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Retrieve Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy A8/7/5

How to Retrieve Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy A8/7/5

--Monday, Sep. 28, 2015
News about Samsung always spread really fast, such the release of Galaxy S7 Edge/Edge+. Actually, besides Galaxy S series, Galaxy Alpha also plays important role in the Samsung market. Galaxy A9/8 running Android 5.1 Lollipop comes to the public and attracts lots of Android users due to its thinness and lightness so that we can carry it anywhere to take photos but if the data gets more, data will be dangerous to lose. Once the vital pictures fade away by accident, we still can gain them back to Samsung Galaxy A9/8/7/5 without much fuss.

No matter the lost photos are from SD card or the phone, we can recover them with Samsung Data Recovery which serves as a finder to search for our missing contents and retrieve them on computer. As for images, .png, .jpg, and other formats can be done by this recovery helper.

Click the following option to try this smart app.

Useful Tips to Regain Lost Contents from Galaxy Alpha

Step 1. Launch this Program
Download Samsung Data Recovery to follow its direction. Firstly, connect your phone/tablets to computer/Mac.

Launch Samsung Data Recovery

Besides, this connecting requires you to set up USB debugging on your Android device.
1)For Android 5.0 or newer: Move to "Settings" > "About Phone" to tap "Build number" seven times for "You are now a developer!" signal. Then, move to "Settings" > "Developer options" to turn on "USB debugging"
2) For Android 4.2 to 4.4.4: Enter "Settings" > "About Phone" > Tap "Build number" for several times until "You are under developer mode" appears > "Settings" > "Developer options" > Check "USB debugging"
If you tend to gain more details, refer to How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Device.

Step 2. Choose Files to Scan
Before this app scan the contents, go to tick "Gallery" and "Picture Library"press "Next" to go on.

Select Gallery

Step 3. Get Device Analyzed
Because it is the first time to connect to this program, you need to tap "Allow" button on the mobile phone so that the device will go into analyzing procedure.

Tap Allow to Analyze Phone

Step 4. Restore Missing Data
After waiting in several minutes, the progress bar tells you whether the scanning is over. Once it is done, you are allowed to choose a type of data, like "Galley" to preview the deleted results. Click "Recover" to get them back.

Recover Gallery Data

Step 5. Enjoy the Results on PC
Those recovered items are saved on the PC so open the folder to check whether they all are back.

Check Gallery Results

Notes: You can find out that different kinds of contents would be saved in different files respectively, which is really clear.

Some users may be confused about the results since they might need to retrieve the pictures on the phone, not the PC. How comes? At this time, we can transfer lost data from PC to Samsung Galaxy after recovering.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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