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Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

"I received a SMS this morning from an important client. However, I deleted it accidently before I could read it. What can I do now? Please send your help!"
"My text message settings had a cap on the number of texts per conversation, after which the oldest messages would be deleted. I want those messages back now for some reason. How can I make it?"
We all know that, text messages mean a lot to Android users. Some sweet memories, vital information, client orders, etc. are all conveyed through those messages. Losing them is not a pleasant but depressing thing, no matter what the reason is.

Good news now. Android Data Recovery is here to be your good troubleshooter in this situation. The powerful SMS recovery tool will help you scan out all deleted or lost text messages quickly and easily. Just several simple steps, you can retrieve your deleted SMS from Android without any problem. So, read on and figure it out yourself. In additon, you can also try Myjad Android SMS Recovery to get SMS back to Android phone. It is a recovery tool designed for SMS recovery. Here I will introduce methods of this two programs to restore lost text messages.

Method 1: Reocver Deleted SMS from Android by Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Download Android Data Recovery and Connect your Android

Download WinDownload Mac

Step 2. Begin to Scan for Lost Text Messages on Android

When the program has organized your Android device, you will see window below. Just click "Start". It will scan data on your Android.

Restore Android Lost SMS

Note: If this inerface appear during Android Data Recovery scans Android, please press "Allow" on your device to enable the scanning process to go on.

Get Back Android SMS

Step 3. Recover Lost Text Messages from your Android

Now all your phone data are scanned out by the program, you can see the content classificationon the left. Click "Messages" and you can preview SMS of Android including the lost part. Btw, the deleted messages are in red, you can select them and tag "Recover". The messages you thought had lost originally will be back on your computer.

Restore Deleted Messages on Android

Method 2: Recover Lost SMS on Android with Myjad Android SMS Recovery

Step 1. Install the Program and Connect your Android

Down Win

Step 2. Scan for Deleted SMS on Android

As you connect Android to PC, you will get the interface like this, the program will scan for all deleted SMS automaticlly on your Android.

Regain Lost SMS from Android

Step 3. Recover Deleted Text Messages from your Android

A moment later, the scanning finishes. All results are listed on the below window in order. All deleted messages and existing ones are displayed in two different colors. Check which one you want back and click "Recover". Then choose where to store the messages. Well done. Here you restore the lost SMS successfully.

Get back Deleted Messages from Android

Android Data Recovery and Myjad Android SMS Recovery can help you retrieve lost or deleted text messages in an effective way. You can choose one of them to help you. If you think they are good products, we will be happy that you recommend them to your friends.

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