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How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Huawei

By Avery Pacheco, 25/08/2015, updated on 10/08/2019

Huawei smartphone is created by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company. Now, it also gains a lot of popularity in Europe and America. In the United States, more and more people own Huawei cellphone and like using it to take photos and shoot videos with its high quality and resolution camera. People also prefer storing the precious pictures and videos on the devices so that they can enjoy it on the go. But what if you delete the precious images and video clips by accident, having not backed them up in advance, how could you retrieve them all?

Android Photo Recovery is a great helper which enables you to restore media files, for instance, images, music, movies, etc. on your Android devices. Go on reading and learn how to retrieve the deleted or lost photos and videos on Huawei with the useful software.

Guide to Restore Lost Photos/ Videos on Huawei

Note: Stop adding or deleting data on your mobile device when the data lost case happened. Or the deleted content will be overwritten and unrecoverable.

Step 1. Connect Huawei to PC/ MAC

After the installation of Android Photo Recovery, run it and plug your HUAWEI smartphone in the computer via USB cable.

Note: Before starting, you should make sure your phone battery is more than 20% charged.

Connect HUAWEI to PC or Mac

Notes: If you press "Scan it" on the bottom, it is OK to recover deleted data, from HUAWEI SD card. You can insert the SD card to card reader to scan lost contents and restore those movies/images from card.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging on Huawei

Follow the 4 steps to enable USB debugging on your plug-in cellphone to build the connection with the software. The operation for different Android system versions will be slightly different. Choose the instruction that matches your Huawei OS system and enable the USB debugging on your device.

Enable USB Debugging on HUAWEI

Step 3. Start Scanning Lost Photos/ Videos

Once the device is recognized and connected, you will see the interface as below. By default, all types of files are selected. You can uncheck the others and leave "Gallery" and "Videos" items. Then, click the "Next" button to move to next steps.

Start Scanning Lost Phots/Videos

To save time, you can select the "Scan for deleted files" mode. The program will only scan for and load the data lost or deleted.

Scan for Deleted Photos/Videos

Step 4. Allow Data Analysis on Huawei

There is a pop-up Superuser request displayed on your device. Tap the "Allow" button to confirm the request to enable the program to successfully scan for the deleted photos and videos on your handset.

Allow Data Analysis on HUAWEI

Step 5. Preview and Retrieve Deleted Pictures/ Videos

Click the Gallery or Videos shown on the left column, you can preview and check the media files in detail. The name of the deleted content will be in red letter. Tick the pictures or visual files that you want to restore and hit the "Recover" button. In a while, the process will finish. Then, you can see the precious images and video clips on your Huawei again.

Recover Deleted Pictures/Videos

Note: During the whole process, do NOT disconnect the phone. Or the recovery will be failure.

As you can see, recovering deleted or lost photos and videos from Huawei smartphone with Android Photo Recovery is a piece of a cake. If you have any suggestion or question, please feel free to leave it below.