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Retrieve Audio

Most Android phones come with recorders that allow users to record voice. But sometimes recorded voices can be deleted or lost because of this or that, for example: - Restoring Android ....Learn more >>

Recover Captured Videos from Android Device

After we record the Android screen and keep the captured videos on computer or transferred to device, they sometimes would get lost, especially when the recorded videos are saved on ....Learn more >>

"From past one year I started to use Viber for chatting. I sent and received media files like photos, audios and videos through this platform on my LG G5. Two ....Learn more >>

Export Facebook photos

When you glance over your Facebook on your Android, you may come cross some photos which you want to save. It can be really simple to keep it on your ....Learn more >>

Scan Out Screenshot

I accidentally deleted my screenshots. Worse still, I didn't back them up or sync them anywhere, then I think they're pretty much gone. I am wondering if there are the ....Learn more >>

Scan Out Snapseed Photos

Snapseed, which is released by Google, acts as a very professional and effective photo editor for most of the users. With a very beautiful operation interface, Snapseed allows you to ....Learn more >>

Scan Your Lost Images

Have you ever met with such case: your photos are lost when you want to find them out on Gallery? As for me, I have but I have solved this ....Learn more >>

Recover GIFs Android

GIF, for Graphics Interchange Format, is a kind of dynamic image. It can be used for small animations and low-resolution film clips. This kind of photos is able to vividly ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted ZTE Videos/Photos

"Can you recover deleted videos and photos from the ZTE ZMAX? I accidentally deleted a folder of films and images from my phone. I am frantic now." – Damon Charles "Hi, ....Learn more >>

Unlock Android to Recover Pictures

"Never leave your phone which has many important data stored to your kids! That's the advice I want to tell other Android users. My son was too naughty yesterday. And ....Learn more >>

Retrieve Photos on Black-Screen Phone

"That was few weeks ago, my Android phone suddenly turns black-screen for no reason. After many time of trying, I was disappointed and thought about letting it go and buy ....Learn more >>

Restore OnePlus Photos

OnePlus 2, the smartphone running on Android 5.1, is recently released and has won some Android users' reliance. According to the survey, some Android users love it because it has ....Learn more >>

Get Back Deleted Videos on Redmi Note

Redmi Note has become a portable camcorder which people like using to take pictures and shoot video clips. But things always happen like that: the video of your proposal of ....Learn more >>

Make Fun Selfies

Deleting or losing pictures stored in Xiaomi by accident is quite frustrating. We often hear from users asking for ways to restore the missing photos. Some are used to back ....Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Pictures/Videos

Huawei smartphone is created by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company. Now, it also gains a lot of popularity in Europe and America. In ....Learn more >>

Regain Pictures from HTC One AT&T Phone

--Emma, what should I do? A couple days ago I went to a campus talk and took some pictures of their employment details and other information, which meant a lot ....Learn more >>

Get Back Media Files from Android

"Help. I thought I've copied all my music, recordings and videos to the computer before I deleted them. But it was my illusion and actually, I forgot to back up. ....Learn more >>

Recover Android Kitkat's Audios

"I am a bird lover. In my spare time I like going out and record some voices of birds. They are really beautiful and awesome, which I kept them on ....Learn more >>

Location of Videos on SD Card

I just recorded a video for my baby yesterday but my husband accidentally removed it from my SD card. The video is very precious to me. Could anyone give me ....Learn more >>

Get Back LG Optimus Images

"I borrowed my friend's LG Optimus a few days ago and I promised to give back to him the day after tomorrow. But the point is, I accidently deleted several ....Learn more >>

Scanning Data

"I accidently deleted the only one photo of my grandparents from SD card, who have passed away a year ago. It is the most precious memory I have. And I ....Learn more >>

Digital Images

"Urgent! We just finished our class trip and I was the one who had taken all the pictures. Now here is a problem. I don't know what I've done but ....Learn more >>

Scan for Deleted Files

Since you're here, allow me to make a guess. You just carelessly formatted your LG's SD card and now all the pictures on it are gone? Or maybe you accidentally ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos

Everybody has a phone nowadays. More and more people love to use their Motorola to record wonderful moments in their life. However, phone pictures are easier to lose due to ....Learn more >>

Recover Pictures from Sony

Sony Xperia win many users' favor by their high-quality cameras, which may be a good choice for people who loves taking pictures and videos by phones. As we take pictures ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos on Rarz

Motorola Droid Razr is getting more and more popular among young Android users, as it is equipped with an 8-megapixel shooter, which can take magnificent images and pictures for you. ....Learn more >>

Images Recovery on Moto

“I foolishly deleted all my camera roll pictures when I was enjoying them one by one on my Motorola Xoom. It is a nightmare and I even don’t have a ....Learn more >>

Go to

HTC 10, HTC One M9, HTC One M8/M7 is famous for its premium shooting experience with high camera pixels, being able to take perfect pictures in all situations, even with ....Learn more >>

Lost Photo Recovery

Mistakenly deleted data like photos and videos on Android smartphone is not a surprising thing any more. Maybe you are the unlucky guy who just accidently deletes all photos, images ....Learn more >>

Recover Photos & Videos from LG Optimus

Can you imagine that you accidentally delete all your photos and videos from your favorite mobile phone? Oh, maybe you just terribly performed this on your LG Optimus. We have ....Learn more >>

Recover Pictures

Sony Xperia is now one of a few smartphones with dedicated camera button on the side of the phone, which adds weight to the decision of purchasing a Sony Xperia ....Learn more >>

Allow the Program to Get Data

Featuring with high-megapixel camera and wonderful touch screen, Nexus including HTC Nexus One, LG Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and more are quite popular among Android users. If you have ....Learn more >>

Select Photos to Recover

"Please help! How can I recover photos from Motorola Droid? Last Friday, my friend and I took tons of photos saved in my Motorola Droid when we were on a ....Learn more >>

View HTC Photo

People love to take photos or listen to music by using their phones on the way to work or during a trip. As a shutterbug, there may be tons of ....Learn more >>

Retrive Android Photo

"OMG! Any chance I can recover my photos, videos and music on Android? I was thinking about flashing a new ROM. So I did it, assuming that my files are ....Learn more >>


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