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How to Recover Deleted Videos from Sony SD Card

By Avery Pacheco, 17/11/2014, updated on 04/01/2021

I just recorded a video for my baby yesterday but my husband accidentally removed it from my SD card. The video is very precious to me. Could anyone give me some suggestions to get it back from my Sony SD card?

Digital media is colorful and convenient, which we can handily record and enjoy on our mobile phones. However, it still exists the risk of losing these videos. This can be more troublesome when we do not have any backups. In that case, we need to find a way to recover our video from SD card. Here, Android Photo Recovery offers you the most efficient and convenient way to reach your aim.

Android Photo Recovery is able to recover media files such as pictures, videos and audios from Sony SD card. Moreover, the procedure goes very easily and you can retrieve your videos with just a couple steps.

Solution: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Sony SD Card

Step 1. Insert Sony SD Card to PC

Firstly, insert your Sony SD card to the card reader and run Android Photo Recovery on your personal computer with pressing "Android SD Card Data Recovery".

Restore Videos from Sony SD Card

Step 2. Get Ready to Scan Videos

The screen directs you to plug your card reader into computer from the USB port. When it shows that Mirco SD card has been inserted, click "Next" to go on scanning your Sony SD card.

Insert SD Card

You are allowed to choose one of the disks to scan all files/lost contents from Sony SD card so that you can regain the lost data and they will present to you again.

Select Disk

If you'd like to gain all data which includes the missing or the saved on SD card, you can click one of the choices on the screen. Then, put your mouse on "Next" option and click it. Besides, to press "Back" allows you to return to the former step.

Scanning Mode

Step 3. Recover Your Videos from Sony

As the scanning results are listed in catalogues, you can preview the content one by one. Choose "Videos" on the left side and tick the box under the videos that you would like to retrieve. Next, click "Recover".

Restore Videos

Tips: Know More about SD Card

  • Where are videos saved on SD Card?
  • If you get an SD card on your Android, you are able to locate the media files on it to save the storage space of your phone storage. Here you are able to go to "Apps > My Files > All Files > SD memory card > DCIM/ Movies/etc". Of cause for different Android device, the location of videos may be not the same.

    Location of Videos on SD Card

  • How to do when SD card can not be read on PC

The problem can be caused due to different issues. You need to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Firstly, check if the problem is caused by driver issue. Secondly, check if the problem is caused due to card issue. If it still can not work, you also need to check if the card reader works or not.

There is no denying that Android Photo Recovery will serve you as your best Android housekeeper. If unluckily your videos, photos or audios are lost, it will help you recover them all at once. Come on, download it below and take it easy with your media data.