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Sync Videos between Android and Computer by Cloud

How to Sync Videos between Android and Computer by Cloud

--Monday, Aug. 03, 2015
Certainly you can enjoy movies on your conveniently portable and 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S6 on a bus, subway, etc, but it is of better visual experience to do that on your 14-inch PC due to the larger display. Before that, you need to sync videos between Android and computer by Cloud. For example, you can turn to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, which can be considered as file managers, sync and backup tools, and free online storage.

Part 1. Sync Videos between Android and Computer by Dropbox

Step 1. Tap the plus icon at lower bottom or hand corner on Android phone.
Step 2. Tap the "Upload files" button.
Step 3. Select the "Photo or videos" button.
Step 4. Select your wanted videos on Android.
Note: You can upload videos from Google Drive.
Step 5. Tap the "UPLOAD" button.

Upload Videos from Dropbox Android

Now you can preview, share, and download images on Dropbox on your PC.

Videos on Dropbox PC

Part 2. Sync Movies from Android to PC with Google Drive

Step 1. Select the plus icon on Android.
Step 2. Choose the "Upload" button.
Step 3. Select videos you want.
Step 4. Tap the "OPEN" button at the upper right corner.
Supported Video files: .webm, .mpeg4, .3gpp, .mov, .avi, .mpegs, .wmv, .flv, .ogg

Upload Videos to Google Drive on Android

Go to your PC. You can enjoy the videos online or download and save them on your PC.

Videos on Google Drive Google

Part 3. Transfer Movies from Android to PC via OneDrive

Step 1. Hit the plus icon at the main page on your Android device.
Step 2. Hit the "Upload" button.
Step 3. Select videos from Android.
Step 4. Tap the "OPEN" button.
1)You can sign in OneDrive with Microsoft account only.
2)You can upload videos from Google Drive and Box.

Upload Videos to OneDrive Android

step 5. Download your videos from PC.

Videos on OneDrive PC

Part 4. Share Android Videos to PC with Box

Step 1. Tap the plus icon on Android phone or tablet.
Step 2. Select "Photo/Video".
Step 3. Choose "Upload a video clip".
Step 4. Select the location where you have the videos stored.
Step 5. Choose items you wish to upload.
Note: You can upload movies from Dropbox and OneDrive.

Upload Videos on Dropbox Android

Open the videos on PC. You can have better visual experience. If you want to reach the video offline, save it on your PC by clicking the Download button.

Videos on Box PC

Note: After the successful uploading, you can preview, download, and share the videos on PC.

In addition to videos, you can sync audios between Android and PC with Cloud. No panic for any info leaks. Just feel relieve to download and use whichever one of them.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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