential things ....Learn more >>

Set Up Debugging

Samsung Phones like Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other models attract people so much with its good quality and easy used operation system. Many ....Learn more >>

Get Deleted Contacts back from Rooted Samsung

"There were too much data on my Galaxy Note. I just want to clean it up, but accidentally deleted the whole contacts list. I checked my Google account. There is ....Learn more >>

Enable Debugging on Samsung

"I store large amount of SMS in my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 because I keep texting messages with my girlfriend. But recently my phone receives tons of spam that I ....Learn more >>

Allow Request to Check Device

Are you searching for recovering lost messages from Samsung Impression like A877? Samsung Impression A877 has the least radiant quantity among more than 1000 mobile phones, according to the report ....Learn more >>

Select and Scan Data

"I was texting last night on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and I got an error that it was forced closed. When I went back into messages, my entire texts were ....Learn more >>

Print Messages in HTML

The situations that you may need to print your text messages out can be: 1. You are the one who love chatting with people by sending text messages and don't want ....Learn more >>

Connecting to PC

You have some memorable and meaningful videos recorded by your Samsung Galaxy on Graduation Day? Or a funny /sweet video with friends on your Birthday party? You never thought you ....Learn more >>

Pictures on Samsung

I assume that the ones looking at this article are searching for a way to bring your lost photos back. You may be one of the users who would ask ....Learn more >>

Restore Galaxy Contacts

For your Samsung Galaxy, videos, music, office files like PPT, PDF, etc. will occupy large memory space. Many users may delete some contents to make room for new resource. However, ....Learn more >>

Samsung Data Recovery

Do you know that a file is not totally erased when it is deleted? In layman's terms, the place that was originally taken by this would be marked as blank ....Learn more >>

Recover Contacts from Android

Losing contacts from Samsung phone memory card always makes Samsung users upset and annoyed. What makes the thing worse is, you don't have a backup before. So, the precious and ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Samsung Messages

Can you read deleted text messages on samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4? Sometimes Samsung users get despaired searching for an easy way to recover the lost SMS. They could be messages from your business ....Learn more >>

Contacts to Display

Contact is the basic connection in social cycle. The more sociable you are, the more contacts will be stored in your smart phone, like Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S7 edge/S8/S8 Plus. However, ....Learn more >>

Samsung Photo Recovery

Are you at pains to undelete the already-lost pictures in a Samsung phone? Many people know that the deleted files are still traceable and can be found back. So they ....Learn more >>

Recover Samsung Data

Always, there are people who lost their Samsung files and never find them back again. Why is it so? Indeed, there are many reasons: 1. Unconsciously wipe the phone as we ....Learn more >>


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