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How to Recover Audio from Android Kitkat

By Avery Pacheco, 18/11/2014, updated on 04/01/2021

"I am a bird lover. In my spare time I like going out and record some voices of birds. They are really beautiful and awesome, which I kept them on my Samsung Note 4. But my grandson accidently deleted the one I liked most this morning. It was my fault forgetting to make any backups but could you tell me how to recover the recording? " — Benjamin

It was a pity to hear this from Benjamin because it sounds like a collector had lost his most precious collection by chance. But his worries can surly be smoothened if he uses the tool called Android Photo Recovery.

Android Photo Recovery is the software that helps recover Android media files, which audio is included. That is, you can use it to extract your music, recordings and other audio files from Android Kitkat.

Solution: How to Recover Audio from Android Kitkat

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging

First, connect Samsung Note 4 to the computer and run Android Photo Recovery.

Recover Audios from Android Kitkat

Now, enable your phone USB debugging. Follow the steps below according to your Android OS. Go to "Settings" option for entering "About Phone" Then, tap "Build number" for 7 times until getting a note "You are under developer mode"/"You are now a developer". Next, go back to "Settings" and click "Developer options" to check "USB debugging" on your device, which is proper for Android Kit.

Restore Audios from Android Kitkat

Step 2. Choose Scanning Files

Now you need to select the files to scan. Here, please check the item "Audio" only and click "Next".

Extract Audios from Android Kitkat

Step 3. Recover Your Audios from Android Kitkat

On your rooted Samsung Note 4, a dialog box will pop up asking you for authority. Click "Allow" until it stops asking. Then click "Start".

Get Back Audios from Android Kitkat

As the scanning results are listed in catalogues, you can preview them one by one. Check the recordings you desire and click "Recover".

Recover Android Kitkat's Audios

Tips: The Way to Manage Audio Files

The audios on your Android can be from different source:

  • Download from the browser or the Internet.
  • Received from Bluetooth, social Apps like WhatsApp, Viber and so on.
  • Recording on Android.…

As you get so many audios on your Android, you may feel very chaotic to sort them out. Luckily, the TunesGo program can help. TunesGo is designed to allow you to manage your songs, videos, podcast, etc. between devices (both Android/iOS) with ease. And you are able to back up and restore audios safely. Managing audios, such as add, de-duplicate and clear up items can be easily achieved with TunesGo program.

Android Photo Recovery will certainly offer you the possibility to recover your recordings and other audio files, but it is still a necessity to form the habit of making backups for you data. For more information, please follow our Facebook or Google+.