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Android Cool App

Enjoy Hot Summer with Cool Android Surfing/Diving Game

--Tuesday, Jul. 28, 2015
Below I will show you several Android cool apps that can help you kill time at home in such a hot summer rather than going out exposing to the ultraviolet ray. Just check the app reviews below. After checking, if you tend to install all of them, you can manage them or move some of apps to SD card on Android as you like.

Billabong Surf Trip
Billabong Surf Trip is a vivid Android game which provides the realistic surfing for Android users. You can enjoy the combination of surfing simulation and arcade action game. You are allowed to customize the hairstyle, suit, board and boardshorts. Scenes are different in daily and the beach and the waves are unique. To have more fun in the game, you can register to unlock more beautiful board and hairstyle, boardshorts and more of the Android users.

Billabong Surf Trip

Summer Game 3D Lite
Summer Game 3D Lite provides you with more than 20 events: Athletics, cycling, rowing, swimming and more. Each event has different modes such as 100m Athletics, 400m Athletics, 4x100m Athletics, and more. Each has 1 player or 2 players "split screen" mode.

Amazing Game! The game is awesome fun and 2 players so u and another friend could play together. The only downside is that the graphics are really poor but other than that it is an amazing game. I recommend downloading it. --Jaden Walcott

Summer Game 3D Lite

In this game, you will be asked to control the character with the touch screen and avoid the obstacle and dangerous rocks. During the game, you can collect the coins and power ups to unlock more beautiful and practical surfing board from the shop. It provides you with new and interesting graphics.

It's the best game ever! It's so fun so I give it six stars. U should get this game. It has upgrades and more vehicles are provided. It has jetpacks, and superman, and a shark I am so happy that I found this game, you're the best for making this game... :) you're the best!!!!!!!    --John Polyak


Swimming Race 3D
Swimming Race 3D provides you with stunning Android game interfaces. You can choose the character you like and customize it after you gain enough coins and power ups to unlock the beautiful scene.

Love it. Best game EVER but can't you make it so we have to dive ourselves and make it so we can customize ourselves ease please PLEASE. ---Kieran Reynolds

Swimming Race 3D

Ice Cream Maker
We all spend lots of time playing games to kill time and experience the vivid features of the game. With Ice Cream Maker, you can easily make ice cream by yourself and you can entertain yourself with it especially for girls. It's now hot outside, an indoor game is quite suitable for you if you don't want to go out for any other social engagement in such a hot day. you can play the Ice Cream Maker on Android.

If we want to make an ice cream this app will help us. ---Iucky Panchal
Fun. It was so much fun i played it all day. ----Linda Salazar
This is the most amazing game. My sister is very much loved it l also loved it yes it is most amazing game. ---Rati Jain
For god sake my 2 year old sis was traumatized when some of these "kids sergery" games poped up---gray wolf
Amazing! The game is awesome and all that stuff but the adds really really annoying especially since they show the same one over and over uuuuuggggg please stop with the same adds. ---Addie Squinklevoss
Great awesome. This game is awesome you people need to get over the adds I love it. ----Brandon Bailey

Ice Cream Maker

That's it. Though it is extremely hot outside in summer, you can also download the funny apps we mentioned above which can kill your time and bring you a cooler and happier summer vocation.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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