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Unlock LG Optimus

LG Optimus series has enjoyed worldwide reputation with favorable price and quality. Among the family of LG Optimus, there are LG Optimus One, LG Optimus L Series, LG Optimus F ....Learn more >>

Unlock LG

"My boy resets my pattern and now I am locked out of my LG G3. How to unlock LG phone after too many pattern attempts? How do I get my ....Learn more >>

Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp enriches our social connections. If you are besotted with WhatsApp, then WhatsApp must be carrying quite a few memorable dialogues of yours. However, if you cannot touch the screen ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Android Pictures

"I accidentally dropped my Samsung S6 on the ground and now I cannot touch the screen due to the broken display. I have lots of photos stored on it and ....Learn more >>

Access Broken Screen Android

"My Samsung Galaxy S6 dropped out of my pocket when I was running to my friend. The screen cracked and became unresponsive. The Power and Home buttons are still working ....Learn more >>

Play Games on PC

Most of the users may be keen on playing games in their spare time. What kind of games that worth playing on Android phone and recommending to your friends? Here ....Learn more >>

Android Assistants
Recover WhatsApp Chat on ZenFone

It is no doubt that losing the WhatsApp Chat history on your ZenFone device would be a nightmare as you may have some very important data that is included. Luckily, ....Learn more >>

ZenFone Recovery
Recover Files

Is there a way to get back lost files from ASUS ZenFone 3? "Hi there, my two little kids made all my contacts, important messages and photos stored in my ....Learn more >>

ZenFone Recovery
Android SMS Recovery

Whether you've accidentally deleted one or all of your text messages from your ZenFone 3 Max/Zoom/Go or you can't get to them because your Android phone was reset or worse ....Learn more >>

ZenFone Recovery
Network Carriers Logo

It happens when we aren't happy with our carriers (unsatisfied mobile data speed, overcharge). But sometimes we can't just switch to another carrier as we like because our phones may ....Learn more >>

SIM Lock

Generally, we seldom bother to learn about the words SIM lock, but when we do, it is usually when a SIM lock is bothering us in the following circumstances: Want ....Learn more >>

Forget Passcode

Parents always set lock screen pattern/PIN/signature/password on their Android phone so as to prevent kids from playing with the phone and delete some important data. However, if the lock screen ....Learn more >>

Remove Locked Screen on Android

We set screen lock onto the Android mobile phone so that no one can play with our Android phone without permit. The password and pattern protect our Android data from ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Missing Contacts & SMS from Micromax

Undoubtedly, social networking is part and parcel for modern people. As a busy person, you keep in touch with people by relying on your Micromax phone, such as Micromax Canvas ....Learn more >>

Micromax Recovery
Photo, Video, Audio Recovery on Micromax Canvas

Micromax Canvas 5 allows you to capture life and selfies with 13+5MP camera. Besides, you can store piles of photos, videos, and audios in the 64GB expansive memory. As usage ....Learn more >>

Micromax Recovery
Get Lost Data Back to Device

With an Android phone like Micromax, you can shoot high resolution pictures, record HD video clips, listen to pop songs and east your work with a variety applications like online ....Learn more >>

Micromax Recovery
Recover ZTE WhatsApp

ZTE AXON/Blade/Grand WhatsApp is apt for chatting. ZTE folks who always chat on WhatsApp should store chat history in their device. We all know that WhatsApp is able to automatically ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Retrieve ZTE SMS

ZTE Blade L2/S6, whose keys are touch-sensitive, is apt for texting. Nonetheless, users should have encountered the situation more or less: due to a finger slip, conversations in the Message ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Recover ZTE Contacts

ZTE users store info of people's phone number, names, e-mail addresses, websites, and more in their phone. They can deliver a call to anyone in their phone via pressing the ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Recover ZTE Files

Why Recover Lost Files on ZTE Smartphone? A few months ago, ZTE announced the release of the new product line to the public, continuing to deliver affordable Android phones with the ....Learn more >>

ZTE Recovery
Recover Data If USB Debugging Fails

Typically, there must be a bridge to build connections between your cell phone and computer in order to finish many instructions such as data transfer, data recovery and so on. ....Learn more >>

Recover Data from Inaccessible Android

"My Android was dead for no reason. It has a black screen and has no response when I try to power it on. I assumed that maybe it just ran ....Learn more >>

Extract Device's Data

What's the horrible thing that happened to your Android phone? The worst thing of mine is that the touch screen cracks. There's no response when I touch the screen. Some ....Learn more >>

Enter Settings

Generally, USB debugging is off in the normal state, so you should go to turn it on if necessary, while what USB debugging works for? We can find out that ....Learn more >>

Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History on Lenovo

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting app for Android users which big brands such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, as well as small brands such as Lenovo, HUAWEI, ....Learn more >>

Lenovo Recovery
Recover Contacts from Lenovo

Contacts are without doubt the important data type for smartphone users. One of my friends who uses Lenovo to contact with his business partner says that he has unintentionally delete ....Learn more >>

Lenovo Recovery
Select Contacts Item

"I deleted the contacts info of some important business partners on my OnePlus One. All the contact ways are there. And I haven't backed them up yet. Does anybody know ....Learn more >>

OnePlus Recovery
Enable USB Debugging

Lenovo smartphone is famous because it not only has high resolution but also served at a reasonable price. For example, the Lenovo A7600-M and Lenovo K3 Note, two best-sale devices, ....Learn more >>

Lenovo Recovery
Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History

"I found many ways to restore WhatsApp messages from Android and I've tried some of them but they are fails. I have no idea whether it is too complex for ....Learn more >>

OnePlus Recovery
Recover Messages from Android

The OnePlus 2 is releasing in recent days. The smartphone has a large quantity of fans which focus on the function of the phone rather than the phone brand. Some ....Learn more >>

OnePlus Recovery
Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for both Android and iOS users. It's pretty convenient for people to catch up with friends, families and workmates with WhatsApp. However, we may ....Learn more >>

HUAWEI Recovery
Recover Lost Contacts

"My child deleted all the contacts information stored in HUAWEI P8. I haven't backed them up yet. Is there any way to retrieve them all?" We often receive e-mails like mentioned ....Learn more >>

HUAWEI Recovery
Fix Bricked Phone

"I just wanted to root my Samsung Galaxy S6 and delete some unusually used apps. However, it has been bricked since then." Familiar situation and similar problem, right? Just follow ....Learn more >>

Recover Android Data on Mac

Cell phones have become the most common and convenient tool for us to take photos, shoot videos, record audio files as entertainment. Internal memory card of our Android phone is ....Learn more >>

Android System Recovery Mode

The other day, some people ask me for Android Recovery Mode. They are wondering what Android Recovery Mode uses for. Are you interested in it like them? Now I will ....Learn more >>

Find Call Logs

As a rule, a cell phone is able to keep up-to-1000 caller numbers at a time. When the number of call history exceeds, the redundant disappears. Or, somehow it happened ....Learn more >>

Recover Contacts from Sony Xperia

Some smart phone users love to sort out their contact list regularly. However, accidental deletion of the whole list happens when you do that. If you unfortunately had such experience ....Learn more >>

Sony Recovery
Recover Messages from Motorola

SMS is now more and more popular in people's daily life for the reason that it can be sent and received in a shortest possible time. And it is preferred ....Learn more >>

Moto Recovery
Recover SMS from Sony

Most smartphone today has a touch screen which is much easier for us to do the mal-operation when our phone is not well screen-locked before we put it in our ....Learn more >>

Sony Recovery
Recover Deleted Contacs from Motorola

Are you looking for the method of recovering deleted contacts from your Motorola? Maybe all your contacts have gone by any phone accident. For example, you formatted your Motorola and ....Learn more >>

Moto Recovery
Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History Android

These days almost every Android user has WhatsApp in his/her phone, because it is a perfect method to send and receive msg, images and videos worldwide without any cost. It ....Learn more >>

Restore Broken Android

Once your Android phone got broken, the most urgent thing is that it's possible to lose Contacts on your phone, so you are eager to recover deleted Contacts from it. ....Learn more >>

Connect Android To PC

Look for a better way to undelete lost SMS on Android phones? Actually, many smartphone users are facing the same problem as you. There are large amount of people who ....Learn more >>

Select Android Messages

Accidentally text messages deletion is a common problem that most Android users face. Actually it also brings unsatisfied user experience for majority people. Especially for businessman, what if you lose ....Learn more >>

Find Contacts on Android

"My little brother took my phone to play games but he deleted all Contacts in my phone by mistake. How can I find my lost Contacts from Android mobile phone? ....Learn more >>

HTC Photo Recovery

When you scan in the HTC forum, you may find that many users complain that they sometimes delete Contacts from their HTC phones by mistake if they use some unfamiliar ....Learn more >>

HTC Recovery
Android SMS Recovery

Searching for ways to recover your deleted text messages from HTC? If so, you are reading the right article. Many people now save some SMS in their phones in order ....Learn more >>

HTC Recovery
Undeletd Files on LG

“I reset my LG G5 carelessly without backing anything up. It is so terrible only to find that all the materials including photos, movies, music and some audio files on ....Learn more >>

LG Recovery
Restore Data on Android

"Help! How can I recover deleted file from my Galaxy Note 4? Last night, I was in ES File manager trying to remove some of the pesky data. And I ....Learn more >>

Allow to Retrieve Data

Contacts saved in Android SIM card can be very significant for every user. However, once you forget to lock your Android phone, you might delete the phone lists by accident. ....Learn more >>

Restore Android Internal

"My Galaxy S6 just got cracked and I need to restore photos in the internal memory. Is there a software that helps recover photos from Android internal storage? Any idea?" People ....Learn more >>

Enable Debugging on Android

"I made some wrong operations which led to data lost from my Samsung Galaxy S5. My contacts and Text messages and photos are all gone. How can I get my ....Learn more >>

Regain Data on HTC

"I have formatted my phone and then I lost my messages and Contacts. What should I do? I haven't backup data on computer. Please help! PS: My mobile phone is ....Learn more >>

HTC Recovery
Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

"How do I get back a contact that I deleted? I deleted Contacts from my Android phone by mistake, they are very important! Is there any way to get them ....Learn more >>

Restore Android Messages

"Last night I unintentionally deleted my mobile phone data, but recognized that I should've do a new backup. Wonder if there is any way for me to recover the deleted ....Learn more >>


Generally Android users store pictures, videos, music, documents and more data files on SD card to save more inner space on Android. Unfortunately, accident often occurs even if no one ....Learn more >>

Recover Android Contacts

"I just forgot to back up my phone and factory reset it! What am I gonna do to regain my lost data? Those things are important for me. The photos, ....Learn more >>


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