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How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

It is always not so easy to transfer data from iPhone to Android, as the whole operating system changes so the data compatibility issues often occur after transfer. Some find it a bigger headache especially when you need to move a large amount of contacts from the old iPhone to the new Android phone. You surely won’t lose any contact as they are so important and not easy to get back once they are lost.

Don’t worry. Here we introduce you a professional iPhone data transfer program to help you move contacts between iOS and Android devices quickly-----iPhone to Android Transfer. No contacts info will be lost with this powerful transfer tool, like name, email, address, etc. Besides, text messages, photos and other multimedia files can also be switched from your iPhone to Android. Wonder how to make it? Read and follow the how-to tutorial below. You can easily get how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone.

Download the window version with the link below now:

Down WinDown Mac

Note: Make sure you have installed iTunes on the computer before you start.

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to a new Android Phone

Step 1. Install and Run iPhone to Android Transfer
To begin with, install the iPhone data transfer tool on your PC, and then run it. The main interface of the program can be seen as follow:

iPhone Contacts to Android Transfer

Step 2. Use USB Cables to Connect your iPhone and Android Phone
Connect your iPhone and Android phone with their original USB cables. The tool will detect both the devices after seconds. You can see the phone pictures in the program separately as "Source" phone and "Destination" phone.
Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

Note: If you need to transfer data from Android to iPhone, click "Flip" to change the places of the two devices.

Step 3. Start Copy Contact from iPhone to Android
In the contents window, check "Contacts" (or some others else if you want). Then tap on "Start Copy" to begin transfer process. Wait for some time until it finishes.

Contacts Transfer from iPhone to Android

When the window pops up telling you that transfer completes, click "Ok" to finish the whole process. Turn to your Android phone to check all transferred contacts and other contents right now. If you are still looking around for a useful data transfer tool, iPhone to Android Transfer is perfect for you.

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