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Android Racing Games

Three Android Racing Games Review

--Wednesday, Jul. 15, 2015
In today's fast-paced life, we all need some types of exciting games to relax us especially when we are stressed out. Android racing game is a good choice. Below I will show you a few amazing racing games for Android phone/tablet.

Angry Birds Go!
You've played Angry Birds, haven't you? But if you have ever played Angry Birds Go! the racing game for Android users? It's an awesome racing game which provides you with different vivid racing tracks, stunt roads, air courses, and off-road races included. By playing the amazing 3D racing game, you can conquer the obstacles on your way and upgrade your car from soapbox car to supercar with the winnings. Race, time boom, fruit splat, champion chase and versus mode provides you with a customized racing experience. Though there's in-app purchase, the bill payer will prompt you before paying.

Angry Birds Go!

Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing is another useful racing game for Android users. It provides different vehicles with unique upgrades (Bike, truck, jeep and even tank). You can also gain bonus to upgrade your car engine, suspension, tires and 4WD. Different stages like countryside, desert, arctic and moon are provided to give you a wonderful experience with a vivid 3D graphic. You can control the car easily with the buttons provided in the interface, gas on the right and brake on the left.

Hill Climb Racing

Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 facilitates your characters 22-car grid, 100 different cars like Ferari, Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. As Real Racing 3 provides you with a high-quality graphic, it will take much space for the wonderful scene. You'd better make sure that you have at least 1.5G available space on Android. Real racing 3 provides you with up to 2000 events including Cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges and drag races.

Real Racing 3

Traffic Racer
Traffic Racer is an innovative Android racing game for Android users who love taking risk and pursuing speed a lot. By playing Traffic Racer, it allows you to drive your car through highway traffic and earn cash in a fresh new way. Try choosing any environment you want, suburb, desert, snowy, rainy or city night. You can get bonus by driving over 100 kmh and overtaking other cars. If you drive in an opposite side of the two-way mode, you can get more winnings and cash. In other word, the faster you drive, the more scores you will get. It's not practical in real life so if you are big fan who pursuits of speed, you will find it an extraordinary game that you will easily immersed.

Traffic Racer

Drag Racing
It's a popular racing game as well. You can challenge millions of players online to race 1 on 1 or participate in real-time-10-player races in Pro League. You can add nitrous oxide to speed up your car so as to give a boom and get higher score. The Online section of the game is an ultimate challenge that goes head-to-head against your rival drivers. You can beat them while driving their own cars. Or, race against 9 players at once in real-time competitions.

Drag Racing

Racing Rivals
I will give this a 4.8 out of 5 Star because it is exactly the racing game I want. Several spotslights of this racing app will be listed as below referring to my own taste:

1. Vivid graphic: As an outstanding 3D game, it provides you with a wonderful scene while you are racing.
2. Smooth picture: Though it's a 3D game which has abundant colors of the graphic, it doesn't realize by sacrificing the smoothness of the game. There's no stuck in the game at all.
3. Multiple Player Choice: Volk Racing, Pacer, and SSR, plus real world tires from Nitto!
4. Challenge Users All Over the World: You can have real-time racing with other players in game lobbies which enable live chat as well.
5. Supports Multiple Android OS: It supports Android 2.3.3 and higher with 512 MB.

In short, it's a high-end and good racing game that you will easily get immersed.

Racing Rivals

Bike Rivals
It's a kind of motorcycle racing game I'd like to introduce this time. Compare with car racing, bike racing is a little bit difficult to control. But this doesn't reduce the fun for us to play Bike Rivals. Just turn the key, kick the starter, pull the throttle and start your race with your bike. It's a new physics based motocross game for Android users. In each sectors, you can try your best to get the 3 stars on all levels. You can control the bike with simple controls. Tap on the edges of the screen to accelerate and to brake the bike.

Bike Rival

Beach Buggy Racing
Beach Buggy Racing is another amazing racing game I love.

1. You don't drive only a car during the game. As you earn enough moneys or winnings, you can upgrade a garage full of unique cars from monster trucks to muscle cars to lunar rovers.
2. There are different racing tracks to choose: dinosaur – infested jungles, lave-spewing volcanoes, beautiful beaches and mysterious swamps. What's more, each track has the hidden shortcuts.
3. You can show up your driving skill and challenge your friends or other players all over the world.
4. You can back up your game record to the cloud and keep multiple Android devices synced with your Google account.
5. You can choose to control the car by tilt-steering or touch-screen thanks to the gravity sensation.

Beach Buggy Racing

City Racing 3D
I will give this City Racing 3D and 4.8 stars as well. Below are the reason.

1. The amazing takes a small size even if it has a high-resolution of the picture.
2. Real-time challenge is supported and you can play with the epic drift stunts.
3. Get more scores and customize your car, including the optimal tune, colorful paints and cool stickers.
4. Bustling big cities from all over the world including Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo and Hawaii will be shown in your game. It looks like you have a world tour with your Android.
5. Various Racing modes like Career, Elimination Tournament, 1 Vs 1, Time Trial, and so on, are for you to choose.

City Racing 3D

That's it, no matter you like car racing or bike racing, they are all wonderful games with 3D graphic and smooth pictures. I am sure that you will love at least one game we introduced above. Please feel free to share your opinion with us if you have other recommendation.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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