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Android Note App

Record your Life on Android

--Thursday, Jul. 02, 2015
We all need a note app for Android users to add reminder, to-do-list, reminder and voicememo, and more. Today, I will show you 6 different note apps in this article, please take your time read it.

Evernote is a useful and handy modern note app for Android phone and tablet. You can write notes, checklists and organize web articles, documents and photos on it with ease. It also helps you better do your work: You can use it to discuss your work by creating agendas and sharing notebooks for team projects with your colleague. Moreover, file attachments like Word docs, PDFs, and photos. Last but not least, the notes that you make with your Evernote will be always with you, because Evernote items can be synced between Android phones, tablets and computer.


Google Keep
Google Keep is a useful tool developed by Google Inc. which allows you to add notes, photos, voice memos, to-do-list, and more with simple steps. The most interesting feature of Google Keep is that it allows you to add grocery list and when you get to the store, it will positioning and remind you of it. It can be synced to Android phones, tablets, wearables and computer as well.

Google Keep

Another excellent note app for Android device is OneNote. It supports notes, checklists creating with ease. You can organize the note tags, sections, notebooks and attached files like photos, drawings, videos, and so on, and view it as you want. One spotlight is that there's a home screen widget offered to create picture, audio and text notes without opening the app. With this helpful Android note app, you can write down things occurred to your mind immediately without finding the pen and paper.

One Note

Sticky Notes !
Sticky notes ! has a attractive interface because the added notes are designed in shape of sticky notes and this looks cool. You can choose multiple colors and then sort and organize them with ease. It gives Android users set up their notes according to the preference, besides choosing color, you can also choose the font, size and the remind ringtone/volume. After the notes well added, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS as you like. What a excellent Android note app that make everything easier and tidier.

Sticky Note

It allows you to add notes, voice note, reminder and bookmarks to put desktop shortcut of your note/drawing as a reminder. The notes added can be backed up or export to SD card and it is secured because of the password protection. To prevent notes from unintentionally deleted, you can choose to backup the schedule daily or weekly automatically. It's useful, isn't it?


ColorNote Notepad Notes
Here comes to the last note app I'd like to introduce to you today, ColorNote Notepad Notes. It allows you to add notes, checklist, shopping list and so on and put it on your home screen with the sticky note memo widget. You can type as many as characters as you wish and back up them to your SD card storage. The backup service of ColorNote is outstanding that it can sync notes between phone and tablet and it won't send any notes to the server if you don't sign in the account. Lastly, it also allows you to share notes via SMS, email and Twitter, etc.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

That's it. The 6 apps provided above are all useful. Each has its own spotslight. Hope this help you and please share it with your friends if you think it helpful. Or you can leave us messages below to show your opinion.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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