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Android Cooking App

Android Phone Help You to Be A Good Cooker

--Friday, Jul. 24, 2015
Cooking is always loved by many people, most of them are the mother and wife who enjoy cooking delicious food for their beloved ones. There's no time for them to take the cooking lessons because they have to go to work and do housework after work. So the Android cook app gives them a big hand. Below are the reviews of some of excellent Android cook app, please enjoy them.

Crock-Pot ™ Recipes
Crockpot Recipes is a professional cook app provides you with homemade slow cooker recipe for those who love cooking. The receipts include appetizers, main dish, side dishes and more to give you a healthy diet. With this excellent app, you can cook the delicious food with less fat and more nutrition and your families and friends who are invited for a dinner will love what you cook because it's healthy and yummy. Some classic recipes included in Crockpot Recipes are pot roast and slow cooker pork, crock pot soups and crock pot desserts.

Crock-Pot ™ Recipes

Cooking Light Recipes
You are allowed to know how to cook delicious and healthy food by subscribing to Cooking Light Recipes, the excellent and professional Android cook app. Delicious, seasonal and nutritious recipes are all provided by this comprehensive app. You just need to download the app from the Google Play store and press "Subscribe" then choose "For current subscribers". It provides simple to learn recipes and detail ingredients to make it easier.

"I use this app in conjunction with the magazine to add healthy, lower calorie meals and dishes to my weekly menus. My daughter and I love it in our quest to lose weight. Via Digimark and myfitnesspal, I can save my favorite recipes to the myrecipes site and fitness account. It IS interactive with recipe cards and nutritional information. I can only think that users who are having problems may be using android devices with lower spec. The app works on my Nexus 7, Nexus 9, and our gson's Kindle. GREAT APP!" - Jesslyn Hendrix

Cooking Light Recipes

Cookbook Recipes
Cookbook Recipes is an awesome Android cook app I think you would love it. It includes American , Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai food and more. You are provided with different recipes like desserts, pancake recipes, eggplant recipes and crockpot recipes, Thanksgiving a Christmas recipes as well, you name it. You can try the amazing food that served in high-class restaurant as long as you have the recipes. You can try cooking the food with Cookbook Reipes and inviting your friends to come and enjoy your food, you will feel contented to see your friends and families enjoy the meals you cook.

Cookbook Recipes

BigOven, provides you with more than 350, 000 recipes, makes it easier for housewife and cook lovers to cook new types of dishes with ease. Recipes are categorized by season, holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas), lifestyle and diet. You will be inspired if you successfully cook a delicious new meal. If you are planning to losing weight, you can have an advanced search filter and check the nutrition of the food to keep a healthy diet. Last but not least, you can type in your leftovers and see what you can cook with these ingredients.

"The app is great in theory but not always in practice. First a material redesign would be nice. The app as it is now is sort of ugly and feels clunky. The website and the app don't seem to communicate together very well at times. That being said I like the app for meal planning and creating shopping lists. Overall, I feel everything could be executed much better." -- Jason Drury


Food Network In the Kitchen
With Food Network In the Kitchen, you are allowed to know how to cook meals your favorite chefs good at. You can try the recipes by watching the how-to videos (It' now available only in U.S.) Recipes from Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and other well-known chefs are all provided. The recipes will be updated and you can check for the new recipes regularly. You can search the recipes by chef or ingredient so as to find your favorite recipes. You can transfer the recipes you got from other website on Food Network In the Kitchen and add notes for convenient reference. It's now compatible with Android 2.2 and above Android phone as well as Android tablets.

Food Network In the Kitchen

Which cook apps do you prefer? Just pick your favorite one and learned to cook delicious food for your beloved ones without paying the tuition fee to the cooking school. Your comments on discussing the cooking app you prefer or other apps that you use the most will always be welcomed.

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Android-Recovery Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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