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Android O is rolling out in August. What new features are going to surface? There ....  Learn more >>
How to Fix 'SIM Card Not Detected' in Any Phone
SIM CARD NOT DETECTED error on Android can be due to various reasons. However, the ....  Learn more >>
Fix Edge Lighting Not Working on Galaxy S7/S8
If the Edge Lighting is not working on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, let me solve ....  Learn more >>
How to Fix 'Not Registered on Network' on Android
Here is how to fix 'Not Registered On Network' error on Android. Mostly error occurs ....  Learn more >>
[Fix] Galaxy S8/S8 + Freezing at Random Issue
Does your Samsung Galaxy get stuck and freeze randomly somehow? Some say it's related to ....  Learn more >>
[Resolved] Troubleshoot Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped on S7
What to do when the 'Gallery' app crashes and prompts an "Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped" ....  Learn more >>
S8 Prompts 'Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped'? Here's How to Fix
If you see a warning error saying 'Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped', then you must be ....  Learn more >>
Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Home Button Issues
Home button issues are causing headache to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 + users. There are two ....  Learn more >>
Sound Cuts off on Samsung Galaxy S8? Here's How to Fix
Having sound/audio problems with Samsung Galaxy S8? Volume not working? If your Samsung's audio would ....  Learn more >>
[Fix] Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Keeps Restarting at Random
Many have reported that the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 + randomly reboots somehow. Here ....  Learn more >>
Tutorials to Turn off Camera Sound on Android/iPhone?
How to turn off camera shutter sound on iPhone/HTC/Motorola/Samsung? Please see this full guide.  Learn more >>
6 Best New iOS 11 Features Remain Unknown to Most
There are six hidden features on iOS 11 barely introduced to you: Screen Recording, Wi-Fi ....  Learn more >>
How to Fix DQA Keeps Stopping
DQA keeps stopping? Reported by Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus users, this error issue leads to ....  Learn more >>
Don't want Screen Lock on Samsung Galaxy/Note? Here's How
Find screen locks needless? If you'd rather have no screen lock on Samsung Galaxy/Note. Then, ....  Learn more >>
How to Fix 'Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped' Issue
System UI has stopped? If you've encountered such an error on your Android phone, please ....  Learn more >>
Samsung Galaxy A5/A7 (2017): Full Spec and Features
The Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017) are successors to last year s models ....  Learn more >>
[Fix]Get Your Samsung Galaxy Out of Download Mode
Cannot exit Download Mode on Samsung device? These three methods are worth trying. Please give ....  Learn more >>
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Guide to Unbrick Your Bricked Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6
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Samsung Black Screen of Death? How to Fix?
If your Samsung device freezes on black screen or blank screen of death, you can ....  Learn more >>
Cannot Exit Download Mode on Android? Here's How
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LG Latest Devices Comparison: LG G6 VS LG V20
This comparison was about LG latest devices: LG G6 vs. LG V20. We'll update the ....  Learn more >>
[Resolved] Firmware Encoutered an Issue on Samsung Galaxy/Note
How to fix 'Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue' on Samsung Galaxy/Note phones? You can try ....  Learn more >>
How to Fix Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue without Kies
How to fix firmware upgrade encounter an issue? You can try factory resetting, Android Recovery ....  Learn more >>
Methods to Fix Android Stuck in Boot Loop
Android freezes on boot loop? This is a software glitch. You can actually resolve this ....  Learn more >>
[Fix]Samsung S6 Stuck in Black Screen/Startup Loop/Odin Mode?
Samsung phones freeze in black screen? Booting loop? Download Mode? Don't worry. Here's four methods ....  Learn more >>
How to Recover Forgotten Google Account Password
Cannot recall the password of your Google account? You might need to find your password ....  Learn more >>
How to Change My Email Address in Google Account
Want to change your Google email address to another email address? That's easy. Please check ....  Learn more >>
Fix Android Can't Sync with Google Account Issues
Fail to sync data with your Google Account? Here are some simple solutions for you ....  Learn more >>
LG G6 Full Review with an In-depth Sight
After losses caused by LG G5, LG is back with another flagship – LG G6. ....  Learn more >>
iOS 10.3 Update: What's New & Should You Upgrade?
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Special Features About Galaxy A9, Compared with A7/A5 (2016)
Would you tend to know the popular Samsung Galaxy A? This post will display some ....  Learn more >>
Top 8 Android Smartphones in 2015
This post will present the top eight Android phones in 2015 and their features will ....  Learn more >>
Best 5 Android Phones in Q1, 2016
We will introduce best 5 Android phones in Q1, 2016, including Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, ....  Learn more >>
Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy A9: Features, Specifics Compared
Galaxy S7 and A9 are worthy of your money. If you are wondering which one ....  Learn more >>
Comparison: iPhone 7 VS Galaxy S7
iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7? Review here will show you details of both phones by ....  Learn more >>
New Series of Galaxy: J5 and J3 Come Out
New series of Galaxy, J5 and J3 come out. In this post, we are going ....  Learn more >>
Things You Should Know about Nexus 6P and 5X
Though LG Nexus 5X and Huawei 6P are released almost the same time by Google, ....  Learn more >>
Xperia X Series Appear in MWC 2016
In this post, we will give you a specs comparison among the Xperia X series ....  Learn more >>
What's New in Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Compared to S6/S6 Edge
Figure out what's new in Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge compared to S6/S6 and decide whether ....  Learn more >>
New Design of HTC Desire 530/630/825
Read the introduction of new design of HTC Desire 530/630/825 and get to know what ....  Learn more >>
What's Your Favorite: iPhone 6s Plus or Galaxy S7 Edge
What‘s your favorite, iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge? We will make a ....  Learn more >>
New Features of LG G5 Comes to Us
On MWC 2016, Barcelona, there's a new flagship model, LG G5 announced. In this post, ....  Learn more >>
Buy or Not Buy? Check Specification of Xiaomi 5
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Features of HTC One M10 vs. HTC One M9
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Know about HUAWEI P9 Before Getting It
This is a review about Huawei P9. You can read it and know about the ....  Learn more >>
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Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Camera Tips
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In this post, you can find some Android camera tips and tricks to take best ....  Learn more >>
Take Superior Photos with Huawei P9
Coming with Leica dual camera, Huawei P9 has improved the ability of photographing. You can ....  Learn more >>
Meet the LG G5's Modular Battery and Cam Plus
LG G5 comes with so many new features, including the removable battery, Cam Plus and ....  Learn more >>
Take Good Use of LG G5's Camera
Click into the post. You will see how to take good use of LG G5' ....  Learn more >>
Get Started with Your New HTC 10
HTC 10 has been officially announced to the public. We will show you some new ....  Learn more >>
HTC 10's Photography Tips
On April 12, 2016, HTC 10 comes with a high-end camera. Here are photography tips ....  Learn more >>
Take Best Selfie with Your Android Like This
We would like to tell you how to take best selfies with your Android even ....  Learn more >>
After Using Nexus 6P for a Few Months
Do you want to refer to some comments from users before getting Nexus 6P? Read ....  Learn more >>
Set Up Android Smartphone As You Wish
Just got your new Android phone/tablet? Here are top 10 tips and tricks you may ....  Learn more >>
Experience Your Sony Xperia X's Camera
Sony Xperia X's camera comes with a series of new features. In this guide, we ....  Learn more >>
Customize Settings on Xperia X Performance
Want to enjoy more features in the Xperia X Performance? You can customize settings on ....  Learn more >>
Tips on Screenshot Shortcuts on Samsung Smartphones
If you would like to share the Samsung phone screen to your friends, read tips ....  Learn more >>
Take Screenshot on Android with Shortcuts
Depending on the brands and system, shortcuts to take screenshot are different. Here you will ....  Learn more >>
How Much Do you Know About Moto G4/G4 Plus
How much do you know about Moto G4 and G4 Plus? We are going to ....  Learn more >>
Master Advanced Features on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
We are going to show you all of the advanced features on Samsung Galaxy S7 ....  Learn more >>
Night Photography Tips with Smartphones
Want to capture attractive photos at night or in the bar? There are some night ....  Learn more >>
Specifications of the Continuation of C5 Ultra - Xperia XA Ultra
This passage is about specifications of the continuation of C5 Ultra – Xperia XA Ultra. ....  Learn more >>
Xperia E5 Will Be Unveiled After Sony Introduced on SNS
This article is going to introduce Xperia E5, which is accidentally shared by Sony itself. ....  Learn more >>
3D-Touch Doesn't only Appear on iOS
Android N is going to have 3D Touch just as iPhone do. Follow this article ....  Learn more >>
Things You Have to Know About Android N Update
The aim of this article is to let you know more about Android N, a ....  Learn more >>
Differences Between Android N And iOS 9
The article is about the different things between Android N and iOS 9, the most ....  Learn more >>
Fantastic Multi-Window Feature on Android 7.0
Android N developer preview 3 was unveiled by Google in May. Here is a detailed ....  Learn more >>
What's New of Notifications in Android N
Do you know what’s new of notifications in Android N? They are “quick reply” and ....  Learn more >>
Android Wear 2.0 Comes Out at Google I/O
Android Wear 2.0 comes out at Google I/O. Here we will show you some new ....  Learn more >>
Here Comes Native VR Support in Android N
Here comes the native VR support in Android N. We will show you the latest ....  Learn more >>
3 Tips for Dealing with Jello Effect
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Samsung Galaxy A9 Camera Experience
With Samsung Galaxy A9 camera, you can snap photos in a very short moment. The ....  Learn more >>
Capture Android Snaps Like a Professional Photographer
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OPPO R9 Camera Specially Designed for Girls
This is a review of OPPO R9 camera which is specially designed for girls. With ....  Learn more >>
Tell a Story with your Android Camera
In this passage, I will show you the way how to tell a story with ....  Learn more >>
A Simple Guide to Make You a Better Android Photographer in 10 Mins
I am going to post a simple guide to make you a better Android photographer ....  Learn more >>
Experience OnePlus 3's New Features
This is a piece of news about OnePlus 3 release, specifications, and more. If you ....  Learn more >>
Android Photography Knowledge: Aperture
You may hear "Aperture" when people are talking about Android photography tips. Today, we will ....  Learn more >>
Complete Introduction of Huawei P9 Camera
We will give an introduction of Huawei P9 so that you can use your Huawei ....  Learn more >>
Use Pro Mode on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Here is a guide for you to use Pro mode on your Samsung Galaxy S7 ....  Learn more >>
Get to Know Sony Xperia X Smartphones
Sony fans will finally get Sony Xperia X smartphones. This guide will lead you to ....  Learn more >>
Learn About ZTE Blade D Lux and its Camera
Unveiled in 2016, though it is priced low (USD$166), ZTE Blade D Lux comes with ....  Learn more >>
Shoot the Best Photos with Your Phone for Girls
Here we would like to share with you some tips to take great photos for ....  Learn more >>
Probably the Best Phone of 2016--Xiaomi Mi5
With its attracting design and outstanding performance, Xiaomi Mi 5 is likely to be the ....  Learn more >>
Tips: What to Do If Your Phone Fell into Water
Do you know what to do when you phone is water-damaged? Taking right steps can ....  Learn more >>
A Better Alternative to the 3.5mm Headphone Jack
iPhone 7 is said to get rid of 3.5mm jack. Without this jack, what are ....  Learn more >>
Solution: Fix Note 7 Iris Scanner Problem
Iris Scanner is a capable feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Along with fingerprint, it ....  Learn more >>
Fixes for Some Common Galaxy S7 Problems
Though being a popular smartphone with high performance, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge has been reported ....  Learn more >>
[Solved] Note7 Crashes, Turns Bricked or Freezes A Lot
If your newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Note7 crashes, turns bricked or freezes a lot, you ....  Learn more >>
Note7 Recall-Normal Ways to Prevent Battery from Exploding
Samsung has conducted recall of Samsung Galaxy Note7 with exploding problem. In this guide, we ....  Learn more >>
Common Samsung Problems and How to Fix Them
We are going to report some common Samsung problems and provide solutions on how to ....  Learn more >>
[Solutions] Fix App Has Stopped Error on Samsung
Everyone might have come across the message: "Unfortunately XX (the name of the app) has ....  Learn more >>
[Solved] USB Debugging Greyed out
If you want to transfer data between device and computer, you need to enable the ....  Learn more >>
How to Fix Your LG When It Lags
Sometimes LG lags when you are playing with the device. In this guide, we will ....  Learn more >>
LG Charges Slow: How to Deal with It
Do you notice that sometimes your LG charges slowly? This is how to deal with ....  Learn more >>
Solve the Problem That LG Battery Drains Soon
Tips and tricks below are offered to save LG G4 from draining battery too much ....  Learn more >>
Ultimate Guide to GIF Maker on Samsung S7 Edge
This article would introduce how to create the GIF images on Samsung S7 edge. In ....  Learn more >>
The Key Features of OnePlus 3T
OnePlus 3T has been released in November, 2016 and now it is available in the ....  Learn more >>
Oppo R9s and R9s Plus: Specifications, Features and More
We will find out the differences between Oppo R9s and Oppo R9s Plus by analyzing ....  Learn more >>
Does Xiaomi Make Progress? Check its Xiaomi Mi Note 2
In this article, please check Xiao Mi Note 2 to see if Xiaomi makes progress, ....  Learn more >>
Nokia Returns to Smartphone Market with Nokia 6
Nokia is returning to the smartphone market along with the Nokia 6. In this passage, ....  Learn more >>
ZenFone 3 Max: What Should You Know?
The ZenFone 3 Max device, released by Asus recently,has got curved edges with metallic unibody ....  Learn more >>
Samsung S8 vs iPhone 8: Which will Win the First Show?
Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will fight against each other to win the show. ....  Learn more >>
Fix Android Apps Stop Working
Apps not working on Android? If your android apps are not responding. There are some ....  Learn more >>
Solution to Google Play Store is Crashing
Why Google Play Store stops working? If Google Play Store has been misbehaving on Android. ....  Learn more >>
Why Can't I Download Apps from Google Play Store
Play Store not downloading apps? If you can't download apps from Google Play Store. Take ....  Learn more >>
How to Solve Android App Installation Errors in Google Play Store
Google Play Store might prompt you with error message when an app is ready to ....  Learn more >>
MWC 2017: Fun Products Introduced in Samsung Conference
We will list fun products introduced in Samsung Conference, including Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Book, ....  Learn more >>
Overview on Xiaomi 5C with Surge S1
Xiaomi has announced a new version of the Mi 5 – the Mi 5C – ....  Learn more >>
Samsung Galaxy S8 All You Should Know
Galaxy S8 is an upcoming smartphone by Samsung. This post will introduce release date, price, ....  Learn more >>
[Help]Can't Sign in Google Account on Android
Having trouble signing in Google account on your Android phones? There are several possible situations ....  Learn more >>
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Android phone goes black and unresponsive? There are three workarounds available on most brands of ....  Learn more >>
What is an Ideal Screen Time for Your Kids?
Do you tend to limit the screen time for your kids? Check this post to ....  Learn more >>

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