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How to Recover Deleted Screenshot from Android Device

By Avery Pacheco, 14/01/2017, updated on 10/08/2019

I accidentally deleted my screenshots. Worse still, I didn't back them up or sync them anywhere, then I think they're pretty much gone. I am wondering if there are the other ways to get them back? Please help.

Have you come across the situiation as the users above? If you did, so what is your solution at that time? And this article would introduce a really simple way to solve this delemma in part 2, please check it out and you can compare it to your method.

Part 1. Know More About Screenshot

To take a screenshot on your Android, you would hold the two button (for most of the Android): Home button and the Power button, which is simple enough and you don't even have to ask how to make it. Tips: The path of the screenshots you take on Android would be “/storage/emulated/0/screenshot" (the location would be a little bit different on different Android phone).

However, there may be some reasons that you are not able to take a screenshot in a way you usually do:

1. There is something wrong with buttons you need to press when you take a screenshot. For example, the Home button couldn’t work properly on your Android.

2. You need to take tons of screenshots and save them on computer. It is not really convenient to hold the buttons each time you do the job and then transfer them to your computer.

Fortunalty, you can get rid of these limits with the help of Android Manager program to take screenshot of your Android directly on PC in one click.

Part 2. Recover Deleted Screenshot from Android Device

The photo recovery tool- Android Photo Recovery can help to get back deleted screenshot from your Android device in a very easy way. Now, please doanload and install the program on your computer and follow the guide bulow to have a try.

Step 1. Launch the Program and Connect Android to PC

After you download the program on your PC, please run it. Then you need to connect device into computer via the USB cable.

Enter Android Photo Recovery Homepage

Please do not forget to follow the guide to enable the USB debugging on Android, which would be shown on the interface of the program.

Set Up Debugging

Step 2. Select Data Type

Please select "Gallery" option as the interface shows below and click “Next” button to start scanning the photos. Then go to your device and you would be prompted to allow the program to get access to your Android, please tap "Allow"/"Grant".

Choose the File Type to Scan

Step 3. Preview and Recover Screenshot

After the scanning is completely done, you are able to preview the screenshot, which would be named by the format of “Screenshot-******, png”, and choose the ones you want to recover. Click “Recover” button to save the photos to computer!

Scan Out Screenshot

The job is done! If you have any question about it, we would be very glad to have your comment below.