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Transfer Photos from iPhone to Lenovo

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Lenovo

--Friday, Sep. 18, 2015
I should make it clear that though, in this article, Lenovo A7600-M is taken as an example, the method can actually be applied to most Android phones and tablets. That is to say, you can learn how to move data like photos from one phone to another, which is based on a totally different OS. There are a lot of ways, but I choose this one simply because it happens to be one of the easiest.

To continue, you may click the blue button for the right version of Mobile Transfer. Six kinds of file, including contacts, photos, SMS, videos, audios and calendar, are supported by it. And the time it needs for the whole data transferring process is very short.

Download Mobile Transfer and try it for free.

Copy Pictures from iPhone 6 to Lenovo A7600-M

Step 1.Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer"
Install Mobile Transfer in whichever disk you like. And click its icon to launch the program. Choose that section on the left side. It says "Phone to Phone Transfer". Press the word "Start" at its bottom left. Then you can go to step 2.

Enter Phone Transfer Page

Step 2.Choose the Kind of Files that you Want to Move
Connect the iPhone 6 and Lenovo A7600-M to your computer and wait. When the program identified the both of them, you will then see the word "Connected" with a check mark in front of them. Then you can pick "Photos" in the sixth place. Make sure that iPhone is in the "Source" box and Lenovo in the "Destination" box. (You can also tick the item "Clear data before copy" if there are any unwanted pictures in the "Destination" Phone.)

Transfer iPhone Photos to Android

Step 3.Copy Pictures from iPhone to Lenovo
In the middle of the interface, there is a button says "Start Copy". Simply click it and wait for a few minutes. The time duration depends on how many files you need to move. And when it ends, press "OK" to finish. (You can pause the process by using "Cancel", but make sure that the device won't be disconnected in purpose or due to some unknown reasons.)

Operate Transferring Process

For me, Mobile Transfer is so user-friendly. The designer has perfectly make things easy for normal users. Try it for yourselves and get your problem solved.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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