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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S/Note

By Avery Pacheco, 08/01/2014, updated on 27/05/2019

"I am currently using an iPhone 6s and about to get something new. But I am not sure how to copy all my data (songs, contacts, messages, etc.) to the new phone, Galaxy S7. If there is any method to transfer iPhone data to Samsung Galaxy, please inform me. Yeah, one more thing, I want to move the files directly and with no complex steps."

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Indeed, this can be performed in an easy way that you can never imagine: utilizing PC as a "transit point". Two phones connected to the computer can exchange files with this free software, Mobile Transfer. Most Samsung and Apple devices are supported, including Galaxy Note 5/S7/S6/S5/S4, iPhone 7/SE/6s/6/5/5c/4s, etc.

This article will be divided into three parts:

How to Move and Save Content from iPhone to Galaxy S/Note Phone?

Mobile Transfer is a tool to get data from iPhone onto Samsung Galaxy. The "data" mentioned here consist of music, videos, photos, SMS, contacts and so forth. Only a few clicks are needed in the process.

Can't wait to try it out? Tap on the button to download one then.

Note: Before we get started, you should have iTunes in PC to guarantee that iPhone to Android Transfer works perfectly.

Step1. Run Mobile Transfer

When you have installed the app, double click to open it. Soon, the window will pop up, with four modes for you to choose from. We are to select the blue one, "Phone to Phone transfer".

Remove iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy

Step 2.Plug Your iPhone 6/6s/7 and S6/S7 to Computer with USB Cords

The interface can be seen in this way, which says that you must connect the phones to PC. It is not difficult to understand; but if you don't have two cables, you can export data between Android and iOS via method 2.

Shift Files from iPhone to Galaxy

Transfer iPhone Files to Galaxy


1) The button "Flip" can be used if you'd like to remove things from Samsung to iPhone.

2) Data erasure before copying is also available by checking the box in the lower right corner.

Step 3.Tick the Items That You Want to Transfer from iPhone to Galaxy

As you can see, seven of data types are listed in the middle. And, if there are not such data, say call logs, the corresponding words will be grey. That is to say, you can not shift them. Check those that are to be copied, and click "Start Copy".

Move Contents from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

When the process bar reaches the end, press "OK" to finish the process.

How to Export iPhone Backup to Samsung Galaxy S/Note?

Step 1. Back up Your iPhone 6/6s/7

In the pop-up window, choose "Back Up Your Phone". And now, connect your iPhone to the computer. After it appears on the left side as a "Source", iPhone to Android Transfer will automatically scan the phone. Simply tick the wanted items and click "Start Copy" to save the backup file.

Step 2. Extract iPhone Backup and Transfer It to Galaxy

Go to homepage and select "Restore From Backups". You will see this. Press the triangle to show the backup list. Tick the one that you have just done on the left and the file types in the middle. Tap on "Start Copy"

Extract iPhone Backup to Samsung Galaxy

Remember also to click "OK" when all is finished.

Way to Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy S/Note via Smart Switch

In order to encourage iPhone users to switch to Samsung devices, Samsung has developed a tool named "Smart Switch" to help iOS users to transfer iPhone data to Samsung devices. You can use Smart Switch to transfer iPhone data to your new Samsung device.

To transfer data from iPhone/iCloud backup to Samsung device, install Smart Switch on your Samsung device, connect the two devices with micro USB connector/sign in iCloud account, and select data to copy to the new device.

Transfer From iPhone/iCloud Backup

To Transfer data from iTunes backup to Samsung device, download Smart Switch on the computer, connect your Samsung phone to the computer and extract photos, contacts, messages, etc. from iTunes backup to Samsung device.

Transfer From iTunes Backup

Conclusion: Comparing with Smart Switch, Mobile Transfer is equipped with more functions, such as wipe out old device data (which is useful to protect your privacy if you plan to give the old iPhone away), back up iPhone/Android/Window phone data. Moreover, Mobile Transfer supports more devices while Smart Switch only limits in Samsung device. Download it now to give a try.