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Android Puzzle Games

Eight Puzzle Games for Android

--Monday, Jul. 06, 2015
We might get bored when we are waiting for the bus, have to stand in line to buy some limited edition of the T-shirt or the signing meeting of your favorite star. And we need something to kill our time while waiting. Some puzzle games might help entertain you when you are bored. Today, I will show you 8 amazing games which can be downloaded and installed on your Android.

Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons is a popular puzzle game for Android phone. It is a free, addictive, simple and engaging game developed in Japan. Just match three or more orbs of the same color to attack your enemies and make the biggest combo to get more score. By the way, you can buy optional items to expand upon your gameplay experience. Just click purchase via In-App Billing. Make friends in-game or see who plays better in the game.

Puzzle Dragon

The Room
The Room is a breathtaking game with beautiful 3D pictures and it's mysterious. The realistic graphics immerse us into a much addictive scenario. It is easy to start and hard to put down. You can wander into the room and find any hint you can to unlock the room and escape. The hint that you found in anywhere in the house will be shown on the tool case on the left side of the interface for latter use. The Room is a mind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery in equal measure.

The Room

Cut the Rope 2
Cut the Rope 2 is an optimized version of physics-based puzzle games for Android phone/tablet. It brings newer challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the new version. With the fresh gameplay elements, you will find that candy collecting has never been so fun and complete the tricky missions to earn medals. The game is about Om Nom who travels through the forest, cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, and more, in pursuit of candy.
7 new characters, the Nommies can help you Om Nom reach his goals in different ways, make small bridges, throw objects, pushes candies aroung, burn away obstacles and more. Each character has its own super-power. You can download it on your Android and try it on your own.

Cut the Rope

Can You Escape
Can You Escape is another room escape game for Android users. It's a mini, addicting and challenging puzzle games for those who keen for becoming a detective. You can solve the puzzle and find hidden objects around the room in order to advance to the next floor. There are more than 10 challenging rooms provided now. The hint or the tool you found will be displayed on the right tool case. The gorgeous and realistic scenario gives us a better using experience.

Can You Escape

Flow Free
A simple and addictive puzzle game, Flow Free, is popular among Android phone/tablet users. You just need to connect matching color with pipe to creat a flow. Your goal is to cover the entire board, but you should watch out that pipes will break if they cross or overlap. You can also choose to race against the clock in Time Trial mode. Flow Free provides you with over 1,000 free puzzles, clean, colorful graphics and fun sound effects.

Flow Free

Spirits is a story about the spirits rise from the fallen leaves to head to their way home in Autumn. Your goal is to guide them by changing the direction they go by changing how the wind blows or by rebuilding the ground without direct control. Each spirit can build a bridge leaves, create blowing cloud, dig tunnels or block wind currents. Use it carefully or you will run out of spirit. It's an outstanding blend of puzzle and strategy game with vivid graphics, animation, audio tracks as well as the whimsical elements of soaring on the wind.


Compulsive is a simple and minimal apps for Android users no matter you use phone or tablet. The colors need your help to get organized, you just need to join the same colors and it will be eliminated and cleared from the board. You are allowed to choose the Turn-based multiplayer with Google Play Services, the time limited mode or the unlimited. If you clear multiple groups of tiles in one move, you can get higher bonus point. Lastly, it has a beautiful UI to give you a better playing experience. Are you ready to be compulsive?


Triple Town
Triple down is a app/game designed for Android phone/tablet users. It allows us to build our own castle on our Android. You will fill fulfilled by playing with this game. Your goal is to grow the greatest possible city. The larger the city you build, the more points you score. The rule is combine three grasses and it will become a bush, three bushes a tree, and so on, until you have filled the board with houses, cathedrals and castles. There're always bears to block your progress. And here is one review of Triple Town from the users: He ranked it 5 stars and says: "I had to force myself to quit playing Triple Town in order to write this review, which might give you some idea of just how addicting it is."

Triple Town

Note: When you have got many games on the devices, you'd better to manage these apps so that you could use or run it anytime with ease.

That's it, all those Android puzzle apps provided are popular and hot downloaded on your Google Play. And people who have used it love them a lot. Why not get one or two to entertain yourself. Or if you have any other better puzzle apps for Android, please leave messages below to share it with other users.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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